Male chastity stories by Slave D and Mistress K

When Mistress K and Slave D aren't packing your orders or answering your emails we like to take some time out to write chastity stories for you all to enjoy reading. There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that many of our customers and readers have spent time squirming in your locked cock cages while reading these. We love a little tease and denial and hope that these stories go some way to making your swollen balls a little less comfortable.

Some of these stories are completely fictional and figments of our collective filthy imaginations. Others are direct accounts of our private play sessions. We'll leave it up to you to figure out which ones are fantasy and which ones really happened.

Each time we write and post a new story on our blog we'll add a link to it on this page.

We also love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so please do leave a comment at the end of the story you read and let us know what you thought of it.


Chastity Stories: Male Chastity and Anal Play #1Part 1

Author: Slave D

This was the first chastity story that I ever wrote and it gave me the confidence to write more, which has led to the other stories you can read below.

Mistress K messages slave D and orders him to put on his chastity cage and await further instructions. Once she returns home for some light impact play before fucking her submissive with a strap-on. 


Male Chastity and Femdom #1Part 1 / Part 2

Author: Slave D

A short trip away for slave D and Mistress K turns into a severe play session that includes humiliation, a harsh caning and anal play before a stunning new dominatrix is introduced to join in with the fun.


Male Chastity and Femdom #2Part 1 / Part 2

Author: Slave D

With a new Beast stainless steel chastity cage locked onto her slaves cock, Mistress K decides it's about time slave D found out what it's like to be a sissy. If you're a fan of sissy chastity stories you'll love this.


Chastity and Femdom story featuring Mistress Adreena AngelaPart 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Author: Slave D

This is a 3 part story that involves 1 male submissive, 1 female submissive and 2 female dominants. Mistress K returns home with a few friends to play with slave D in our new play space. Lots of kinky fun is had.

We commissioned Sushiyo to create custom artwork for each part of this story, which can be found at the top of each part.


Chastity Stories: Double Domme Femdom and Coerced Bi - Part 1 / Part 2

Author: Slave D

There's a first time for everything. The chastity slave in this story attends a private play party for his Mistress and gets a very big surprise; his first experience of forced bi play.


Chastity and Femdom story featuring Mistress Terra - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Author: Slave D

Written for Mistress Terra to be read out for her OnlyFans account as more of a script. The dialogue sections are marked in bold.

This story is written at the time when social distancing restrictions were put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions are finally lifted and the chastity slave finally gets to meet with Mistress Terra for a private play session, or so he thought. He takes a good beating before being used for the latex clad goddess's pleasure.


Chastity Stories: Play Session #1 at the Secret Dungeon - Part 1

Author: Slave D

A few years ago Mistress K and I had an overnight stay at the Secret Dungeon in High Wycombe. We had two full play sessions during our stay and this is the story about the first of them.

After a day of servitude to Mistress K in central London with my cock caged we then got the train to the Secret Dungeon and my devious latex clad dominant toyed with me before ruining my orgasm and making me clean up all of the mess.


Chastity Stories: Coerced Bi with Another Kinky FemDom Couple - Part 1 / Part 2

Author: Slave D

After weeks of tease and denial from Mistress K I was expecting another weekend of servitude to her without the possibility of an orgasm. A text message from a mystery sender changed everything.

I love to fantasise and if you've every wondered what it would be like to serve two beaufiful dominant women while one pegs your ass and the other forces you to such a cock then you're in luck!

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one and hope you all enjoy it.


Chastity Story - Considering a Hearty Yield - Part 1

Author: Ralph Greco, Jr.

What happens when your lover expects you to cum big, thick, hearty loads every time you orgasm, but you just love masterbating? It's time to get a chastity device and lock that cock she thinks.


Short Story: Pegged after 3 Weeks in Chastity For My New Keyholder - Part 1

Author: Slave D

With the aim of becoming a collared slave for Mistress H, slave D receives a visit from his new keyholder. She decides it's time to have a little fun with him and pegs him to orgasm before locking him back into a new cage.


Lesbian Chastity Story: Chastity and Cultivating Desire - Part 1

Author: Mistress Thorne

A sensual story sharing a lesbian woman’s hesitant introduction to chastity. Overcoming sexual dysfunction and exploring the cultivation of desire through denial and submission.


Chastity and FemDom Tasks List Story - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Author: Slave D

During a rare free weekend Mistress K sets slave D a list of tasks to complete within 2 days. As long as he follows the rules and completes all of the tasks he will earn a reward of her choosing. Will he succeed?