Chastity Hygiene and Cleaning Guide

While the idea of permanent chastity is incredibly appealing, there are some serious health aspects to manage when it comes to chastity of any duration. As any good Mistress will tell you, cleanliness and good hygiene is top priority for a chastity slave regardless of experience.

There are a few things to consider when finding the perfect device and fitting your cage. It is important to know exactly how the style of device will affect you personally as penis size and shape varies so much - knowing yourself, your habits and your level of activity will help you select the appropriate cage and maintain a healthy cleaning schedule.

  • Sizing: Your penis should fill the cage comfortably and be in contact with all sides. The correct length cage will ensure the tip of your penis presses gently against the inside of the cage, allowing your urethra to align for easy peeing.
  • Foreskin: Whether you have a lot of foreskin or are completely circumcised will affect your choice of cage. I cannot offer one-size-fits-all advice but when trying on your cage consider whether it feels more comfortable to pull back your foreskin before fitting or not. With a more exposed head, daily cleaning will likely be more accessible but may cause irritation, discomfort and heightened sensitivity. Experiment with what feels right for you and consider the different styles of device we have available.
HoD S79 stainless steel chastity device
  • Open or closed cage? Locking your penis in a miniature safe and throwing away the key may be something of (my) fantasies, but there are serious considerations to factor in when choosing to wear an open or closed cage. An almost-entirely closed cage such as the Steel HoD S79 is excellent for complete confinement and ensuring the wearer has absolutely no access to their cock what-so-ever but also poses the potential issue of being less accessible for cleaning during wear. Of course adding a urethral tubecan aid with that and reduce the amount of urine on the inside of the cage but enclosed cages will still need to be fully removed more frequently to maintain long-term hygiene and healthy chastity. 

A slightly more open style cage such as the Steel HoD S100 offers more access for cleaning (and the ability to see your imprisoned penis) but may not be restrictive enough for those with wandering hands, or Dommes who prefer to keep you out-of-sight-out-of-mind. There will always be compromises when finding the perfect cage and I strongly recommend discussing practical needs alongside your desires with your Keyholder.

JTS S201 stainless steel chastity device
  • Exercise: How often you exercise and the physical requirements of your job or other day-to-day activities will all feature in your choice of cage and cleaning routine. If you sweat often or do a lot of physical activity you will need to remove your chastity device more frequently for cleaning than someone with a less active lifestyle. The below guide is offered to help with your chastity journey but cleaning and safety should always be personalised to your individual needs.

Every Day Hygiene

Open-style metal cages are the easiest to clean during wear whereas plastic or other enclosed cages can soon develop an odor if your cleaning regime is lacking. Urine is the most common cause of bad smell but can also cause more serious problems such as skin burns or irritation due to its acidic nature. It’s advisable to sit down to urinate whenever caged, make sure that your urethra is unobstructed by either your foreskin or the cage before you begin to pee.

If you are in the comfort of your own home, or a bathroom with shower facility use the shower head with a high pressure/direct jet to clean inside and around the cage. Use plenty of soap and rinse thoroughly. If you do not have such luxury when out and about, carry a water bottle with you - a squirty style bottle can help to rinse any urine from building up on the inside of the cage, but remember to wash fully once home.

Hand soap dispenser

Wherever you clean yourself, I recommend carrying some cotton buds and a small bottle of mild antibacterial gel to be as thorough with the cleaning process as possible. The cotton buds will help with those hard-to-reach spots and can also be used to help dry off. It’s important never to leave your cage damp as this will encourage fungal growth and could lead to other bacterial infection.

It is very important whilst wearing a chastity device to spend time cleaning and checking over the device each night before you go to bed. Most hygiene problems are caused by poor attention to detail when cleaning and/or using an incompatible device style. It is crucial to have a good air flow at all times when caged and assessing your hygiene needs should be top priority when purchasing a device.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

Shower head with water flowing from it

Depending on your lifestyle and the type of device you wear, a full removal and clean should be done at least once each week. There is no shame in removing your device for hygiene reasons, it does not impact how ‘good’ you are at being a chastity slave and you should never feel embarrassment or guilt for needing more frequent removal for health purposes. Despite what some fantasy erotica might suggest, every responsible key holder should encourage cleaning which requires the device to be fully removed at regular intervals in addition to your daily routine.

The way you clean your device will depend on the material and style. Start by removing the device and separating out all the individual parts. Do not wash the lock for any device, this section should not be touching the body and water could result in rust or other lock failure. To clean any of our devices, use soap and warm water, a cloth or cotton-bud with mild antiseptic/specific sextoy cleaner can be useful to get into more intricate sections of the cage. An autoclave is the ultimate way to sterilize steel devices but as most households do not have access to such equipment, boiling for a few minutes can help to disinfect the entire device. Please note that plastic or other materials may warp at high temperatures and boiling is only recommended occasionally for cages made entirely of steel.

Once your device is thoroughly cleaned and drying, take the time to wash yourself and trim your pubic hair. I suggest trimming your hair short but not completely shaved as new growing hairs can cause irritation, while long hair can get trapped and pulled out. It is important to clean yourself entirely to remove any build up of dead skin cells or bacteria from wearing the cage. If you are not circumcised pay particular attention to cleaning under your foreskin and make sure to rinse off all the soap and dry yourself completely.

Showering is an ideal time to check for any medical issues such as abrasions, areas of pinching or bruising - if your device is causing you problems assess whether there is a different style that may be better suited to you or if there is anything you can do to reduce these issues. Remember that urine is acidic and, if not cleaned properly every time, can lead to skin burns or irritation. How you put on your device may also contribute to small abrasions or pinching, always use lubricant and try different ways of fitting to find what works best for you. If you do have any small wounds communicate this to your keyholder and take a break from wearing your device until fully healed.

Make it exciting!

Naked man washing in a bath tub

Cleaning is a vital part of chastity but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull! Enjoy coming up with ways to make the experience fun for you both - perhaps your Domme will instruct you to keep the bathroom door open so she can watch or inspect you at any opportunity and ensure you aren’t taking liberties! Does she expect you to put on a show for her while you shower? How about filming or video calling whilst you are unlocked? For those with a more intimate dynamic maybe your Mistress could restrain you and do the scrubbing herself. Share in the comments below your favourite ways to make the cleaning process more exciting and an active part of your dynamic!

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