Before buying any chastity device we always recommend that you take your measurements first, which is the reason that we created our chastity cage and back ring measurement guide. It’s been used as a reference guide for many of our customers and some who purchase cock cages elsewhere. Regardless of where you buy your device, having accurate measurements will help you choose a chastity kit that’s well fitted and comfortable. This is vitally important if you plan on wearing your device for days, weeks or months at a time.

We still receive many emails every week asking for sizing advice, which we’re more than happy to help with. If you ever have any sizing, measurement or other chastity related questions please do contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.

After reviewing our measurement guide, something we do regularly to ensure that is up to date and accurate as possible, we realised that we all learn differently and that offering a more visual learning option should be made available. At that point we contacted the incredibly talented illustrator Soushiyo to discuss the production of a visual guide to help our customers. Instead, Soushiyo recommended a comic format, which we loved. He got to work and produced the easy to follow guide that you can see below.

The chastity cage featured in the guide is our very own black Hera barrel lock chastity kit.

Chastity measurement guide comic page 1
Chastity measurement guide comic page 2
Chastity measurement guide comic page 3
Chastity measurement guide comic page 4

I hope you’ve found our guide useful and now find a device that fits you perfectly. Don’t forget, getting a cock cage kit that’s too big or too small could do you more harm than good, so be honest about your size and find a device that’s a snug fit.

The team involved in the production of this guide has a combined 30+ years of chastity experience, but we’re always open to learning and hearing your feedback. If you feel that there’s something that we’ve missed or a correction that you believe should be made please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.