Chastity Stories: Play Session #1 at the Secret Dungeon

A few years ago, Mistress K and I visited a BDSM hotel called the Secret Dungeon in High Wycombe. We wrote a review of our stay and I've wanted to write about the two play sessions that we had there for a long time. Fortunately, I've now found some time to do exactly that.

Our stay there created some very special memories for us both and I can't recommend booking a stay there if you get the opportunity. The space is very discreet and private, clean, it's full of fantastic toys and furniture and has the added bonus of a hot tub to relax in after you've had your fun.

So here it is. The first of our two play sessions at the Secret Dungeon.

Everyone involved in this story is a consenting adult over the age of 21.

Lock and keys black page break

On a chilly November morning in central London Mistress K and I woke up and got out of our comfortable hotel bed. Before I had a chance to brush the sleep from the corner of my eyes Mistress K gripped my flaccid cock and balls in her hand.

"I hope you slept well, slave. It's going to be a very long day for you. I have so many plans in mind for you once we reach the dungeon. Until then though you've got a few jobs to do. I want to go shopping and I need someone to hold the bags and pay for whatever I need."

"Anything for you, Mistress" I instinctually replied.

"Good boy. First though, go and shower then bring me your collar and cage." Mistress K released my cock from her grasp, snapped her fingers and pointed towards the bathroom. I quickly scurried to have a hot shower then grabbed my shiny steel cock cage and metal screw lock collar with attached o-ring from our toy bag.

"Come here, slave. Drop the towel on the bathroom floor and kneel naked at my feet with your cage in one hand and collar in the other," Mistress K instructed. I did exactly as she demanded, walking eagerly to her bedside and kneeling at Mistress K's feet. She took the collar from my hand, unscrewed it then fastened it around my neck.

"Up on your knees, hands behind your back." Without hesitation I did as I was told. Mistress K then cupped my balls in her soft hands, placed the back ring around my sack and the base of my shaft then pushed the cage securely onto my cock. She then slid the lock into place, turned the key and pulled it out. Instead of fixing the key to a chain around her neck like she usually would Mistress K took a silver anklet from the side table next to the bed, added the key to the chain then clipped it to her ankle. Her warm foot then caressed my inner thighs, which send a shot of adrenaline through my naked body. I started shaking as her manicured toes fondled the steel chastity cage hanging between my legs.

"I'm going to shower and get changed. Pack the bags and get everything ready for us to leave. Leave the clothes hung up in the wardrobe. Once you've finished, I want you to kneel on the floor naked and wait for me. Only then will you be allowed to put your clothes on."

Mistress K stood up, walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Once I heard the shower turn on, I jumped to my feet and packed our bags. Around ten minutes later the bags were packed and sat at the hotel room door. My clothes sat neatly on the bed awaiting permission from my Goddess to get dressed. I knelt down on the carpeted hotel room floor and waited patiently until the bathroom door opened.

As the door opened a cloud of steam escaped through the doorway and filled the room. Mistress K elegantly sauntered passed me into the room, opened the wardrobe and took a hanging bag out. She dropped the towel wrapped around her chest on to the floor, unzipped the bag and placed it next to my clothes on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mistress K slip on a pair of sheer black stockings attached to a suspender belt, black lace underwear and bra over a black and red 50's style figure hugging pencil dress. The outfit was finished with a pair of black 6" shiny platform high heels.

"Crawl over here and fix this around my ankle". Mistress dropped the anklet she took off to shower holding the key to my cage on the floor, snapped her fingers and I obediently crawled towards her heeled feet. Her smooth stockings rubbed against my fingers as I attached the anklet in place sending my heart racing.

"Good boy. Stand up, spread your legs apart and put your hands behind your back." I did exactly what I was told and presented my naked body to her with the shiny cage sat secured firmly in place between my legs. She reached out her right hand and tenderly ran her pointed nails over my tight ball sack. I began wincing when her nails dug slowly into my testicles and nearly dropped to the floor in pain when her hand tightened like a vice. Eventually I couldn't take the escalating pain any longer and dropped to my knees begging her for mercy.

"While you're down there, clean my shoes with your tongue. I want them to really shine before we go out." Mistress snapped her fingers and pointed to her heels. Craning my neck down on my hands and knees I lapped my tongue eagerly over her beautiful heels ensuring that any spec of dirt had been removed. Once I'd finished they glistened in the morning sun, which was pouring through the large windows on the other side of the room.

"Get dressed. We leave in 15 minutes."

I dressed in a smart blue suit, white shirt, simple slim tie and brown polished shoes. The white shirt covered the metal collar around my neck, but the weight of it made sure that I didn't forget that it was there. I'd worn the same steel chastity cage many times before, so it immediately felt very comfortable and I quickly forgot that I was wearing it.

Once Mistress K had finished applying her make up and deep red lip stick she stood up and walked to the hotel room door.

"Get my coat, slave." I reach inside the wardrobe and helped Mistress K into her heavy floor length winter coat. I then opened the door for her and followed behind with our bags. I dropped them at reception to be held until we got the train to the Secret Dungeon later that evening.

A cold gust of wind greeted us as we stepped outside of the hotel into a typically chilly November day in London. The rest of the day was a delight. Mistress K wanted to buy some corsets, a new pair of knee high winter boots and have a champagne brunch, all of which I dutifully paid for without questioning her choices.

With a number of shopping bags in hand we got a taxi back to the hotel, collected our suitcase and other bags then headed to Marylebone station on the underground to get the train to High Wycombe. I collected our train tickets and followed behind Mistress K as her high heels clicked hypnotically on the platform before we got onto the train and took our seats opposite each other.

The journey was relaxed and very comfortable, but Mistress K got a sense that I was having it far too easy and decided to start building some excitement. She pulled out her phone and started typing. A message alert sounded from the phone in my pocket.

"As soon as our host leaves the dungeon you'll open our suitcase and put my outfit bag in the bathroom. Take out our toy bag and put it on the bed. Put the suitcase under the bed, take off all of your clothes and put them neatly under the bed next to it. Get on your knees and wait for me next to the bed."

A second message came through moments later.

"Tonight, as always, will be all about serving me. You've served me very well today, but you have a lot left to do before I'll even consider taking off the cage to have fun with my cock."

I then received a few pictures. Mistress K had taken some snaps of herself in the hotel bathroom earlier in the day. Seeing her perfect curves and full breasts made me smile just as my dominant lifted her foot underneath the table between us and pushed the sole of her high heel against my cock cage. She then toyed with the cage as she continued applying pressure and grinned as I exhaled sharply as the pain grew.

An announcement on the train's tannoy system let us know that we were only a few minutes away from our destination.

"Make sure to get all of the bags, slave, and follow behind me once we get off the train."

"Yes Mistress" I replied, drawing a number of confused looks from other passengers.

The train pulled into the station and I quickly gathered our belongings before disembarking. Mistress K seductively swayed her hips as she walked confidently down the platform and onto the street outside. She checked her phone and continued walking towards a pub over the road.

"We have a short wait before we can get access to the dungeon. Drop the bags at a table inside and get me a soft drink."

We entered the pub, which was very quiet on a Sunday evening and I quickly got our drinks.

"Are you excited?" Mistress K asked as I put our drinks on the table.

"I can't wait!" I beamed. 

"Good. Oh, one other thing." Mistress K then reached in her hand bag and pulled out a small black plastic bag.

"Go to the bathroom and put this in."

I took the bag and skipped to the bathroom with some excitement. I couldn't tell what I'd been handed, but as soon as I opened the bag it soon become apparent what I needed to do. The bag contained a small bottle of lubricant and a butt plug. I quickly took the contents of the bag into a private cubicle, pulled down my trousers and underwear, lubed up the plug and slid it into my arsehole. I then cautiously crept out and washed my hands thoroughly. Thankfully, no-one came into the bathroom while I did all of this. I returned to the bar area and sat down next to Mistress K.

"All sorted?" she questioned.

"Yes Mistress," I replied, shifting in my seat until the plug sat comfortably in my ass.

Mistress K then reached back into her handbag and pulled out a small remote. She looked into my eyes, held my hand and pressed one of the buttons on the remote. The butt plug started pulsing and I yelped quietly with surprise. My goddess tipped her head to one side and pressed another button, which increased the speed and intensity of the vibrations. My body shook and I squirmed in my seat in a failed attempt to alleviate the powerful effect the plug was having on my prostate. My caged cock strained against the bars of my metal prison and the unrelenting pleasurable sensation promptly ended when she clicked her finger onto another button. A wide smile radiated from Mistress K's face.

"I've been meaning to use this for a while. I considered having you wear it all day, but thought I'd wait. I'm glad I did. That was very special." She then took my hand and thrust it underneath her dress towards her crotch. Her hand guided my fingers to her underwear, which felt wet to the touch. Clearly her little experiment had led to some excitement for us both.

The phone sat on the table in front of us buzzed and a message appeared on the screen.

"The dungeon is ready for us. Finish your drink and we'll leave."

I quickly downed my drink and put our empty glasses on the bar before collecting our bags and walking behind Mistress in the cold street outside. We walked around the corner and arrived outside the dungeon a few minutes later. Our host stood outside awaiting our arrival.

"It's lovely to meet you both," she said with a smile. "Come inside and I'll show you around before leaving you to enjoy your stay."

I followed behind Mistress K as we stepped inside a small corridor. Our host closed the outer door then opened the inner door to the dungeon space. As soon as the door opened a burst of heat hit my face, which came as a very welcome relief. I don't deal well with cold weather, so knowing that I'd likely be naked in a warm space calmed some nerves.

"Please follow me and I'll show you the kitchen, bathroom and how to use the hot tub out the back," our host said as she walked towards the back of the dungeon. The well lit space was full of toys, furniture and a huge four poster bed at the rear. I dropped our bags next to the bed and followed our host as she ran us through the initiation procedure. Ten minutes later we'd familiarised ourselves with the space, asked a few questions regarding what to do with the toys we would use and what to do with the key at the end of our stay. She answered them all and wished us well before leaving. Mistress K locked the outer door behind her then closed the inner door.

Remembering the instructions Mistress K had messaged me on the train earlier I picked up our suitcase and removed the outfit and toy bags that she'd packed days before. I then hung up the outfit bag in the bathroom and returned to the dungeon. Mistress clicked her fingers and beckoned me towards her. As I approached she turned her back to me and stretched her arms out to her sides. I took that as a sign to take off her coat and did so delicately then hung it up on a hook next to the door.

"You've followed your instructions perfectly so far. Now, I'm going to get ready in the bathroom. Fill a few glasses with water and put them next to the bed. When I return I expect to find you stripped and on your knees waiting for me."

"As you wish, Mistress," I replied just as the plug filling my ass started vibrating again. This time there was no holding back as my goddess cranked the intensity up immediately, which forced me onto my hands and knees, my legs instantly turning to jelly. Moments later she turned the plug off and sauntered towards the bathroom, chuckling to herself as she went.

"Oh, this is going to be fun," she remarked as the door closed

It took me a few moments to gather my composure and find my feet. With my legs still feeling out of sorts I gingerly got to the bed and sat down. I removed my shoes, socks, jacket, tie, shirt and trousers. Before I removed my underwear, I took out two glasses from a kitchen cupboard, filled them with fresh water and placed them on the bedside table. The pile of clothes that were sat neatly on the bed were then repositioned under the bed. Finally, I took off my underwear and sat them on top of the clothes.

Before kneeling on the dungeon floor, I looked around the impressive space and took in my surroundings. The array of toys proudly on show in the glass fronted display cases immediately drew my attention, but as my eyes surveyed the rest of the room the possibilities became overwhelming. In every section of the room that I looked at another piece of kink furniture or toy perked my interest. It was a feast for the mind and I was very hungry to find out what the hours ahead would bring.

Not wanting to draw the ire of Mistress K before we'd got started, I knelt obediently on the floor and focused on my breathing. I quickly lost track of time and, with my eyes closed and controlled breathing, nearly missed Mistress K's entrance into the dungeon. Thankfully though, I didn't.

My divine goddess emerged in the dark open door way at the end of the room. She was deliciously clad in a black latex figure hugging catsuit with a boned corset around her waist. The same pair of black 6" high heels she'd worn earlier elevated her height and accentuated her impeccable figure. The anklet holding my key was clearly visible over the shiny black latex. My jaw dropped as her visible breasts sitting perfectly in the zipped down catsuit bobbed up and down as she confidently strode towards then passed me to the bed. My Mistress unzipped the toy bag on the bed and laid out her instruments of tease and torment for the play session ahead. I wasn't privy to the toys she'd brought down for our session as she packed them herself, so my intrigue peaked as I knelt listening for any hint of what was to come.

"Open your mouth nice and wide for me, slave." As my lips stretched apart a large red glossy ball gag was thrust inside my mouth and the straps locked behind my head. A metal chain was then clipped to my collar from behind with the cold metal dragging against my skin jolting me from my composed state into a devoted submissive ready to do anything his goddess asked of him. A quick tug on the leash was a good indicator that Mistress wanted me on my feet, so I rose up and stood up straight.

Mistress K turned her back to me and picked a long chain up from the bed with restraints attached at either end.

"Wrists and ankles together," she snapped. The leather cuffs clipped to the chain were then attached to my wrists first, then she knelt down and fixed the cuffs at the other end to my ankles.

"Comfortable?" Mistress asked wryly, clearly asking with no genuine concern for my current level of comfort or wishing to hear my opinion. I nodded regardless.

"Good. Now, follow me." Mistress K grasped the end of the leash and walked towards the far end of the dungeon close to the door. With the short chain between my cuffed ankles heavily restricting my movement, I shuffled slowly across the tiled floor behind her. She stopped in front of a metal post with a vice like contraption on the top. It had leather cuffs on either side of the base and two spinning screws holding the metal vice plates at the top.

"Stand in front of the impaler," was her order. I shuffled into place as Mistress K walked back across the room to the bed then quickly returned. The cuffs on my ankles and wrists were released, then my ankles were locked into the cuffs at the base of the impaler. My arms were then pulled behind my back and a solid pair of metal handcuffs were attached to my wrists. Mistress bent down and removed the key from her anklet. She pushed the key into the lock inside my cage, turned the key and removed it. The cage fell to the floor as my excited cock sensed freedom and instantly got erect. I wasn't expecting to be released quite so soon, which came as a very welcome surprise. That feeling quickly disappeared as Mistress twisted the screws on the impaler to release the vice.

"Before you get too excited I want to try something we've played with before," Mistress K proclaimed as she reached down and picked up a silicone device from the floor. She quickly rubbed my cock and balls with some lubricant then forced my cock and balls through a hole at the top of the silicone cage. My balls were encased in the silicone cage and I could see two metal pins protruding from the bottom of the device. She attached two cables to the metal pins, which were connected to a small black box that she held delicately in her hand. My now throbbing erect cock was then placed between the vice at the top of the impaler and screwed down firmly into place. There was nowhere to go.

"Let's see how do you feel with a little electrical stimulation." With the push of a button a zap of electricity shot through the cables directly into my testicles. The first few zaps felt a little ticklish, but that changed quickly when Mistress pressed another button to increase the strength of the bursts. As my muffled screams filled the room my devious dominant placed the control box on the floor and picked out a thin wooden cane from a large vase next to us.

"If you think that hurts, just wait until this makes its mark," Mistress K purred with delight. She swished the cane a few times in the air to get a feel of it in her hand then placed it on top of my cock. With a quick flick of her wrist the cane impacted sharply with my cock leaving a clear red strip across the top. The pain was instant and as I tried to bend my knees to mitigate the pain my trapped cock betrayed me by preventing any movement. A second impact with her cane brought tears to my eyes before the third turned the faucet on. 

"You took that very well," she said then bent down and kissed the head of my trembling cock. Another hit with the cane struck again and Mistress K bit down lightly on my cock head. She laughed as tears flooded down from my eyes and streams of drool poured from my gagged mouth. Zaps of electricity continued to torment my testicles and the plug inside my ass kept my hole gaping wide open.

"I wonder how a metal rod inside your cock would feel right now. Do you think any electricity would pass through it if I put the electrodes on either side?" My eyes widened as fear gripped me. A very familiar laugh projecting across the room did nothing to settle my nerves as my latex clad domina walked back over to the bed to retrieve a small zipper bag. She placed it on a spanking bench next to us and unzipped the bag to reveal a selection of metal urethral sounds in various sizes. She picked out a reasonably thick metal sound and coated it with sterilising lubricant. I couldn't bear to look, so I closed my eyes and tried not to imagine the level of pain I'd soon be in.

"It's OK. You can close your eyes now, but if you don't open them when I electrify my cock, I'll use some tape to keep those eyes open so we can share this beautiful moment together." The threat didn't immediately work and I kept my eyes closed when the electrical shocks to my testicles stopped. I could feel the electrodes being removed from the metal pins then the metal sounding rod being slowly inserted into my cock. It crept very slowly down inside my shaft until only an inch or so was left exposed. 

"Now, open those eyes nice and wide for me, slave. I can only imagine this is going to hurt a lot and I want to see every emotion. I won't ask twice." I tentatively did as I was told. I fixated on a spot on the wall opposite me then looked down to see Mistress K holding the two electrodes against the end of the metal sound rod.

With a big smile on her face Mistress K held up the black control box in her hand and positioned her thumb over the on/off switch.

"Deep breath my good boy," she said, clearly enjoying the agony I was in anticipating the moment the electricity coursed through the rod. My wide eyes fixed firmly on hers and after about ten seconds of excruciating waiting, she pressed the button down on the remote.

Instead of the zap of electricity I was expecting to painfully torture my hard cock, the butt plug in my ass began to slowly pulse. Mistress K threw her head and luscious red hair back over her shoulders and cackled with laughter as I realised that she'd switched the remotes. To say I felt relieved would be a huge understatement, but with a full night of play ahead of us there was no time to get complacent. At any moment the next cane strike to my cock could break the peace.

Without hesitating Mistress K stood up tall, put the remote between her breasts and spun the locking screws on the impaler releasing my cock. She then bent down with her knees apart to unlock the restraints from my ankles. I stepped back away from the impaler and noticed three red strips across the top of my hard cock where the cane had impacted on it. The anal plug continued to pulse as Mistress took hold of the leash and led me towards another free standing metal contraption.

The O tower is a metal post with ankle restraints at the base, wrist cuffs at waist height and a locking collar at the top. It also had a removeable vibrating wand attachment at crotch level.

As I arrived at the metal bondage post my ankles were quickly locked into place shoulder width apart, the metal handcuffs were removed and my wrists were locked into the restraints and the leather collar was fastened tightly over my metal collar. Mistress then lifted a Hitachi magic wand from the floor and fixed it into the holder just above my cock. She then adjusted and moved it into place so the vibrating head rested perfectly on the tip of my exposed cock.

With the flick of a switch the wand began vibrating and it sent a wave of pleasure through my whole body. As the tremors made my knees weaker by the second, my goddess stepped over the wand so that it pressed firmly against her latex covered crotch. She leant in close to me and the intoxicating smell of rubber sent my heart rate into overdrive. My free cock throbbed and ached to be touched, but with her hands stroking her breasts that wasn't going to happen. Instead, she reached behind my head and released the gag from my mouth.

"After your exceptional performance today you deserve to be rewarded. You did everything I asked, spent all of your hard earned money on me and followed all of the instructions I sent you to the letter. The thing is, your insubordination over the last few weeks hasn't been forgotten, and you know I don't forget these things easily. You'll pay for every last indiscretion here and now."

I swallowed, hard.

"Anything for you, Mistress. I'm truly sorry for anything that I've done to upset you. Please accept my sincere apology for failing you in any way."

She spat in my face then slapped me harshly across the cheek.

"You pathetic worm. If you really wanted to fully devote yourself to me you'd have done exactly what I ordered you to do, but you didn't, so you're going to suffer to compensate me."

I groveled and begged her for forgiveness between gasps for air to control the building feeling that I was going to cum. Doing so without permission would have dire consequences, and that was the last thing I could afford to do in the position I was in. 

As I started to shake uncontrollably and my wrists rattled insides the restraints, Mistress K leaned forwards and whispered in my ear.

"I know you're so close to cumming. I give you permission to cum, but I'm going to ruin this orgasm as a start to pay down your debt to me." 

The vibrations on my cock stopped suddenly as Mistress K pulled the wand away from me and held is against herself. Her face and chest started to flush as she orgasmed for the first time.

"You could never please me like this, you useless excuse for a slave. I bet you'd love to worship my wet pussy right now, lapping me with your tongue and tasting my sweet cum. Only my most trusted slaves come close, and right now you're far from that. Let's see if this will go some way to changing that."

The vibrating wand was aggressively forced against the head of my cock and she vigorously wanked me with her free hand. I quickly reached the point of no return.

"Please Mistress, may I cum?" I blurted out. She took the wand and her hand off my cock instantly.

"Yes slave, you can cum, but you're going to clean up any mess you make with your tongue."

My hot cum erupted from my throbbing cock all over Mistress K's latex catsuit and shoes. Without any physical stimulation my satisfaction was significantly subdued and the pleasure I anticipated was ruined. I slumped forwards in my restraints and it took all of my remaining energy to stay upright.

Before I had time to enjoy the moment Mistress K unlocked my restraints and forced my head to the cum dripping down her catsuit.

"Lick it all off. Don't miss a single spot or I'll lock your cock in a tiny cage and throw away the key. I've considered permanent chastity for you for a while. Don't test me."

Mistress K's strong hand forcefully guided my head towards her crotch and inner thighs where I lapped up the thick cum I'd sprayed onto her moments before. Now on my hands and knees, I ran my tongue over streaks of cum then licked her shoes clean.

"Thank you Mistress K. It's my honour to serve you."

"Good boy. Seeing you lap all of that cum up makes me want to introduce another slave into our play and indulge me in one of my longest held fantasies. It would make me so happy to see another slave cum all over your face. Maybe I'd force you to suck his cock, or have him fuck you in the ass then cum all over you. So many filthy possibilities."

"I'm here to serve you Mistress. I'll do anything I can to please you."

"Anything? Well, that leaves a lot of options open to me doesn't it. I like this attitude, but for now I think it's best that we lock my cock back up. I don't want you getting your hands on it without permission and you still have a long way to go before you prove that you can be trusted. Never forget, that shrivelled worm between your legs belongs to me."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to prove myself to you."

"Stand up and cross your hands behind your back." I got up off my hands and knees then stood up straight.

Mistress K reached behind her and retrieved a stainless steel cock cage in the shape of a wolf head, the Beast. With expert precision she pulled her cock and balls through the back ring, pushed the cage onto her cock and locked it with a small brass padlock. The clicking noise that the lock made when it engaged gave me chills. I had no idea how long I'd be locked for, but I really didn't care. I was devoted exclusively to my female dominant and trusted her completely.

"Now, go and turn the hot tub on. I'm going to get out of this catsuit and you're going to give me a massage in the bubbles. I need to relax a little before the plans I have for you coming up next. You might want to stretch and drink plenty of water. I'm going to test you like never before, and you'd better not disappoint me."

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What a beautiful story! The total oiler you have ever your slave and his total obedience is a tribute to your dominance I could imagine myself in exactly that situation. I don’t know whether I could withstand all the torments but I would try and for sure you would have my utter devotion.

Jul 20, 2022

Mistress K:


Don’t worry Harry, more stories and content for our blog is on the way! We’ll post links to new stories once they’re published on our Twitter account.

Jan 22, 2021


More content! more content!

Jan 22, 2021

Mistress K:


Thank you Harry. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the story.

We’ve been incredibly busy over the last 6 months processing orders and dealing with customer emails, but we haven’t forgotten about the blog and have some more content coming soon!

Nov 26, 2020


great read. I enjoyed very much. good to see you active on this blog again after a few quiet months

Nov 26, 2020

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