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If you’re interesting in trying male chastity out for the first time, we highly recommend our best-selling introductory plastic standard device; the HoD600. Whether you’re completely new to the world of orgasm control or a seasoned long-timed wearer of a chastity device, this device is ideal for everyone. The cage is very competitively priced – however this doesn’t mean that there’s been any sacrifice in quality.

The HoD600 is made from a clear plastic, which allows for a higher element of discreet use when out in public than some of our other products in the same line. Also, it’s hard to deny the thrill for both the wearer and key holder to be able to see your encaged cock.

The full HoD600 kit comes with the hard cage, which has a number of vents along the shaft of the chastity device, allowing longer term wearers to ensure good personal hygiene. The cage also has an opening at the tip, allowing the wearer to urinate whilst wearing it. The other accompaniments with the kit include a series of rings and spacers, allowing you or your key holder to customise the fit – making it as comfortable or uncomfortable as you desire!

We also include two different types of padlocks for you to use depending on your preference. There’s no denying the thrilling impact that comes with hearing the heavy brass padlock being snapped shut – however, the benefit of the individual plastic locks mean that you are unequivocally trapped until the lock is broken.


Size: Standard


Cage Length: 3.25 inches

Inside Diameter: 1.375 inches

Included in the display box:

1 High Quality Plastic Cage

5 plastic rings in different sizes - 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2" (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pin and spacers

One brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered plastic locks

Product Information


Brand: House of Denial®

Waterproof: Yes

House of Denial is acting as an agent for JVEV Limited, the seller of this product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best investment I've made

Ho-ly **** this thing is amazing. I'd never worn a cage before this and oh my god it will change you. When I first started I was nervous as I have enlarged veins so I was constantly checking myself but after sleeping in it by accident I can say that it will not make your balls drop off. Although I use a ring size that's slightly too big for a perfect locking fit just incase there's any lock issues and I need to take it off immediately. One thing I will say is this, if you're buying a cage for the first time, remember, it is for denial. I started out trying to use it as a part of masturbation and was initially disappointed as I didn't really know what to do. But then suddenly your brain will just accept the situation and, if you have a partner, it will make you literally beg for them to use you. If you know they like chastity but you don't have a cage yet, surprise them, you won't regret it. But be prepared to lose the freedom to cum, you'll have to work for it now. Anyways, it's really damn good, if you're a first time buyer, invest in this, or the smaller version doesn't matter.
All this being said, putting it on can be a little annoying, it's not hard to figure out but you'll need some sort of lube and a bit of string or anything you can put around your dick and thread through the top of the shaft of the cage when putting it in order to lock yourself properly. But with a bit of practice it's super easy and worth the hassle ;)
Basically, buy it. And get some string.

Absolutely perfect

Easy to assemble, easy to clean, secure, fits just right - I'm in love with it <3

First timer

New to the idea of restraining my mate I decided upon Clear HoD 600 and have found it most satisfying for me and my partner.
The feeling or lack of being able to feel has been amazing and when allowed out the freedom and ability to touch and use has only emphasised how important my cock is to me!!
It was a learning curve to put on initially and can still be at times!! But always worth it ....
I love wearing it out under tight jeans hoping people can see my bulge and that they realise I am locked up too!!! Fantasing that they "rescue"me from my confinement!!!
Hoping to progress to something a bit heavier soon-the plastic fits well and can wear for days now but want to have something with more weight to remind me more it is there! For first timers though the Clear HoD600 is a fantastic intro to chastity. Recommend strongly

What a thrill

Been talking about this with my wife on and off for years, decided to order one because the price here is very reasonable.
Wow. We both love the device and its effects. I find it pretty comfortable to wear, except when things grow, but that's the point. You are always aware of it, which is also the point, but you tend to forget it when distracted. My wife enjoys me wearing it, especially when we go out. I have worn this overnight after an evening out at the pub for a meal didn't end in the expected manner as my wife was tired - she forgot to let me out. That wasn't very comfortable, but certainly bearable. If I work at home, I sometimes wear it and this is also a real turn-on for her when she is at work. My wife loves to kiss me and feel the cage as she teases me. The sex after it comes off is great. Cleaning is fine when there is space to get water around things, but I haven't worn this for days, as I say. Going to toilet is easy (sitting down, but standing is possible), although you should wash the device out afterwards, if you are in a position to do so, that is. If you wanted to break out of this, you could; could probably pick the lock too as its a cheap padlock - you could upgrade that, of course. If you have ever considered this sort of play, at this price you've nothing to lose. I am sure that you will be satisfied, or possibly not, depending on the regime chosen. Either way, enjoy.