Numerous times a week we're contacted by customers enquiring about chastity keyholding services. Many different proposals have been put to me and I've kindly rejected them all. Quite honestly I don't have the time (thanks to the success of this site and the time we dedicate to it) to offer you all the types of keyholding services afforded to my in house submissive, which I don't believe is fair.

I've considered offering a standard service where you make a one time payment and I'll send the key to you once the pre-arranged time frame has passed, but keyholding to me is much, much more than this. A keyholder should be more involved in the tease and denial that makes any release worth working for. I make him earn his release.

Instead of offering a basic service that I personally wouldn't be happy receiving, I've decided to promote some trusted professional keyholders that offer a service you deserve.

We've met in person or via a video call and discussed the services on offer with all of the keyholders featured below, so rest assured they're real and genuine. We know there are many professionals offering keyholding on Twitter, websites, etc but unfortunately some aren't genuine from our experience and stories told to us by men in chastity seeking a keyholder. Please be very careful when entering into a professional relationship with someone, especially if you plan on sending the key to your chastity device to them.

If you'd like to be featured on this page please contact us here to arrange a meeting. We can do this in person or on a video call.


Mistress Courtney

For Miss Courtney's chastity packages visit

Miss Courtney's Twitter: @MissCourtneyM

Mistress Courtney

Mistress Courtney is a UK dominatrix based in London but travels internationally. You can serve Her from any location in the world and She offers a variety of options for servitude. 

With a love for cock control and tease, let the torment begin. But be warned, once in Her grasp, you will never break free.


Rachel Rampage


Twitter: @_rachelrampage

Rachel Rampage wearing red latex sat on a throne

I offer real time chastity sessions and keyholding in Vancouver, British Columbia. Applications are made through my website.

You can also find more chastity and femdom content on my Loyal Fans account.


Goddess Calathea


Twitter: @calatheagoddess

Goddess Calathea wearing latex in a dungeon

Goddess Calathea is extremely passionate and experienced when it comes to chastity play. She offers real time chastity sessions in Leeds and other Yorkshire surrounding areas, as well as occasionally in London. She also offers online keyholding.

Either from her personal studio or online, she will create a tailored chastity journey for those willing to serve. You can apply to serve her via the website link above.


Adreena Angela

Twitter: @InannaLdn

Mistress Adreena Angela

Mistress Adreena offers real time chastity sessions in London, UK and online keyholding. She owns and runs a private studio, so you'll be well taken care of in a safe space.


Mistress Sakura Strike


Twitter: @sakura_strike

Mistress Sakura Strike

Mistress Sakura Strike offers real time chastity sessions in London, UK and online keyholding. You can apply to serve her via the website link above.


Miss Zephyr

Twitter: @Mistress_Zephyr

Miss Zephyr

Miss Zephyr offers real time chastity sessions in Yorkshire, UK. Apply to serve her via the Twitter link above.


Miss Opium


Twitter: @MissOpium_x

Miss Opium

Miss Opium offers real time chastity sessions in London, UK and online keyholding. 

She offers chastity keyholding for £75 per week. You can apply to serve her via the website link above.


Madame Caramel


Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel offers real time chastity sessions in London and Dubai and online keyholding. You can apply to serve her via the website link above. 


Goddess Serena


Twitter: @gynarchygoddess

Goddess Serena with a chastity key

Goddess Serena offers real time chastity sessions in Bedfordshire, UK  at Oubliette and online keyholding. You can apply to serve her via the website link above.


Mistress Esme


Twitter: @Mistress_Esme

Mistress Esme wearing black thigh high boots.

Mistress Esme offers real time chastity sessions in London, UK and online keyholding. 

She offers chastity keyholding for £50 for a 2 week lock up or £85 per month. You can apply to serve her via the website link above.


Mistress Lorraine


Twitter: @MsLorraineLDN

Mistress Lorraine chastity keyholder

Mistress Lorraine offers real time chastity sessions at her personal play space, The Essex Dungeon in Chelmsford or in London. She also offers online keyholding.

You can apply via her website with the link above.


Domina Lynnette


Twitter: @dominalynnette

Domina Lynnette

I'm a professional dominatrix based out of Chicago but often travel both nationally and internationally to play with clients.

With over 9 years as an experienced ProDom and lifestyle Domme. I offer real-life and online sessions to slaves, submissives, fetishists, and kinksters alike. As a creative pervert, I tremendously enjoy pushing limits and exploring boundaries-testing power exchange and taking it to new levels. I have a notable internet presence which justifies why I am worshipped as I am around the glove. Armed with hypnotic eyes and a playful sadistic attitude, I will leave you begging for more. Nothing turns me on more than teasing and denying while watching you suffer for my pleasure.

As a secret holder, you can confess your kinky desires to me. I strive to leave a lifelong impression on you, seducing you into my world for my pleasure and power. I prefer building relationships with submissives for long term training. I want to see you work hard to impress and please me.

I offer real time and virtual chastity training with newbie's and experienced submissives.


Mommy Madeline


Twitter: @ABDLMommy

Mommy Madeline

I am a very experienced chastity keyholder available online and offline in sessions. In addition to holding physical keys I also control app based devices like the Cellmate. I sometimes like to add an ownership tag that attaches to your cage, which may distinguish such things as sissy baby, cuck, sissy, etc.


Ms Freya


Ms Freya holding two chastity cages

I will hold your key and take control of your manhood, and in doing so, your whole world. Every time you wake up trying to get an erection you will feel my power over you. Every time you shower you will be reminded of your subservience.

I will text you regularly to check in with you, tease you mercilessly, and give you the denied experience you so desperately crave.


Mistress Ezada Sinn


Twitter: @Mistress_Ezada

Mistress Ezada Sinn holding a Cellmate chastity device

I am an expert in orgasm control and when it comes to chastity My name needs no introduction. Give me total control over your genitals and I will make you a better male.

You can serve Me only from distance by joining My fan page


Lady Louisa


Twitter: @MissLadyLouisa

Lady Louisa

You will instantly become weaker under Her control, locked and denied with those puppy dog eyes. As a trusted and experienced keyholder, Mistress will ensure your keys are kept safe. With great control, fun packages and personalised tasks available you just need to submit to Her and she will do the rest.

Lady Louisa offers both real time and online chastity key holding with long distance options also available. Contact Her now to discover your new locked life!


Mistress Wildfire


Twitter: @Mistress_Wildfire

Mistress Wildfire wearing red latex in a bath

Mistress Wildfire offers weekly and monthly chastity keyholding packages remotely online and can include it during in-person sessions at her central London studio.


Mistress Vixen


Twitter: @MistressVixen

Mistress Vixen holding a steel chastity cage

Mistress Vixen is a Derby based dominatrix with her own dungeon/studio space ready to take control over you with availability from Monday to Thursday. Contact her immediately via her website to take over as your chastity keyholder either online or in person.


Mistress Chatterley


Twitter: @chatterleyxxx

Mistress Chatterley

London based Mistress Chatterley is an online chastity keyholder and offers chastity sessions at her discreet Marylebone apartment. Contact her directly through her website to start your locked submission.


Miss Jessica Wood


Twitter: @MissJessicaWood

Miss Jessica Wood

I have been a professional Mistress since 2002. I provide keyholding services as well as lots of other activities in real-time sessions mostly in Watford, Herts. I also do sessions in Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow twice a year and Cardiff once a year.


Goddess Ella

Twitter: @EllaJo_chasgod

Goddess Ella holding two chastity cages

Goddess Ella is passionate about Chastity with over 10 years experience. Based in Nottinghamshire, offering real time and online Chastity training and keyholding.

Once locked, teased and denied, Mistress will take great pleasure in your submission.


Rosie Henderson


Twitter: @RosieHendo1

Rosie Henderson in red lingerie and a chastity key

Rosie Henderson is a gifted hypno-dominatrix and key holder based near Manchester, UK. If you want to be a puppet for a voluptuous Goddess that can have you hypnotically and physically at her mercy then contact via the details above to discuss payment and length of your imminent denial. Nothing reminds you of your place quite like seeing your key dangling in the cleavage or around the ankle of a powerful woman.

Deny yourself for her pleasure.


Miss Kat

Only Fans:

Twitter: @cutekittenkink

Miss Kat with chastity keys between her teeth and holding a chastity cage

Miss Kat, a fresh faced cheeky dominant, with over 4 years personal and online professional keyholding experience. You cannot deny yourself the opportunity to experience their skills for yourself.

Giddy and gleeful at the ability to remove control and flaunt it in your face. You will see the pure joy and excitement they have simply from holding your key.

Non-binary and welcomes all genders.


Diana Von Rigg


Twitter: @DianaVonRigg

Diana Von Rigg wearing a black latex catsuit with her slave

Mistress Diana is a West Midlands based, sadistically seductive Dominatrix who offers short and long term chastity packages for both beginners and serious players. A true enthusiast for keyholding, She will ensure you are fully teased and denied to Her utmost satisfaction. Your denial only fuels your submission, that intense yearning to please.... and She is more than ready to allievate those, but not without pure torment for Her amusement in the process.

With Miss Diana also offering both long distance, remote sessions and in person real time with regular UK tours, there's never been a better time to submit your Mind, Body and Soul to Her and relinquish all control of your manhood.

No more excuses, you've found your place beneath Me.... hand over the key and let's begin your deliciously, frustrating journey...


Belle the Domme


Belle the Domme wearing lingerie in a dungeon with her latex clad slave.

I host real time sessions in west London and offer keyholding service.

I am doing Locktober for sub applicants. Info is sent upon request by messaging me on any platform.


Simone Reage


Twitter: @SimoneReage

Simone Reage wearing a latex bikini holding a metal chastity cage

London's Amazon Dominatrix Ms Simone Reage offers both real time and online keyholding services and chastity training. She specialises in heavy tease and denial, mental manipulation, and control through chastity.

For the month of October Ms Simone's OnlyFans will focus on chastity training. Those who wish to serve in person or those who desire more intense and personalised control should apply via the website above.


Mistress Ella Eve


Twitter: @staffsdomme

Mistress Ella Eve wearing a latex outfit, holding a whip and standing on a naked slave.

Mistresses are not made, they are born. I am a sensual psychological and experienced dominant with a wicked smile and naughty laugh. I am a natural, strong, confident woman with intelligence, grace and a true presence.

I offer a full range of chastity services to suit all budgets. Please check my website for details.


Lady MK


Twitter: @Lady_MK50

Lady MK wearing a latex catsuit and hood, black knee high boots and a strap-on dildo.

I’m a mature and devilish demanding dominant who delights in keeping you in your place. Your orgasm belongs to me now and always.


Charlotte Douleur


Twitter: @HouseOfDouleur

Charlotte Douleur holding a chastity key

Join Charlotte Douleur online this Locktober as your virtual keyholder via her website where she offers a free chastity training course. This course can be taken anywhere and is for those caged or enjoying the torment of mental chastity.

You will be trained in a way that pleases Me. My generosity is not to be taken for granted and I will be keeping a very close eye on all My students. There will be the opportunity to earn awards and gain my attention. If you want Me to notice you, then make yourself stand out.

Prove your worth and you may be invited to take part in other courses and into secret areas of My website to connect with Me.


Lady Meredith


Twitter: @ladymeredithoh

Lady Meredith wearing a corset, fishnets and thigh high leather boots.

Lady Meredith is based in Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio but travels all over the United States. She owns a luxury, fully equipped boutique dungeon with multiple play rooms.

Offering online and in-person chastity experiences that are custom made for all different types of kinky and bdsm desires.