My Experience of Online Keyholding During Locktober

As we all know, the past few years have seen a lot of alterations and adjustments to how we go about our usual activities due to Covid-19. Working as a Pro Domme is no exception and the past year has seen a huge shift into the world of online domination. Platforms such as Onlyfans and Manyvids have skyrocketed in popularity and everyone and their best friend believed they could make it as a famous porn star. The reality is that, while taking photos and making sexy videos to share with consumers online can be a whole lot of fun, many people realised that being a sex worker is (shock horror) actually a full time job!

As we come to the end of 2021 the world is starting to resemble some form of normality again but many habits picked up throughout the pandemic have stuck with us. Wearing a mask in public, especially if you have a cold, is a very courteous thing to do and I for one shall be maintaining the 2m distance from strangers for as long as possible! But these aren’t the only parts of lockdown life that have continued as government guidelines become more relaxed.

I’ve noticed a continuation and positive shift in the porn industry as models who once worked solely for big companies have found their own market and are able to make more executive choices about the type of content they create and how/where it is distributed. I still believe there is a place for big film companies, but it is nice to see that solo creators have been experiencing a much more empowering way of life. I too have benefitted from this shift and have enjoyed the ability to work closely with other performers and creative directors in producing the kind of ethical kink films I’d like to see more of in the world! This shift has also impacted my life as a Pro Domme; I have always been fortunate to be very selective with my clientele and only take on people whose fantasies align with my own, but I initially thought COVID regulations would put a stop to my fetish fantasy services all together.

Fortunately, I put in the research and took to the realm of online domination. I’m lucky enough to have jumped on the Onlyfans bandwagon over 4 years ago when it first began and have been building up a whole range of content throughout that time, which put me in an ideal place to stand out amongst the masses over the past year. While a lot of creators lean towards explicit sexual content creation, I decided to focus on tailoring to the fetish market, being more aligned with my own personal tastes and those of my existing fans. For years I’ve created mild fetish films but I was so pleasantly surprised to find that a growing number of my fans were either already into, or open to exploring the world of chastity, and thus began my journey into virtual keyholding.

Skip ahead to #Locktober 2021 and the perfect opportunity to explore chastity on a larger scale, with a number of slaves excited to participate. You can find my posts on Induction and Introduction and my creative writing tasks on the House of Denial blog.

Mistress Thorne holding submissive play partner

The majority of my experience with chastity up until this point has either been in professional arrangements or personal relationships. With the exception of a few long-distance intervals the majority of my keyholding has been a very in-person ordeal and considering how to still have as much fun but online has certainly been a challenge in itself. I began the first day of Locktober by setting a list of rules and expectations with everyone involved. I highlighted that, in the divine world of chastity, there is no one style that suits everyone but there are some basic principles which I expected to be adhered to throughout the month.

Lock and key page break



The goal is to partake in chastity for 31 days

Whether that meant being locked up non-stop for the whole month or wearing a cage just 10 minutes a day each day, I worked with each slave to discover something that worked for them. For example, some participants have a particularly active lifestyle, and thus I tailored the challenge to spend each night of October locked in chastity, rather than each day. 

Stay safe

Chastity can only be fun when it is also safe! I gave plenty of reminders about health and hygiene, referring my slaves to a guide I previously wrote for HoD. It is worth noting that I ensured a full removal, clean and inspection at least once per week - personally, I don’t see this as a failure during locktober but a sensible choice to make chastity safe and sustainable! 

Plan your devices

For some submissives a month locked was the longest they’d ever dreamt of, while for others it was just a small fraction of their sentence to another keyholder. Either way I encouraged them all to consider wearing a selection of devices during the month suitable to different activities. 

I gave personal recommendations, such as the Steel HoD S100 being one of my favourite metal cages, but encouraged each slave to consider their lifestyle and planned with them their device(s) individually. In the short term a cage that looks beautiful may take priority but locktober was all about commitment, and finding something comfortable (hopefully) made the journey much more enjoyable!

Set your intentions

What does chastity mean for you? Why are you partaking in Locktober and what do you hope to gain from the experience? 

Having set intentions helped keep my slaves on track throughout the month. The first task I set them was to write me a list of intentions, expectations, desires and goals. These list varied from person to person, from weight loss motivation through to experiencing submissive tendencies towards me as their keyholder.

Along with these basic rules, I also requested information on how their keys were stored (primary and emergency key) and daily proof of their commitment.

Lock and key page break

Each week I set a new task with specific rewards for each chastity slave. Week one saw my slaves scrambling to earn top points for maximum rewards, details of which can be found on the House of Denial blog. Followed by a creative writing task keeping their minds focused through week two, a full run down and guest story can also be found on the blog.

Week three was where it really started to get serious. I took great delight in praising my slaves for their dedication, whilst also mocking them with the amount of time left to go! By now the initial excitement may have started to wear off and the frustration of daily locking taking over. The temptation to just pick up the keys may have started to look like an easier way out and more desirable option than dealing with yet another day of chastity, so I came up with a variety of creative ways to switch up their key storage. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to explore some of my favourite key storage methods!

A set of chastity keys

Along with daily proof of their chastity, I now insisted on an additional (timestamped) photo of their key storage so I could check at any given time whether all keys were secure and untampered with!

Once their keys were safely secured away the real task could begin! Knowing it had been a difficult 19 days so far, I took great pleasure in allowing them to begin touching their genitals for the first time in weeks (through the strong bars of their cage of course!). I instructed them to run their hands all over their naked skin, sensually experiencing desire and imagining how it’d feel to have me in control of their pleasure. I permitted stimulation of whatever parts of skin they could reach once per day, whether between the bars of their metal prison or stroking around the edge of their belt.

Once aroused they were to set a 25 minute pleasure timer. During this period they were instructed to edge themselves with the assistance of anal penetration through the use of fingers or toys. I ordered my slaves to bring themselves as close to ecstasy as possible without going over the edge. I enjoyed knowing they were locked and full for me, knowing all their holes belonged to me and the power of their pleasure lay entirely in my hands. When the alarm rang they were to stop immediately, clean themselves up and return to their daily activities, frustrated and throbbing, their mind focused entirely on me.

A selection of colourful dildo's

After each edging session my slaves wrote up a report, summarising their emotional state. They wrote about their desire and the deepening of their submission to me, how having their keys so visible to them yet totally inaccessible enhanced their devotion and put me at the centre of their world.

Lock and key page break

By week four my slaves were begging for orgasmic release, their frustrations and arousal keeping them awake at night as they lay thinking about the power I held over them. I began this virtual keyholding service feeling as though I was providing a service to those participating but by this point in my own journey as a virtual keyholder the thrill of power had unlocked something within me and heightened my own arousal. Knowing that I had complete free will to pleasure myself or enjoy pleasure with anyone I chose, made each orgasm that little bit more intense. Feeling the dominance I had over my slaves and the value of my orgasmic pleasure being so much more important than their own provided such an intense thrill I just couldn’t get enough of.

After the success of last week's edging instructions, I decided to build on that for the final week but upping the intensity each day. To add an extra layer of sensation overload, I ordered my slaves to find a selection of household or kink implements that could be used to stimulate sensations on their skin. Some chose soft items such as a silk scarf, while others opted for a more intense experience using a piece of cold cutlery to add an element of temperature play to their session. The purpose of this task was to encourage them to feel totally present in the moment, bringing full awareness to their body.

Mistress Thorne resting her legs on a submissive foot stool

As with last week, a timer was to be used to give a clear start and end point to their edging session, I sent a selection of photos and voice clips throughout the week encouraging them to feel as though the implements chosen were being controlled by me and the sensations inflicted were all at my will. Their weekly edging calendar looked something like this:

  • Mon 25th: 20 minutes edging, no insertion, just stroking over/around your cage.
  • Tues 26th: 25 minutes edging. Anal and genital touching allowed but no penetration.
  • Wed 27th: 30 minutes edging. New implement, listening to the sound of my voice. Penetration with fingers permitted.
  • Thurs 28th: 35 minutes touching yourself all over and involving the use of any sex toys/anal plus/dildos if desired.
  • Fri 29th: 45 minutes of intensely focused stimulation. This is the longest you’ve been granted in a long time. Enjoy this but not too much! You may swap between toys and implements, penetrate yourself and watch any of my videos/pictures that you find most erotic.
  • Sat 30th: 50 long minutes. Take your time. Build up then stop. You may break this into 5 x 10 minute sessions. I want you to understand the feeling of full body desire and craving, but remember your place. 
  • Sun 31st: 1 hour. The longest by far that I've allowed any genital contact. I want your fingers in your mouth while your other hand explores your body, penetrating yourself, wishing it was me. I want you to stroke your genitals as though you were masturbating freely, but feel the coldness and restraint of metal reminding you of my power. You may break this down into 6 x 10 minute sessions if a full hour is too much but I want you entirely focused on me for this entire duration.
  • By the end of the week my slaves were desperate to return to shorter sessions, but their future sexual encounters will thank me for training their endurance. To add a final layer to this week’s task I sent a shopping list of lingerie for them to purchase and wear each day over their cage. I wanted them to feel the feminine, delicate fabrics against their skin, bringing them closer to me and how sensual I feel every day. Their lingerie was to feature in their daily photos and some slaves who did especially well were encouraged to do a home photoshoot for me, showing off their body in the sensual items of female lingerie.

    Lock and key page break

    At the beginning of the month, I’d expected my slaves to be relieved when November 1st finally came around but to my surprise not a single one of them was glad for the month to be over. I enjoy the psychology of kink and exploring how the mind is the most powerful part of any kink experience, but this month really enlightened me as to just how true this can be, even long distance via virtual methods of interaction. It has been such a pleasure to witness the journey of those locked for me, from the light hearted fun interactions at the beginning of locktober through to total devotion and submission by the end of the month, so much so that release no longer seemed like a reward.

    Mistress Thorne sat on a sofa with her arms around a submissive male.

    I hope that the lessons learnt throughout this month will stay with my slaves and as with most kink play, even when I’m being thoroughly sadistic, my intentions are (emotionally/psychologically) to leave a submissive in a better place than when they came to me.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Locktober 2021: Did you partake? Were your adventures IRL or virtual this year? What was your favourite part? Has it encouraged you to explore chastity further? Share with me your experiences and stories, either in the comments below or on twitter with us @HouseofDenial and @Mistress_Thorne.

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