Goddess Serena - The Goddess of Gynarchy OnlyFans Review

You’ll know that we here at the House of Denial love our Dommes. Through our time running the website and prior to this, we’ve been lucky enough to meet a huge variety of dommes throughout the country, both professional and lifestyle. The kinky world is filled with fascinating and talented and magnificent people. And one of those people that fits firmly into Woman Crush territory for me is Goddess Serena.

As part of the work that comes with being matriarch of the House of Denial, myself and Slave D spend a lot of our time being Online People - emails, reading blogs, following people on Instagram, scrolling endlessly through Twitter. You’re reading this online so I don’t think I need to tell you just how much kinky content is out there - even outside of the “old reliable” porn sites. I’ve seen things on Twitter that have made my toes curl, it’s bloody brilliant. And it was on Twitter, the wonderful site that is both terrific and terrible in equal measures, that we came across Goddess Serena: @gynarchygoddess

If I’m to be entirely honest, Slave D came across her profile first and then sent a link to me to a tweet with a photograph of her legs, her leg-day gym routine described within the text with the caption “Gym goals?” Reader, it made my knees weak. I love a strong woman and Serena ensures that you’re aware of her strength in all its guises.

So how could we resist the opportunity to join her OnlyFans and review some of her content? Or as Slave D charmingly put it “give you the opportunity to wank yourself raw.” Fear not, he was quickly and firmly flogged for such impudence….perhaps that was his master plan, that sly submissive of mine.

Regardless. Back to OnlyFans.

We signed up initially for a month and then another and I think we’re on our third month now. And my word, have I enjoyed the content. There’s a huge wealth of content from videos to images to audio on her profile, so we picked three videos to review for you, so you get a nice flavour of what delights you’re letting yourself in for if you sign up.

A brief disclaimer before we start - Goddess Serena is aware that we are doing this review, but we paid for the OnlyFans subscription with our own money. As such our reviews are entirely our own without being influenced by external factors. If we ever undertake a sponsored review of a product, we will make this immediately clear in the post.


Video 1: Bonnie’s Deepthroat Lesson


Goddess Serena wearing latex with a strap-on and hooded slave

Goddess Serena towers over a blonde, latex-clad submissive on all fours. Slightly incongruous to the scene - latex clad beauties against a backdrop of a St Andrew’s wooden cross and a wall of artfully displayed floggers is the bubblegum sparkly pink, thick cock almost glowing in the light of the dungeon. If my eyes haven’t failed me, it looks like Goddess Serena is using one of the Adam Effulgence dildos from Godemiche attached via the cherry Aslan Leather Harness, both companies on our review lists! So keep an eye out for our thoughts on those.

I was captivated by this video for a few reasons. First of all, a sparkly dildo does it for me every time - I love something visually captivating in a video and something a bit different from the standard flesh coloured varieties of dildos. Next I enjoy a variety of content so seeing femdom content where a woman is being dominated is very pleasing to me, and I know Slave D enjoyed it too considering the awkward shifting and readjustment of his cage. Thirdly, I love a good instructional video - oh Dommes of the world, teach me your wonderful sadistic ways.

We’re treated to Goddess Serena, who has a clear and sharp cut-glass English accent, calmly but authoritatively telling Bonnie about good cock-sucking technique being key to satisfying all the men she will be asked to pleasure. Bonnie proceeds to spend the video following instruction beautifully, choking and salivating over the sparkling cock forced down her throat.

If you enjoy dirty talk, sloppy blowjobs and a good face-fucking, you can’t miss out on this video.


Video 2: My Cuckold Husband


Goddess Serena with a sissy at her feet

As we specialise in chastity, I knew we were going to review at least one of the many chastity videos that Goddess Serena has on OnlyFans. I got myself comfortable in my office (Slave D was otherwise tied up at this point, make of that what you will) and started scrolling through the overwhelming amount of content available. Queening, pegging, humiliation, human ashtrays - Goddess Serena has content for whatever your fetish is. If you’re into chastity, there’s a variety to choose from, so I selected “My Cuckold Husband” for my viewing pleasure.

And my oh my, what a pleasure it was. The context for the video is that Serena has feminised her husband and turned them into their chaste sissy wife called Jessica. Jessica’s cock is locked away because it has no use any longer in their marriage, and her days are spent fulfilling the tasks set for her as a servile member of the household. Her adorable pink cage appears in the video complete with a pink padlock - how perfect for the sissys in your life.

I have mixed feelings about cuckold videos, mostly because quite a lot of those that I watched in my early porn watching days all focused very heavily on fetishising predominantly black men. This is neither the time nor the place for a thesis on the underlying problems with reducing people to their race, their genitals or the orientation and a systemic problem society has with hypersexualising black people, so I shall leave that alone for now!

However as my years on the kink scene have gone past, and I’ve learnt more, I can’t deny that there is something undeniably powerful about the tease of a cuckold. Is it the thought of empowerment outside of the normal monogamous structures of society? Is it believing and playing into that notion of taboo - of something dirty and hot and secretive? Could it be the thought of the cuckold, in turns aroused and dismissed as part of this sexual dynamic? All those things and more, dear reader, all those and more.

Watching Serena sit and detail her evening ahead - a visit to the opera to meet her lover, the likely sexual satisfaction of the evening to come, the immediate and unwavering submissive of her husband Jessica. For a video with no “real” kink (I say this entirely in air quotes as we know that kink does not have to be physical for it to be real and brilliant and the hottest thing on earth), I was transfixed. Watching the tender and focused devotion of Jessica as they rubbed lotion onto Serena’s phenomenal legs whilst honeyed filth poured out of Serena’s mouth as she applied her make-up sent shivers throughout me. 

Remember folks, a chaste marriage doesn’t always mean an unhappy one - and watching this video reminded me just how many ways there are to have a happy relationship. Also Jessica is adorable in their pink maid’s outfit so challenging relationship ideals and cute/hot people in the video to boot - aren’t you tempted?


Video 3: Chastity Tease


Chastity cage with a Doxy wand held against it

I know we already featured a video with chastity but we’re the House of Denial and, y’know, chastity is sort of Our Thing. This is one of the shorter clips available via OnlyFans but there was just something about it (beyond the chastity) that I just couldn’t stop thinking about.

We’re giving an insight into the excruciating line of pleasure and pain that we would treat if we were in a session with Goddess Serena. She taunts and teases both chastity-locked cock and bound, whimpering submissive and how can anyone look away from such a sight?

25 days in chastity is no mean feat, so to be that pent up and teased with the power of a Doxy - well, imagine it yourself. Your skin will feel like it’s been electrified, the uncontrollable tightening of your balls as the pleasure starts to build right in your toes but the pressure of the metal bars of your cock cage prevents your erection from swelling as it wants to. The melodic laugh of the Goddess around you as you beg for release, and are denied it.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, don’t take my word alone for it. Watch and enjoy.


Bonus video 4: Scissor-Holds


Goddess Serena with a slave between her legs in a scissor-hold

Now, I know that I said at the start of this post that I was only planning to review 3 videos but this is my blog and I’m not finishing this review without mentioning Goddess Serena’s scissor-hold videos. I’ve made my feelings very clear at the start of this review regarding how I feel about strong women (in simple terms, yes please step on me, and tell me your workout routine). But beyond me just wittering on about that, the reason I wanted to highlight these videos were because they’re something different.

We have been extremely lucky to have met Dommes across the scene who all have a specialism in some area of kink - financial domination, humiliation, hard sports, chastity - but there are remarkably few Dommes that I’ve come across who market and highlight their actual physical strength (Master Lady L from Sadistic Coach being the other one that immediately comes to mind). So getting to watch videos of stunning, confident, dominant women showing off their strength gets me immediately hot under the collar.

This video is also great for 2 reasons. Firstly, part of this video is also recorded on Goddess Serena’s phone in another clip that’s been uploaded so you get a multiple view of the scissor holds. Secondly (which ties into the first), you can tell from the videos that this isn’t a faked hold. The caged submissive’s hands twitch as he tries to move in the hold. He grunts and resists tapping out during the last hold and when he does tap out, there’s a little happy huff of breath that comes from him. The sheer enjoyment caused by this little clip is so obvious that it makes me want to go wrestle Slave D right now. Now isn’t that a good idea….


So there we have it folx, 4 videos to give you a brief insight into what you get if you sign up to Goddess Serena’s OnlyFans account, which you can do here. You can also visit her website here to book a session.

Have we converted you? Have you been a fan of Goddess Serena’s for a while? Is there anyone you think we should review? Let us know via Twitter or in the comments below. 

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