Fancy Steel Movie Review: The Escape Room

Fancy Steel is a small Australian company that creates bespoke chastity devices and cinematic fetish films. The company was created as a collaboration between the founder and a steel craftsman in 2013.

In this review, we’ll be giving our honest and unbiased opinion on their film The Escape Room, which is the first standalone movie in The Escape Room series. It is available as an individual purchase on Fancy Steel for $24.99 AUD ($17/£13).

Full disclosure: The video was provided free of charge by Fancy Steel for the explicit purposes of review. This has in no way impacted our opinion of the video, which will be honest.

Content notice: This video portrays drugging and forced orgasms.

The Escape Room is a work of fetish fiction and the consent ethics presented within do not represent an authentic, real-life scenario that would be RACK-conforming. House of Denial believes in RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and does not glorify non-consensual circumstances. We value informed, enthusiastic and ongoing consent at all times. However, we are reviewing this video with the understanding that all performers in The Escape Room are willing participants over the age of eighteen who have given consent to the acts within the content according to the statement made in the opening credits.

A countdown clock showing 60 minutes.

Movie summary

The Escape Room (James Grey, October 2022) is a 22-minute short film starring Ariana Barbie (Chastity Prison Chain Gang Girls) and Graceyy Baby as prisoners and Vegan Beagle (Chastity Prison Chain Gang Girls) as their Mistress. (I have to say that’s the most amusing porn name I have encountered during 7 years of being a part of this industry!) The film especially caters to those who are into BDSM, chastity, fucking machines and the prison theme as a whole. This film falls into the action genre. 

The Escape Room is a story of two girls who are drugged and imprisoned during a twisted escape room challenge. They have one hour to figure out how to escape by completing BDSM themed games, or else they will be “eliminated” by Mistress Vegan Beagle.

Two women being shown some paperwork in front of a receptionist


Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want the plot to be spoiled, please skip to the next section.

Ariana and Graceyy are two roommates who find themselves bored out of their mind on a weekend. While Graceyy is just mindlessly scrolling on her phone, Ariana suggests going to the escape room. Graceyy is a bit hesitant because she finds them boring, however, Ariana manages to convince her to try out a new place that’s recently opened up in their town.

Upon arrival, they are greeted by Mistress Vegan Beagle and pick the hardest escape room there is. Little do they know that they’re in over their pretty little heads. As the girls look around after signing the waivers, they are engulfed in thick smoke and lose consciousness shortly after. Mistress Vegan Beagle then drags them to a prison cell. When they finally come to, that’s when the twisted game starts. They have 60 minutes to escape the small prison cell that they’re locked in. 

What adds an extra layer to the challenge is that both girls are ball gagged and cuffed. Graceyy is locked in a cage naked and on all fours, with a fucking machine conveniently being placed by the side of the cage and the dildo pointing straight at her pussy. Ariana is wearing an orange jumpsuit that exposes her big tits and a metal chastity belt. 

This escape room is definitely not an ordinary escape room, as you can tell. The girls are made to perform a variety of naughty tasks while simultaneously looking for the keys to make their escape. If they fail to escape on time, Mistress Vegan Beagle will have to eliminate them. 

Do you think Ariana and Graceyy will make a successful escape? Watch The Escape Room to find out!

Blonde haired woman signing some paperwork.

Creative elements

Most of the film takes place in a small jail cell, and it uses the space really well in its storytelling. There are some sexual props used, such as the fucking machine and the chastity belt, as well as items that are used for the tasks, such as the scale, the magnet and the phone. It always impresses me when a film takes place in a small and/or confined location. Because of this, there is no way to distract the viewer with lots of locations or people, and the story is mainly carried out by the acting and taking advantage of a few impactful props.

The music during the film is very well suited, only appearing through the most tense scenes, such as when Ariana is trying to get the keys out of the metal tube.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the shots that were taken of the prison cell before the girls came to, showing all the various things that they’ll have to use. Or get used by in Graceyy’s case with the fucking machine, wink wink.

The Escape Room successfully caters to viewers who love bondage, chastity and encouraged orgasms. On top of that, it is perfect for those viewers who like to watch something with an interesting plot that will get their hearts racing faster. It is impossible not to be invested in the story from the beginning until the very end.

A Mistress wearing a gas mask surrounded by smoke.

Alison’s Opinion

Before I fully dive into my opinion of the film, I’d like to mention that this type of porn is definitely not something I’d choose to watch on a regular day. However, I found myself quite enjoying it and empathising with the prisoners.

The first thing I’d like to mention is that the cast of The Escape Room was impeccable. Ariana Barbie and Graceyy Baby did a good job at believable and natural acting during the film. The struggles and the excitement that they portrayed in various points of the film were completely real (to me at least). From the very first second, I was drawn into the story, and my attention was successfully captured until the very end. 

One obvious error that I noticed during the film though was the mismatch of the timer with the events happening at the end of the movie. When Ariana and Graceyy were trying out keys to unlock the cell, the timer showed that they had 29 minutes and 44 seconds left. However, moments later Graceyy pointed out how they only had 10 seconds left, and then the timer showed the same. It felt like the moment where the timer showed 29 minutes was supposed to be placed elsewhere in the movie, but the editor lost his concentration for a bit and placed it near the end.

Also, at the end of the film, we were kind of left on a cliffhanger. The smoke filled the cell, Mistress Vegan Beagle appeared, and the girls were about to be eliminated. But eliminated - how? We never get to see what their punishment is, and it kind of leaves the viewer hanging. Perhaps the film should have been longer or had a second part (related to the first one) where we see the girls being whipped or spanked, or maybe teased with some electro-play devices. 

Two women in an Escape Room. One is caged and the other is gagged on the floor in an orange jumpsuit.

One thing I wished for, though, is that Mistress Vegan Beagle would have been featured more during the movie. She appeared to be such a charismatic character, but I, as a viewer, simply didn’t get enough of her.

Also, I wished that there would be more interaction between Ariana and Graceyy. Throughout the film, their relationship seems to be quite platonic, and I wished that at least one of the tasks would have made them do something naughty together. (No, the dildo fucking and sucking scene did not count!) But they would have earned some extra brownie points from me, if they included some cunnilingus. 

Alison’s Conclusion

I quite enjoyed watching this film because it captured my attention and never got boring, not even for a moment. It was a refreshing piece, in between the porn films that I would usually choose to watch.

One of my favourite scenes was when the fucking machine turned on to fuck Graceyy, and she truly appeared to be distracted and helpless while trying to still be involved in the planning of the escape. 

It was also nice to see female chastity portrayed in a film because it is not talked about nearly as much as male chastity. And the contrast between Graceyy being overstimulated and Ariana being denied was a nice touch as well.

Overall, I’d give this film a solid 8 out of 10. While there was the error with the timer and a missed opportunity of more interaction between the girls, I really enjoyed the story and the cast. And, I would definitely recommend it to you, as well as watch it again myself. Great work, Fancy Steel!

A woman wearing a female chastity belt.

Slave D’s Opinion

Before watching this, I jumped onto the Fancy Steel website and read the synopsis for the video, because clearly the title didn’t give me enough information to go on. I jest. It mentions that two girls are drugged (a little creepy, but OK) and imprisoned in a prison-themed escape room. They then have to complete kink themed challenges to escape in less than 60 minutes. Failing to do so will result in a Mistress “eliminating them.” What the fuck does that mean? I guess we’ll find out! (We never do.)

The opening statement right at the beginning of the video declares that all performers are over 18 and are consenting throughout the production. That’s a good start.

Based on the synopsis, my expectation going into the first scene was to see two girls walking down the street, a car pulling up to them and two big guys grabbing them off the street with chloroformed rags over their mouth and nose. I was quite wrong. Instead, the two young ladies discuss going to an escape room to quash their boredom. A solid plan. 

They turn up at an apparently reputable establishment (no idea who’s writing reviews for this place), request a difficult escape room and sign a consent form. Come on, ladies, read the small print! Let this be a lesson to us all. With that done, they go into a holding room and check out some kink kit (hooray for shiny toys!). The room fills with gas, the ladies pass out and are then dragged to the escape room.

Two women in an Escape Room. One is caged and gagged.

I’m not going to disclose too much about what happens in the escape room, as that’s for you to find out by watching the video, but I will talk about where my brain took me as I watched it. I generally watch chastity or kink content with myself in mind. I imagine myself in the character's position and how I’d feel in each scenario. Would I enjoy it? Would I feel safe? Is there anything that I’d want to change to enhance the experience? Let's dive into it.

Some of the predicaments are very hot. Chastity, caging (in a cage, not wearing one), bondage, ball gags and penetration all feature here. It makes for a pretty good mix and is absolutely a situation that I’d enjoy finding myself in. For the exhibitionists out there, a one way mirror (not featured in this film) on each of the walls would certainly add to the enjoyment and ramp up the pressure to perform.

The production value of The Escape Room was really good. The film was well shot and certainly doesn’t feel amateur. The majority of the 22-min run time was set in the escape room itself, and it didn’t feel too repetitive with a variety of challenges presented throughout. The performers, despite their dilemma, made me want to be in their position fighting against the clock. I like challenges!

So this video got me thinking. What about an escape room where the end goal is to find the key to my chastity cage and release myself before the timer runs out? I could earn myself a day release! Or a reward of her choosing. Wait, I’ve got to put this to Mistress K. Be right back!

A woman trying to push down on a padlocked chastity belt.

OK, she loves it! If we’re able to get this organised, I’ll write a story about it and post it on the blog. Love this! Very exciting. Instead of being drugged with gas, a pair of ear defenders or headphones playing a voice note from Mistress K and a blindfold would do the trick. Being pulled and pushed into the starting position without being able to see or hear what’s going on around me would definitely help to build excitement and anticipation.

I won’t explicitly reveal the ending, but it’s not the finale I hoped for. It leaves a lot to the imagination. I went back to the Fancy Steel website and found that The Escape Room 2 video has been released. The trailer reveals quite a lot and appears to address the issue I had with the ending on this one.

Slave D’s Conclusion

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I love taking inspiration from videos, and this one unquestionably offered a lot in that respect. Mistress K and I will likely sit down and watch it together soon and see what devious ideas can be taken from it. 

I’d rate it an 8 out of 10. The reason for not rating it higher is based purely on my own kinks and enjoyment when viewing content. It would have been great to see a male chastity version, and I really like the idea of external interaction from the Mistress in charge. I get it, it’s an escape room, which is usually a confined scenario, but the addition of something like a glory hole where the Mistress pokes a dildo through the hole and verbalises the next task would have been a lot of fun.

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