Chastity Key Storage Guide

I get asked this question a lot, finding the balance between denial and safety can be tricky. Why bother to wear a chastity device if you can take it off whenever you want? For those with a lot of self restraint, the need for a cage may simply be a pleasing aesthetic and reminder of their denial, however for those of you easily tempted being securely locked is a necessity.

I'm a firm believer that chastity users should always keep a key for emergencies and whenever I engage in chastity I ensure a minimum of three keys work with each slave’s device. Two of the keys are always kept with me - one in person and the other in a safe backup location that only I have access to. The third key is always given to the slave, without exception, as emergency occasions do arise. It may be that an unexpected hospital trip occurs when I’m out of town or an accident means that removal is necessary for the slave’s safety.

I am not easily bargained with and requests for early release often result in punishment or extended locking periods, so simply asking for the key is out of the question. I hand over the third key with a level of trust but I’m certainly not naive to the lengths a desperate slave will go to when their balls are aching! Creative key storage has become something I enjoy and I love challenging my slave’s to come up with new and inventive places to store their emergency key. It’s important to ensure that all keys function properly on a regular basis so I occasionally ask my slave to use their own key for release or cleaning time. Once removed from its original storage place I request they come up with a new solution; I’m especially interested in ones that let me know if a key has been tampered with, so here are a few suggestions to keep you safe and secure.

Keys in 3 different colours

Tamper proof solutions

The first section of this list is aimed at storage methods that allow the keyholder to regularly investigate and ensure the keys have not been tampered with. These methods are best suited to well behaved slaves whose submission and loyalty outweigh their desire for instant release.

Tic Tac box

I love a thoughtful slave and this is one of the first methods I ever used when getting into chastity so it always brings back fond memories.

My slave puts their emergency key into a tic tac box (or other small box) and seals it shut with several layers of masking tape. I ask the slave to draw a picture or write me a message on the tape and take a photograph. They are then to apply more tape or a layer of paper which I will sign and photograph (without the slave seeing) and add a third layer of tape. Another picture or message is to be written on this top layer and finally sealed with clear tape. (Depending on the person, I sometimes take great joy in adding more and more layers with personal confessions or other tasks!)

If / when the key is accessed it becomes very difficult to replicate the original packaging, especially if they don’t know what is on one of the layers and hence this is one of my favourite, creative solutions. The resulting box can be as plain or elaborate as required and can be stored in a safe place in the slave’s house without looking too obvious. It may also be placed inside a jewellery box, watch case, glasses box or other everyday object that looks boring enough for no one else to pay it attention.

Arts and crafts kit

Tamper tape

Simple and effective! Place the key on a piece of paper or in an envelope and securely seal with tamper tape. If the slave tries to remove the tape it will delaminate irreversibly leaving a highly visible message on the application surface.

Frustratingly I’ve found some slaves to be rather troublesome, it is important that the slave does not have access to the tamper tape so they cannot replicate the original packaging (some companies offer customisable tape)! And also that the envelope is securely sealed. I’ve caught a mischievous (read: desperate) slave trying to glue an envelope back together after sneaking the key out!

If tamper tape is inaccessible to you, another option is to sign a piece of paper or ask the slave to write a personal message, then use a strong clear tape to secure the key. This means the original note will likely be destroyed if the tape is removed to access the key. Printed gift wrap is an especially great idea as trying to replicate a note is hard enough, nevermind finding the exact same patterned paper!

Wax sealed envelope

If you enjoy feeling fancy then investing in a custom wax stamp kit is an alternative to the above tape solutions. I have found kits for around £30 which have caused many years of teasing delight! The smaller and more fibrous the envelope, the more difficult it is to open it without a trace!

Wax sealed envelope

Smash box

Possibly one of the most obvious and commonly used methods is placing the key in a glass box. Purchasing a “break glass for key” box is a simple, and often cheap, method especially great for those living alone as the box could be displayed on a bedside table as a teasing reminder.

For added fun fill the box with sand or liquid making it not only inconvenient but also messy to retrieve the key (not all pre-bought cases will withstand anything other than a key inside so be careful when setting this up)! 

Emergency release box

Alternatives include a “smash money box”, these often have a slit small enough for only a coin (or key) to fit through. Some are beautifully designed, some you can paint at home - perhaps the time decorating a jar (or if it is decorated by a lover, friend or relative) may make it more valuable and less desirable to break. I highly recommend using the sand trick for this type of jar as, although unlikely, with a lot of upside down persistent shaking the key could slip back out!

Another option for sealing the key inside something that requires breaking is to additionally place a delicate or personally valuable item in with the key. This may deter the eager slave from breaking the box (and it’s contents) without genuinely good reason.

A smashed plate

Disposable locks

Plastic number locks are often used directly attached to padlock type chastity devices (such as our top selling HoD600) for short term use or so that a KH knows every time the device has been removed. But why not use this method for keeping the emergency key safe?

A simple piece of copper pipe or steel tubing with a hole drilled all the way through allows for the key to sit inside. Use a plastic number lock through the holes of the pipe and key to ensure it is tamper proof! If you don’t have the resources to make your own, similar storage tubes can be purchased cheaply online.

Delay Tactics

For those unfortunate keyholders dealing with more resistant slaves with low self-restraint, the below options are intended to delay the user’s access to their emergency key. Most will also make the slaves efforts notable to the keyholder but provide enough obstacles that finding the key is a punishment in itself.

A treasure map


Any kind of lockbox or safe is an easy go-to for storing a key, but if the user has access to the safe combination there is no deterrent so getting creative with deciding how to lock the safe is the fun part! If the lock box requires a key then using any of the other methods on this list to store the safe key adds an extra level of obstruction and difficulty. Here are some ideas for a lockbox that doesn’t require a key but works on a code/combination:

  • Hide and seek: The Keyholder writes down the combination on a piece of paper, seals it in an envelope and hides it around the user’s house, only giving away the hiding place in an emergency.
  • Treasure hunt: The KH writes down the combination and hides it around the slaves house/garden/neighbourhood and leaves a long line of clues (clue A leads to clue B…. the combination letter being any number of hints and clues away!) - of course this leaves more clues to be found if the slave is extra desperate so don’t forget to add in a few tricks or false clues! (the wider the treasure hunt the more fun it could be, but in a serious emergency this may not be the most reliable method!)
  • Use an app: more and more apps are becoming available such as ChastiKey which is a digital way of hiding the lockbox combination. There are apps with a timer mode and some even based on card games or puzzle completion. I’ve heard of apps that will even let you purchase a second key (to unlock the original lockbox)... for a price!
  • Timed box:  There are a huge number of easily available timed boxes aimed at storing cookies, sweets or electronic devices. Put the key inside, set the timer and well, wait! Most timer boxes I’ve found are plastic and quite easily broken with a hammer, so I suggest putting something fragile inside along with the key to act as an additional deterrent. Of course other punishments are optional for the discovery of a broken box!

Phone and headphones sat on a desk

Bury it!

The idea of gardening on a summer afternoon is lovely, but consider a cold, wet winter night, the ground is frozen, it's raining and you are desperate for release. Suddenly the idea of stumbling outside to dig up the garden with a head torch is much less appealing - and that’s exactly why I want you to do it!

These below suggestions require the key to be placed in a small sealed container that will withstand the elements. I do not recommend burying a key unprotected as it is likely to rust and may fail to work when it is needed:

  • Get digging: bury the key in a deep hole in the garden, the deeper the hole the longer it will take to retrieve the key at a later date.
  • Prized possession: dig a hole in the garden and place the key at the bottom, plant your favourite flower, vegetable or a gifted plant from your keyholder on top. Digging up the key will also mean potentially killing your greenery along with your keyholders respect. This could also work with house plants, especially those that quickly grow dense roots, encapsulating the key box.
  • A trip to the park: burying your key in a local park or or woodland adds an extra level of risk and a longer journey to retrieve the key! Please remember though that it may be illegal in your area and the key could be found and removed by a member of public or council staff at any time.

A garden trowel and soil

  • Caught red handed: make sure the container you use is small and waterproof! Drop it into a large tin of paint, oil or other messy substance lying around in the garage. An easy retrieval but hopefully the mess will at least put some off! To add an extra level of difficulty, allow your keyholder to do this bit for you meaning you’ll have no idea which tin or liquid container the key will be in!
  • Go fish: If you have a garden pond, what could be better than having to take a late night dip amongst the fish and weeds to collect your beloved key?!
  • Shell game: remember the classic three cups, one ball game? A slight variation here: use several containers all with similar looking (and weighted) keys. Mix them up and bury them all. Not only will the trip to the garden take time but finding which key works adds further levels of obstruction. Another added benefit is a garden full of holes is much easier for a KH to spot than one carefully covered spot!
  • If walls had… keys: knocking a small hole in drywall is relatively easy to do. Place the key inside and re-decorate, any time the user wants access to their genitals a whole new DIY project becomes a necessity too! Other options include taping the key to a wall before wallpapering over it or under the floorboards (bonus if carpet is laid on top). I highly recommend only doing this in a house you own, landlords may not be too pleased!

Pair of hands covered in paint

Lose it without losing it

Only attempt these suggestions if you are really prepared to work for your release! In theory the key is exactly where you left it, but getting access to it may be a different story!

  • Bouquet toss: A unique take on the popular bridal tradition of throwing the bouquet of flowers. Find a place in the house with plenty of clutter and junk - the basement, garage, garden shed? Close your eyes and throw the key as far into the heap as possible and listen for it falling through the cracks and hitting the floor or some other object. When it’s release time you might think twice about not clearing out the storage sooner!
  • Power lifter: think of the heaviest piece of furniture you own: fridge freezer, oven, solid wood bookcase? Drop your key behind or secure it underneath (tape it to the bottom or to the floor under the unit), not only will it be a huge effort to put the key there in the first place but imagine having to remove every book you own before you can even contemplate release - how desperate really are you?

Inside of a car garage

Nosey Neighbour

Leaving any spare key with another person runs the risk of them being uncontactable when your emergency arises. Another fear is that your key may be recognisable or have some form of inscription giving away its use. For this reason I recommend putting a few keys together on a keyring and asking your friend/neighbour to hold onto your ‘spare keys’. Hiding in plain sight may leave the keys unnoticed but combining up with a valid excuse to need the spare set back might not be so simple, especially if they watched you walk out of your house to collect them.

The Ice Trick

Fill a plastic bottle or food bag with water and drop the key inside. Place the bottle in the freezer and by morning your key will be trapped inside, easy to see but difficult to get at. Make sure not to use a glass bottle as it could smash as the water expands during the freezing process. The bigger the block of ice the longer it’ll be until the key is released.

This method definitely has its drawbacks, running it under boiling water will definitely melt the ice quicker, but may leave the key too hot to handle! Please don’t put it in the microwave to defrost as I’ve heard of people doing; metal + microwave does not equal a sensible slave!

This adaptation may not work for an emergency key, and works much better if the keyholder is in the building to enjoy the drawn out torment, but on release date a way to get around the boiling water solution is to include an element of bondage. Handcuffs or other restraints usually come with a pair of keys. Freeze the one of them in with the chastity key and cuff your slave to a piece of furniture. Leave them with the ice block within reach (and a tray to catch the water) and watch them squirm as they watch it melt.

Romantic evening

Rather than freezing the key in an ice block, why not try securing it in some hand made soap or a candle? What a nice gift to receive from your keyholder! Soap making kits are easily accessible online and candles are super fun to make! Any glass jar can be recycled to make candles -  when pouring in the wax pellets and wick, place the key in as the liquid is beginning to solidify (or tie it on to the wick to help keep it in place. Most candles made of soy wax turn out opaque, so even harder to know how much burning will be required.

A candle in a glass jar

Puzzle Box

A younger me was always fascinated with puzzle boxes I found when visiting relatives and I recall being very frustrated when after all that work to get into it, the box was empty.

A much more entertaining option is to use one of these to keep the emergency chastity key in, or better yet simply the code to the safe, or the first clue of the treasure hunt. These are a little more discrete and could easily be kept on display in the house but who really wants to solve a puzzle only to find another puzzle inside when desperate for release?

A selection of wooden puzzle games

A final word

I hope my suggestions provide you with hours of entertainment and fun whether you are the user or Keyholder. I’d like to give one final reminder that the reason each slave I play with keeps an emergency key is because things do sometimes go wrong. I take the safety of anyone I play with, privately or professionally, very seriously and kink is only fun if it’s consensual and risk aware. All the suggestions above are to be carefully considered - not every method will work for every person or living situation. Be mindful when storing the emergency key not to get overly excited because if a problematic event does arise you’ll only make that mistake once!

If using a device or lock box that comes with a standard padlock, they can be broken into for emergency purposes. There are plenty of examples on youtube of how to do this using two spanners to force open the shackles. The locking tabs and pins on standard integrated locks are quite weak so with a certain amount of effort they can be destroyed manually. There is always a risk of also damaging your device or body when attempting this, and your KH will certainly know about it! But if you are experiencing unforeseen circumstances and the primary keys are not available this could be a necessity. Other methods may not offer such assurance so always consider the worst case scenario when considering key storage.

Metal rotary padlock

The above ways can be a lot of fun and don’t have to be only for the emergency key. When a  slave has earned their release, what could be more fun than chaining them to a radiator waiting for a block of ice to melt or sending them off to dig up the local park first?!

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