Olympus Collection

Take your chastity experience to new heights with Olympus, a collection of ergonomic, CMR-free, and infinitely wearable 3D printed male chastity devices. This new line was designed by our in-house, kink-minded team, and is available exclusively from House of Denial. New designs and colours are always on the way.

All of the products in our new Olympus line of male chastity devices are designed by our creative, kink-aware team and produced here in the UK. We've worked with local businesses to create a proprietary, waste-reductive 3D printing process that produces lightweight, waterproof, anti-bacterial, CMR-free and skin-safe chastity cages that are both functional and fun to look at. They're strong, and incredibly smooth -- and we're pleased to offer them in multiple sizes and a variety of exciting colours and patterns (with many more on the way).

We've thoroughly thought out our designs (and tested them!) to create a product that is clearly made by kinksters, for kinksters. Mix-and-match between cage and ring sizes for the perfect, contained-feeling fit, then choose between our cleverly streamlined, low-profile take on the classic barrel lock (that hides seamlessly under clothing), or our extra-secure, wiggle-free Hexlock system (for those escape artists among you).

And we're not done yet. We're already workshopping and developing new and exciting concepts. Keep an eye on this space for new chastity products, colours, and options!