So you’ve purchased your first (or hundredth) chastity device and are looking for advice on how to securely lock yourself (or your partner/submissive/cuck) in safely and securely?

Mistress Thorne has created this simple guide with images to talk you through each stage of the process.

1. Safety precautions

Before you wave goodbye to freedom, ensure you are thinking clearly and not getting too carried away in the fantasy just yet. Choose your keyholder wisely and consider reading through our chastity contract post for further advice, especially if engaging in chastity for the first time or with someone you don’t have an established relationship with. It’s important to always have an emergency key available to the user, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be accessible. I’ve put together a guide on key storage for those in a D/s relationship and for those opting to self lock. Finally, I recommend reading through our chastity device user guide to make sure you’re well acquainted with the device before locking commences.

Male chastity contract and pen

2. Preparation and personal grooming

Here at House of Denial we recommend doing the preparatory work in order to get the most out of your chastity experience. While many people opt to shave their genitals entirely prior to using a device we encourage you to reconsider. Total hair removal can lead to itching and shaving rash as the hairs grow back which can be further irritated by a device. Instead we suggest trimming pubic hair to a short length that won’t get caught up in the device but is less likely to irritate the skin and still allows visual access to keep a track of any pinching, bruising or other problems with your chastity device.

3. Lube, lube and more lube! 

It is essential that you remain flaccid while securing the device. This may take some time and patience as the excitement of being locked can become overwhelming. Mistress K has some great advice in her chastity device user guide.

Once you are in an ideal state and ready to attach the device, treat lubricant as your new best friend! Ideally use a water based lube that won’t interfere with the material of your device (silicone lube should not be used with silicone devices) and apply liberally to your genitals (shaft and testicles), you can also apply a small amount to the inside of the device but be aware you may then need to wear gloves to allow some friction to keep hold of the device during the next steps! Steer clear of any “tingle” or “heat” type novelty lubes and consider what will be best for your long-term comfort.

4. The base ring

Slide the base/back ring over your shaft and balls so that it sits snugly against your body. Take your time to get this bit right, the lubrication should help everything to glide smoothly into place. We recommend a slow and steady approach, gently pulling each testicle through one at a time. Pulling your scrotum skin through the ring slowly first can help guide your balls into place. Bend your flaccid penis downwards to assist getting it through the ring.

Putting on the back ring

5. Attach the cage

Being careful to avoid pinching, slide your flaccid penis inside the cage. Some devices such as the HoD600 come with spacers to provide a more customisable fit, these are to be placed over the locking pins to keep the cage at a set distance. If you are unsure which size spacers to use, start with the largest and work down through the smaller sizes until you find a comfortable distance.

Most devices, such as the S80 used in these images, do not have spacers but come with locking pins, which fix directly onto the back ring. These pins help to guide the cage into the right position. Line up the guide pins with the holes on the back ring and slide the cage towards the body until it is in the correct position.

Putting on the cage

6. Lock the device in place and hand over the keys!

This can be the trickiest part, so experimenting with locking and unlocking the device prior to putting it on will definitely pay off and may help to loosen the lock if initially stiff.

Most of our chastity devices come with an integrated locking system. Place the lock onto the key, insert it through the ring and cage once they are aligned and turn the key. A few models such as the HoD300 steel and Holy Trainer V1 have a separate padlock. For these types of locking mechanisms, unlock the padlock, align the device and hook it through then click the locking pin into place.

Wearing the cage and ring

The final step is to hand over the keys to your designated Keyholder or put them securely into storage. Now you are completely locked up, don’t forget that regular cleaning and maintenance is a huge part of the chastity experience and it's important to regularly check for any pinching, bruising or other signs of serious discomfort. Chastity is meant to prevent you from becoming erect and cause plenty of frustration, but it shouldn’t hurt and cause ongoing pain. If this does occur, remove the device immediately and inspect yourself fully. Give any abrasions time to heal then re-apply the device or search for a different style. There is absolutely no shame in removing your device for health or medical reasons and even the most experienced subs remove their device regularly for cleaning and inspection.

The stocking method

Most people find the above method suitable for attaching their chastity belt but if you are having issues getting your shaft into the cage it may be worth considering the stocking method.

I recommend choosing a stocking that has a silky/shine finish as these tend to be the smoothest and work best for this kind of application. Avoid anything with a lace top or silicone band (as in the image below) or cut the stocking down to remove the excess fabric.

A chastity device and stocking

Fold the stocking top down over itself so the toe end open end line up. Between stages 4 and 5, place the stocking over your penis shaft and pull both the toe and stocking top through the end of the cage as you pull the cage towards your body. Ideally pulling through the urethral opening of the cage for best alignment but if this doesn't work you may be able to remove it through a side hole.

Lock the cage in place then fully remove the stocking by pulling mainly on the toe section. This will guide the head of your penis to sit snugly inside the end of the cage. Once in place, pull both ends of the stocking to remove it completely from the cage.

If a stocking doesn’t work for you, try a small plastic film such as cling film or catering wrap, or a small food bag (be careful not to use anything with sharp edges). Apply the same method as above and adjust to suit. This is a last resort, but can help those who find the above two methods simply not working. Everyone's body is different and it's important to find a method that suits you just as much as finding the right cage.

Chastity device and plastic wrap

Share your tips and tricks with us by commenting below or via social media @Mistress_Thorne and @HouseofDenial. We hope you find this guide useful and wish you a fun and enjoyable venture into the world of chastity!