Interviewing ViolentlyCurly - Chastity Artist

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a very talented chastity artist, streamer and fellow fetish-focused sexworker known as ViolentlyCurly (she/her). I was introduced to her through mutual friends but had already seen her incredible artworks online, so I was delighted when she agreed to me asking plenty of probing questions about her art and lifestyle!

The Artist's background

My artistic interests were very nurtured growing up, so I've dabbled in drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, comics, jewellery, fabrics, photography, digital art, film and animation.

Nowadays, I mainly focus on digital art and storyboarding the comics I've had bubbling in my brain for years, with the occasional animation when I get the inspiration. I post all of my art to my website: (NSFW art censored) and my patreon (NSFW art viewable uncensored with monthly pledge), but the creation of art has been a slow yet steady pace because my time is very divided between that and my kink life, which is also my work life.

ViolentlyCurly woman as a cat

Work & Health

I wasn't always streaming and making art full time, I started in the spring of 2020. Up until then I had a wide range of painful and dissatisfying jobs; I tried to choose the most creative options I could (instrument repair, cake deco, knife making) but I have hyperextended ligaments that cause me a lot of joint pain, combined with really debilitating menstrual cramps, and I really struggled to keep up with the grind expected of you at these full time positions. Working these jobs was so hard on my body that I had no energy for making art in my down time and it started to affect my mental state. Luckily, my husband (he/him) makes enough at his current job that I was able to quit and start building a career for myself. Now that I make art and people horny for a living I'm able to take breaks when my body needs it, not only when the government says they legally have to give me one. It's been a much better arrangement and I'm much happier (and hornier) for it.

As for my sexwork, I have a NSFW livestream on Chaturbate twice a week with plans to eventually add a third less horny art focused stream to the schedule.  The stream has 3 main themes, which are also my three main kinks. Through my tip menu, my viewers can help me participate in erotic hypnosis, orgasm denial and chastity. Certain tips play sound effects which are my auditory triggers for hypnotic suggestions and all tips set off my vibrator, unless of course someone thinks I'm enjoying myself too much and they tip to pause the vibe queue and deny me that pleasure for 30 seconds.

I am currently finding my way through chastity and have in the past and plan to in the future incorporate a chastity belt lifestyle into my stream goals. In between the vibrations and triggers, I chat with my followers about the kinky lifestyle and where we can all fit into it. I have a really great time and I look forward to every stream. It's so fun to brainstorm play scenarios or fantasies, talk about our BDSM origins and laugh about the inherent goofiness that comes with kink. We all have a good time, if I do say so myself. It's also a really wonderful stepping stone for my horny art plans, because I'm building a fanbase of people who are into the same things I am into and will likely have interest in the stories I plan on creating.  

ViolentlyCurly woman in chastity from behind

Married Life & Future Goals

My husband and I met in high school art class and have been together ever since. We both have unfinished art degrees (art school is really expensive) in the same department of entertainment arts, with a focus on character animation.

We have a great love of storytelling (his: epic fantasy, mine: horny smut) and we would really like us to both be able to focus on that. As I mentioned, working full time really wears you down and making art when you are just trying to recover is often too daunting to tackle and my husband has been feeling dissatisfied with his creative/work balance as well. My hubby and I recently decided the way we can make our artistic aspirations come true for both of us is to downsize our whole lifestyle and focus on what is important to us; ourselves, our interests and our loved ones.

We are currently saving money to purchase and convert a bus into a RV and live in it full time. Without the burdens of rent/mortgage and work commutes, we will be able to support our lifestyle with my sexwork and our artistic endeavours. With the power of solar and other modern tech we plan to make this bus of ours off-grid internet ready for streaming and creating on the go. There are more details about how we came to this big life-changing decision on my website as well as links to my support page, where anyone can contribute towards this plan, be it through direct donation through my Ko-Fi page or by gifting equipment from my Throne wishlist once we are in that phase of the build.

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How/When did you first discover chastity and were you immediately intrigued or did your interest come later?

Haha, well that's actually a funny story. While I've been enthusiastically into denial for practically forever, chastity was a more difficult sell for me. Orgasm denial fetishest very often rub elbows with chastity play, so it's definitely something I've known existed, but I had never given it very much thought. Or perhaps more like, I just mentally talked myself out of it. Between my intense love of clitoral edging and the high price of good chastity equipment, I told myself it just wasn't in the cards for me and tried not to be very horny about the idea. Then I joined discord and the kink communities there and met other denial enthusiasts, who also had a heavy kink for chastity and well... it very much rubbed off on me. 

After some very corruptive conversations with my newfound friends and another round of research on nice chastity companies, I found myself composing an email to FancySteel asking about models and fits. By this time in my life, I had quit my job and started doing my Chaturbate stream regularly, so the price seemed less painful to shell out for sex toys if it would feed back into my sexwork, especially if I could get the funds crowd sourced by fans interested in my chastity. After some time, I began working with Fancy Steel and came to own their Women's Hybrid Chastity Belt; my writing for FS can be found on their website.

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Would you consider chastity to be a kink or fetish of yours? 

Now? Haha, hell yeah! During the wait for the belt to be made and mailed I wrote about my feelings of a future in chastity and my mind was a mess. I was pretty obsessed. All of my conversations would somehow cycle back to my anxious excitement for the belt to arrive. I started looking into more chastity content creators and chastity denial erotica, so I really fanned the flames for the kink while I waited.

After it arrived, there was practically no change, I was just as keyed up about chastity as before and I immediately started incorporating it into my stream goals. Collective tips would decide the length of my chastity sentence... sometimes I'd end the stream and be locked for 2 or 3 days afterwards. My horny levels were at an all time high and my fans were loving it, especially because most of my desperate whimpery thoughts get deposited into my discord server, and is also where I keep everyone up to date on my stream times and special or life events with server pings)

ViolentlyCurly woman in chastity with writing

Unfortunately, I had to discontinue use of that belt due to some anatomy problems. Chastity is a highly personal kink and even if you do research for months and months, you really won't know how your body will fit into chastity until you buckle up and give it a go. While it's still a beautiful piece that I adore (and will likely keep in case someone comes over who wants to try it on) it just doesn't play nice with my anatomy. I have long labia and a big clit with a VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) piercing as well as an ample hip, thigh and butt area. My choice to go with a low on the hip belt with the jockstrap style back wound up really digging into my squishy flesh, and the flat design of the vaginal guard is much better suited for those with more compact labia. I gave as much feedback as I could throughout my journey with this device and was very surprised to hear that they are currently working on a new design, one that features a domed guard which would entirely solve my crushed clit problems. Their Women's High Waist Chastity Belt (thong back, rear opening) will have the new guard design once it is developed. So now I find myself in the same boat of horny anticipation while I wait for them to finalize the design and launch it on their website. It's been tortuous, but well... I kinda like that, haha.

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How long have you been creating art and when did you first start producing chastity based works? 

I've been making art since I was old enough to hold a pencil, it's always been an important part of my life. Without it, I get sad. Hahaha, well, I think the chastity art is a side effect of the wait for the new belt. I’ve spent so much time idly looking at chastity websites and their instagram posts, I figured if I can't get these thoughts out of my brain, I might as well turn them into something productive. The art is straight up horny overflow lmao. 

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Have you ever created artwork based around a penis-cage style chastity/chastity for penis owners?

I actually do have one digital art piece featuring a cage that I made when I discovered some of the chastity apps that exist out there. While I'm not a part of those communities anymore, I was very inspired by the subby people there and again, horny overflow created some horny art.

In all honesty, it's not my favorite work, I was still learning how to use Procreate on my tablet at the time but it does exist. While I'm certainly not opposed to drawing more in that category, I mainly draw feminine people because reference of myself is free and as easy as looking in the mirror or snapping a selfie. That is why so many of the people I draw have small waists and big booties, I use myself as an example all the time!

ViolentlyCurly illustration woman in chastity

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Femdom themes or Queer D/s dynamics? (if not, why not?)

Oh, absolutely! I have a lot of plans for these themes, but they are mostly the more fleshed out smutty ideas I would like to turn into comics, which is a very time consuming process. Because of my own love for fantasy and nerdy shit (made much worse by my very nerdy husband) and likely, my interests in mind control fantasies, many of my comic plans are within the fantasy/sci-fi realm.

There's one idea I plan on developing about a Changeling Bard, which is a Dungeons and Dragons race that has the ability to change their appearance at will, and I intend to make this character be genderfluid, shifting shape as they please and need to when they encounter people and obstacles. I also have a firm belief that other dimensional creatures like succubi and incubi, creatures that appear to you in your dreams, would not be tied down by something as trivial as gender. They will also be genderfluid or non-binary in my stories.

I do have some plans for femdom, a specific story idea combined with medfet, orgasm denial and mind control and all the other yummy things I adore. I just need time and practice to work on them.

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What (or who) inspires you the most?

Wow, this is a big question. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and the natural world (another reason why buslife is so appealing), from artists I fell in love with as a child like Brain Froud and Susan Seddon Boulet, as well as the entertainment and animation media my husband and I feverishly consume. I also find many of my peers and role models in sexwork very inspiring, they are all so helpful and encouraging and happy for you and your journey. Spicy content creators like FaerieWillow, Imaginatrix, ChristianRed, CamDamage, SpencerSunBoy and many others have been huge role models in my life. The wholesomeness and enthusiasm of the kink community has helped me so much as well and I want my content and my stream to be just as welcoming and encouraging.

Spreading knowledge and understanding about the kink world is really important to me, I do my best to be a good example for those exploring their sexual interests. My discord server values communication and consent above all else, and I love looking in there and seeing people unapologetically finding their horny selves. It makes me really fucking happy. 

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Are your drawings from imagination, real life scenes, photographs or something else entirely?

I mainly draw from my head and use my own body as a reference when I draw people, but I also really like doing natural art and spend a lot of time gathering photo references for all the flora I often recreate. I also rely very heavily on the wonderful features and tools on offer with digital art programs, like perspective guides and color map tools.

Most of my kinky ideas come from my own edging fantasies and interacting with my community. Talking with everyone about their buttons and the most efficient ways to push them is a great way to brainstorm horny plots for my comics. Real time feedback is really wonderful, not to mention making the whole server pant with longing at my ideas totally tickles my corruption kink nicely. We have a good time in there.

ViolentlyCurly illustration woman in chastity

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What is your favourite artwork you have created and why?

Wow, another toughie. Well, I'd say it's a tie between my self portrait titled Gobstopper that I made in 2019 and the three dimensional owl I made back in college. With the owl I welded the basic frame with thin steel rods and then covered the entire thing with individually ripped pieces of paper to make up the feathers. I made the entire thing by hand and it took literal months to finish.  During my emerging artist solo show in 2014, I priced it at 2k just because I didn't want to part with it, lmao.

Gobstopper was the first creation I ever made in the program Clip Studio Paint, a literally game changing art program my artist friend ClarryDoll introduced me to. Adobe is an absurdly expensive set of programs if you are using it for digital art and CSP is available for full download with free updates for only $50 USD.  I got mine for $25 on a half off sale. I literally recommend it to EVERYONE who has any interest in digital art and especially, digitally created comics.

I had so much fun with this piece, which was originally a simple self portrait from a sketchbook in college, learning the gorgeous fluidity of the CSP brushes and finally bringing the color I had always envisioned to this old pencil sketch was really fun. I definitely have more recent pieces, but those two are quite dear to my heart.

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Do you engage in chastity regularly? What does chastity mean/look like for you (/and your partner)? 

Once I have a belt that works well with my body type, I would like to incorporate chastity into as much of my life as I can. This will of course be affected by my own personal limitations, like my joint pain and severe menstrual cycle, but outside of those things I'd like to spend as much time as I can locked up. It's a huge turn on for me, and I turn sexual drive into art making fuel all the time.  I also get really squirmy about the idea of crowdsourcing my submission, of my mental conditioning and denied frustrations and my chastity sentences all perpetuated by my enthusiastic fans who prefer me in this state. Assuming all goes well with the new chastity belt design and it proves to be long term wearable for me I intend to roll out some diabolical plans that should put me in exactly the kind of pervy pickle I fantasize about.

Some context... Last year I went a full 365 days without orgasm, my longest ever run at denial. When I finally reached my goal, I decided to celebrate my achievement with a special event stream. I called it the Curly CumShow, 2021 and I had 11 mind breaking orgasms in about 2 and half hours. (This video footage can be purchased on my Chaturbate page or my ManyVids profile) All the salacious details are in the journal I write for Fancy Steel for anyone to read, so I'll leave the description loose here.

After the show, I slept for pretty much 3 days.  The entire thing completely exhausted me, but I'm such a denied edgeslut that I was back to craving edges again within a week of regaining my freedom. When this new belt arrives and is thoroughly tested I want to do another CumShow where I say farewell to orgasms and hello to chastity. Fans will be able to trance and vibe me while I cum myself into exhaustion again, however this time the tips will accumulate and determine how long my first stream sanctioned lock up with the new belt will last.

I'm obsessed with the idea of cumming so hard I'm actually happy and grateful to be locked up.... but the lock lasts a lot longer than my gratitude and before long, I'm aching to edge myself... meanwhile, each new stream just adds on more time. I think it's absolutely hot as FUCK and it makes being patient for Fancy Steel to do their thing and develop another awesome groundbreaking design for us vulva-owning, chastity kinksters that much more difficult. I'm beyond excited.

ViolentlyCurly woman in chastity belt and stockings

As for how my chastity interests will affect my husband, I have some other kinks that chastity should inspire a lot more effort on my behalf. I find the idea of vaginal denial and anal only focus extremely hot and honestly always have. I have been gifted many butt plugs from my followers to help me along in this buttsluttery process. My husband is excited for the idea of my cunt being under lock and key, his desire to use it the only exception to my stream enforced lock up times and especially having a desperately horny toy of a wife ready and willing to let him use me anally if it means I get some kind of penetration.

I adore the idea of how my kink will meld with our #buslife goals. I'm imagining posting photos of my rigid imprisonment juxtaposed with the gorgeous natural landscapes of our adventures. A life of complete adventure and freedom, and yet... still just a teased chastity toy for everyone's enjoyment. I think taking our art and kinky life on the road will mean a lot more collaborations with other content creators, which is very exciting for me since there are so many wonderful people out there making so many wonderful things I'd love to be a part of.

I would love to incorporate some kink-friendly designs into the bus build, like a system of hard points above our bed so we could do shibari suspension photo shoots from wherever we are. I love the idea of exploring North America, meeting up with fellow kinky content creators for a collab in our bus, where any beautiful background we want is as simple as starting our house and driving there.

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Where and how can we support you and your work?

I am literally ViolentlyCurly on every site I sign up on, so anyone can find me very easily.  I also have a whole lot of links, so buckle up haha.

I am also a Lovense affiliate, so if anyone wanting to purchase one of their vibrators uses this link, I make a small commission at no extra charge to them. I usually give it right back to lovense for more toys, which I use to react to my tips in my stream.  I currently have the smallest vibrating bluetooth buttplug and the alarmingly largest (my eyes were bigger than my butthole when I made the purchase) and would love some others that fall in between so I can work up to the big one.

ViolentlyCurly woman in chastity

A huge thank you to Curly for sharing her life in great detail with us. I love to hear different perspectives and lifestyle choices of fellow chastity enthusiasts!

If you’d like to share your own thoughts you can comment below or tweet us at @Mistress_Thorne and @HouseofDenial.

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