Silicone Chastity Cages

Our wide range of male silicone chastity cages means that no matter what your preference is, we have the cage for you. Whether you want a luminous pink HoD100 for your inner sissy, or a subtle clear HoD600 to wear when you’re out at the office, we’ve got something that’ll fit exactly right.

If you're a beginner setting out on your chastity journey for the first time or want to add some kinky fun in the bedroom for short term wear these kits are ideal. They aren't going to keep you locked securely like our plastic or metal devices, but they are comfortable and a great place to start.



We would generally recommend a silicone chastity device for beginners or anyone wanting to experiment with male chastity for the first time. These chastity kits are made of soft, flexible material that aren't as secure as a metal or plastic device, but they're so much fun if you want to play in the bedroom and involve chastity in a private play session. The silicone cages that we have for sale are also a cheap way to figure out what ring size is most comfortable for you before you upgrade and buy a more long term device.

If you're looking for a secure, durable chastity cage that you can wear for weeks at a time without any chance of escaping then a silicone chastity device isn't what you're looking for.