Back when slave D and I started to explore tease and denial during our play sessions there were very few comprehensive chastity guides from which we could learn. Instead, we threw ourselves in at the deep end and purchased our first cage with very little knowledge about sizing, cleaning, safety or the psychological impact it would have on us both.

After launching House of Denial we made a promise to ourselves that we’d do our best to help anyone who wants to try chastity play by providing the most detailed and user friendly guides that we could. You might be a complete beginner wanting to experiment or someone who’s considering permanent chastity. Regardless of your experience, we want to give you the information that will help to make your next lock up as safe, comfortable, pleasurable and frustrating (in a positive way) as possible.

How to Measure your Chastity Cage and Back Ring Size - Before you start to look for a chastity cage it’s essential that you have your measurements first. This full measurement guide will help you to figure out not only your cage size, but your back ring size too.

Chastity Device User Guide - The perfect beginners guide to chastity.

How to Put on a Chastity Cage - Once you’ve purchased a device and have it in hand you’ll likely want to know how to put it on. We discuss a few things you need to consider before putting the cage on then a few different methods for getting into it before it’s locked shut and you hand over your keys.

Chastity Keyholding Services - What are you going to do with your chastity device lock keys once you’re securely locked in? You could stay self locked, but many of our customers prefer to hand their keys to a professional keyholder. We’ve made a list of trusted, verified chastity keyholders who will take your keys and tease you until you beg for your release. All consensual of course.

Permanent Chastity: Why it’s not for Everyone - Many cage wearers dream about permanent chastity, but is it really the right thing for you? We discuss 3 mistakes that many people seem to make when they attempt permanently locking themselves or being locked permanently by someone else.

How Chastity Can Help Pleasure Your Woman - Once locked in chastity, your sole use is to please and pleasure your keyholder. Mistress Thorne guides you with her extensive knowledge on her to ensure your keyholder is thoroughly satisfied when you’re permitted to touch your Goddess with your fingers, tongue or even a strap-on cock.

Chastity Hygiene and Cleaning Guide - If you’re interested in long term chastity then keeping your locked cock in tip top shape is of paramount importance. Learn about our methods for not only keeping your dick clean and healthy, but your device kit too.

How to Clean and Recycle Your Sex Toys - We’re huge fans of using a variety of sex toys during our kinky play sessions and in order to make sure they’re safe to use over and over again you’ll need to make sure they’re cleaned properly between uses. We run you through a few things that you need to be aware of to prolong the life of your sex toys and so that they’re safe to use over and over again.

But what happens if your toy reaches the end of its life? We recommend how to dispose of it safely and responsibly including some companies who will recycle it for you.

Chastity Key Storage Guide - You’ve locked your cage and you’re now looking down at the key in your hand. What do you do with it now? We have a few ideas of how you can store the key out of immediate reach but will remain accessible in the event of an emergency.

Chastity Locking System Guide - There are many different locking systems available for chastity devices. We take a look through the 5 most popular methods and break down their pro's and con's.

My Experience of Online Keyholding During Locktober - If you’re considering becoming a chastity keyholder during locktober you’ll find this guide very useful. Mistress Thorne discusses her experiences through the month and some advice for how to keep your locked submissive engaged throughout.

No Nut NOvember - Chastity and Pop Culture - As Locktober ends, No Nut NOvember begins. This guide looks at the cock locking month and how it’s started to get mentions in pop culture.

What is Orgasm Denial? Our Guide to Tease and Denial - Our comprehensive guide of orgasm denial. I take a huge amount of pleasure in seeing slave D caged, teased mercilessly, edged and eventually denied. Who said chastity was intended for your enjoyment? Find out why I and so many others revel in this devious and tormenting play act. Don’t worry, it can be very soft and sensual too.

Top 5: Dual-Density Dildos suitable for pegging or strap-on sex whilst caged - We LOVE pegging (particularly when he’s caged and strapped helplessly to our spanking bench) and dual-density dildos allow me to penetrate slave D much longer without causing him discomfort. In this post we go through a few recommendations for D-D cocks that will enhance your pegging experience.