Fancy Steel Movie Review: The Delivery 3

The Delivery 3 is one of many films made by an Australian company called Fancy Steel. They specialise in making chastity devices, BDSM toys and cinematic fetish films. Fancy Steel was created back in 2013, as a collaboration between a steel craftsman and the founder.

In this review, we’ll be giving my honest and unbiased review of The Delivery 3 which completes the trilogy of Delivery movies created at the start of 2019. It is available for purchase on the Fancy Steel website for $24.99 AUD ($16/£13).

Full disclosure: The video was provided free of charge by Fancy Steel in exchange for a review. This has in no way impacted our opinion of the video, which will be honest.

Natasha Zare typing on a laptop.

Movie summary

The Delivery 3 is a 35-minute-long final film in The Delivery film series. It stars Natasha Zare as the sadistic Mistress and Shortiii, Kelle Martina, Brittany Elway, Sylvie Rose and Ariana Barbie (The Escape Room). This film is a great pick for those who love female domination, chastity and electro play. The Delivery 3, like all Fancy Steel movies, is directed by James Grey.

The plot follows Natasha Zare in her college years when she creates a futuristic shock collar to control many slaves around the world. Little does she know that one of her former objects of experimentation, Brittany Elway, will make it her mission to sabotage Natasha’s evil plans and rescue one of the slaves involved in the project.

A phone and shock collar


Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want the plot to be spoiled, please skip to the next section.

At the start of the film, we are introduced to a college aged Natasha, who is working on programming her perfect electro collar that promises to control many slaves around the world. Her first test subject turns out to be Brittany Elway, who disturbs Natasha’s work by asking for rent. It doesn’t take long for the roles to be switched and for Brittany to end up on all fours, with a collar around her neck and Natasha’s foot on her back. Natasha clearly doesn’t like it when someone else is telling her what to do, so she easily puts Brittany in a submissive position, making her pay the remaining rent and clean the home. 

The rest of the film seems to take place a couple of years in the future when Brittany has already moved out, and two slaves, Sarah and Evie, are remotely controlled by Natasha. They’re ordered to complete a variety of exercises to keep Natasha happy, or else they risk being zapped. However, Natasha has no clue that her former roommate (coworker?) is on a mission to free the slaves from their torment.

Brittany identifies the location of everyone involved and starts by finding Evie before confronting Natasha in person. Will she succeed and get the slaves freed from their collars? That’s for you to find out!

Three women in gym clothing with a hologram of Natasha Zare in front of them.

Creative elements

The first thing that I noticed from the very beginning was how well the music is used throughout the film. It perfectly suits the actions that are happening. For example, the metal music used in the very first scene as Natasha is programming, as well as the upbeat fitness music during the workout scenes and suspenseful music when Brittany is looking for the hidden cameras.

The dark tones and the dimmed lighting throughout the film successfully create the feeling of doom and helplessness. It makes it seem like the torture of the girls is completely unescapable, and they are completely at the mercy of their Mistress Natasha.

The film also uses several creative props, such as the unique gags, electroshock collars and a chastity belt with a heavy metal plug. All seems well so far, however, the editing could have been better, and certain repetitive parts could have been removed.

A woman wearing black lingerie with a metal shock collar around her neck.

Alison’s Opinion

Once again, I’d like to start the review by saying that this is not the porn I would typically watch, and electro play is not something I’m fond of in real life either. So, perhaps, that impacts my opinion of the film quite a bit. Maybe if the electro play was just a small element in it, I’d be fine, but I found the whole plot centred around it quite boring. I have watched two of Fancy Steel films before and found that it works the best when two to four kinks are used in the film more or less equally. It adds more flavour to it.

I’m also not a huge fan of verbal humiliation which Natasha Zare did quite a lot, besides lots of electroshocking the slaves (or should I say pets?). I tend to enjoy more porn where all parties seem to be enjoying themselves, but here I only saw plain torture for the purpose of torture. Where’s the fun in that for anyone besides Natasha? To me, the constant torture scenes just ended up being repetitive and quite big turn-offs.

Now, let’s have a look at the storyline. Why did Brittany only try to save one slave instead of both? Perhaps, it was due to the distance between them, but we are never really told that, so it stays unclear. Also, is Brittany Natasha’s roommate, coworker or both? At first, we are shown them as roommates, but later on Brittany mentions how they worked together. Worked on what? And which one is it - a roommate or a coworker?

Nastasha Zare leaning over a laptop

It is also unclear who is who in the film, unless you’re already familiar with the actresses beforehand. Sure, we can tell that Natasha Zare plays the lead, but who are the rest? Sarah properly gets introduced only later on in the film, at the start being just some blue-haired girl. Surely there could have been a way for someone to mention her name sooner than that, so we’re not as confused about who the main characters are. And I still don’t know which one of the actresses plays Sarah, so…

When it comes to the cast, my suggestion is that Fancy Steel creates some kind of system like IMDb has, where we can see not only the name of the actress, but also their profile picture and all the movies she’s been cast in on a single, easy to access page. Just a thought. I did notice how some of the actresses had their socials linked, but not all of them did, so that was not a very effective way of identifying everyone.

Another thing that we are not explicitly made aware of is how much time had passed since Natasha and Brittany lived together. We only find out that the time has passed when Brittany mentions it to Evie, closer to the end of the film.

Last but not least, the dialogue at times is unnecessarily repetitive and could have been shortened in some places. This could have been done during the opening scene where Brittany repeats several times about Natasha owing her $400 and cleaning the place, as well as in one of the final scenes where Brittany and Evie confront Natasha. There was no need to say twice that ‘it’s not like much has changed around here.’ You get the point. Right?

A grimacing woman with a shock collar around her neck.

Alison’s Conclusion

Oh, boy. After watching The Escape Room and enjoying it a lot, I had high hopes for this Fancy Steel film as well. Unfortunately, The Delivery 3 let me down big time. While the acting was quite okay, I didn’t enjoy the overall storyline or the constant electroshock punishments. The torture and humiliation aspect was too much for me to get turned on or even just watch the film with pure curiosity. As I mentioned before, the torture seemed to be happening just for the torture’s sake. In a way, it reminded me of some horror films that were extra gory just for the edginess effect. 

Now, the plot holes and inconsistencies. Those could have been fixed with very few added or deleted bits. There was no need for certain repetitions, and we could have been introduced to Sarah right when she was first shown in the film instead of way later. I also wanted more clarity on who Brittany was to Natasha and why she didn’t bother to save Sarah as well. 

The film itself showed some promise, but the execution could have been way better. And, in my opinion, the ending could have been better if two scenes were switched around, and the last thing we saw would have been Sarah realising that there is no key for her chastity cage. That would have left us on a nice cliffhanger, preparing the viewer to follow Sarah closer in the next part of The Delivery series. 

A computer screen showing that a target has been located

Another thing I’d like to add is that I was definitely hoping for a happy ending (no pun intended). The Delivery 3 seemed to be leaning heavily into the hero and villain arc, and, of course, I was expecting Brittany to save and free everyone. Perhaps, dominating Natasha by chaining her to a metal pole in the basement or something. But, this is no Harry Potter, and I might have been a little delusional, thinking that the good guys (well, girls) will win. 

Overall, I’d give this film 3 out of 10. It didn’t meet my expectations at all. With the plot holes and the overload of humiliation and degradation, I found it quite a frustrating watch. We only got one cliffhanger in the whole film, and it was still poorly placed. Sorry. Fancy Steel. You can do much better, and I’ve seen the proof. This film just wasn’t to my taste, and it wasn’t your best work either. 

Two women - one wearing a latex catsuit and the other wearing a shock collar.

Slave D’s Opinion

I have to admit  that I have a huge bias going into this review. I’ve followed Natasha Zare for a while on social media and absolutely love her content. Seeing her clad in latex makes me melt every time. So writing this review is going to be a genuine struggle for me. Right, let's get this over with.

I haven’t seen The Delivery 1 or 2 so didn’t really know what to expect going into this. I headed over to the Fancy Steel website to read the synopsis, and it describes the video as “a sci-fi fiction fetish film.” Not my favourite genre, but OK, let's give this thing a go.

I’m not usually keen on spoilers with video reviews, but bear with me on this one. I have A LOT of thoughts about this video, and don’t think I’m going to resist commenting directly on some (OK it turns out this turned into many) of the scenes.

The video opens with the beautiful, talented, insatiable (OK, I’ll tone it down) Natasha coding on a laptop (please, if you’re going to show a scrolling wall of coding text on the screen, make sure that the YouTube video title and icons aren’t visible). She’s programming a remote shock collar, a device that makes an appearance in many of the Fancy Steel videos including I have a crush on you, which is where I first saw and fell completely in love with it. There’s then an altercation with her roommate/landlord/partner (no idea, this isn’t made clear) and Natasha forcefully locks the shock collar onto the other woman and shocks her into submission. The opening scene ends with the collared woman crawling out of the room.

Now onto the opening credits. The delivery man removes a box from a car and enters a building. The man walks up some stairs carrying the box, then walks down some stairs carrying the same box (is he lost?!). He enters an elevator, exits the elevator, walks down a hallway and leaves the box outside a door. Then he leaves via the same hallway without knocking. The whole time, the lid of the box appears to be slightly open. The most believable and relatable aspect of this whole scene is that the delivery guy doesn’t knock on the door when it’s left on the floor outside. Sigh.

Three women wearing gym clothes with their bums in the air.

OK, we’re now thrust into an 80s workout video, complete with accompanying music to get us in the mood. The moment the music kicked in, my mind transported me to this video with a splash of Eric Prydz’s Call on me. I digress. Three lovely bums wiggle (mental note: get your arse to the gym) towards the camera until we’re abruptly interrupted by the sound of a shock collar zapping one of the women.

“Dude, what the fuck is that on your neck?” unintentionally (or not) made me laugh as one of the women asked the collared woman about…you know, the huge metal collar that’s obviously locked around her neck. How did it get there? “My friend Nikki put it on me.” Of course. “I have a Mistress,” she says. OK, that’ll work.

I was wondering where the sci-fi aspect would come into play, and with the introduction of the captivating Natasha in holographic form we get our first glimpse of it as she orders her collared submissive to follow her instructions. We’re then thrown into another scene where she does the same with a new girl. The two scenes blend together, and we discover that multiple women are being controlled by Natasha in different locations. Interesting! The plot thickens.

We’re then reintroduced to the first woman who Natasha collared, the relationship to her still unknown. She ditched the blouse and skirt and opted for a slinky black latex catsuit and corset instead. Why not? Treat yourself! It’s a powerful look. I dig it. A notification pings on her laptop, and we find out that she’s tracking Natasha. Target acquired, along with the locations of a number of women that Natasha appears to have under her control. 

I’ll do my best to keep the next bit brief (and fail miserably). The latex “hero” of our story visits one of the collared women, and they go in search of Natasha to put an end to this. 

Ohhhh! So that’s why the delivery guy didn’t knock on the door earlier! One of the women is woken up by Natasha using a tablet next to her bed, and she’s told to go and retrieve the box from outside her door. I see the setup now. WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!?!?! Not a head this time, fortunately (Please tell me you got this reference. If not, shame on you), but a shiny metal chastity belt. She’s ordered to put it on by the holographic Natasha that appears above her bed (Anywhere I can order one of those?) With the chastity belt securely locked in place, it then zaps her. Fun!

Woman wearing a metal shock chastity belt.

Off we go again. This time we’re back with our latex clad hero and the collared lady she found before. They let themselves into Natasha’s lair (apparently the same location as the first scene), and we finally find out who the latex clad lady is. She mentions that she used to work with Natasha. Doing what? No clue. The scene then just, well, ends. 

We’re back with the woman now locked in the electric shock chastity belt. A countdown timer appears on a little LCD screen on the belt. Find the key “across town” and release yourself before the timer ends. Go! And she does! Running then crawling outdoors on her way to find the key following a clue that was left in her mailbox.

The big showdown commences! Latex lady and collared sidekick (I’m turning this into a superhero film, hope you don’t mind) now confront Natasha. Big mistake. She pulls out a gun, and we go from one to two collared toys for our mean antagonist to play with. And she does. Our latex lady ends up with a ball gag in her mouth, a metal tray hanging from her collar at waist height collecting the drool from her gag, her wrists fastened behind her back and a chastity belt locked securely in place. Our sidekick has her wrists cuffed and a service gag muzzle over her mouth with an extension arm and a flat platform. Natasha places an ashtray on the platform, lights a cigarette and teases them a little.

News flash! We interrupt this review to check in with the woman wearing the countdown electric shock belt (imagining myself in the local news helicopter with a spotlight tracking her movements). She’s crawling to the location that she thinks the key is located at. She’s pleading for someone to help. That’s your update. More on this developing news story later (probably).

Natasha Zare pouring water into a glass sat on a platform attached to a gagged woman.

Right, back to Natasha. This time she has our sidekick on her knees. Instead of the ashtray on the metal plate she puts a wine glass on it and fills it up with water. Spill it and there will be consequences. Can you guess what happens? Can you guess the punishment? I’ll leave that one there.

Final scene. We do find out what happens to shock chastity belt woman. Am I going to tell you? I am not.

Slave D’s Conclusion

After really enjoying The Escape Room from Fancy Steel, I had high hopes going into The Delivery 3. Watching it for the first time, I thought it was a hot mess. At the end of the first viewing I had to look up sci-fi to see if my memory of the definition was off after all these years. “Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction, which typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology” is the Wiki definition. Am I missing something here? Are they calling it sci-fi purely because of the holograms? 

The concept is good and having not seen the previous videos in the series, I don’t know how this built off the originals. Wait, back in a moment.

OK, so I’ve just watched the trailers for parts 1 and 2. “My friend Nikki put this on me,” is starting to make more sense now. Nikki is the collared woman in the first two parts. Part two particularly looks really hot as the trailer includes Nikki using the mouth trainer, a stainless steel head harness that, well, trains your mouth. Go and check it out as it looks like a lot of fun.

A disparing woman with colourful hair wearing a shock collar leaning on metal gates.

Cards on the table. After the first viewing I was going to be really critical of this video, but after the second watch, my position has softened a little. There’s a plot with a good amount of potential, but the execution is, frankly, a little poor. Yes, I like a plot in my porn, and this could have been refined to make a pretty interesting story. I’m all for a badass bitch clad in latex with a redemption arch, but that was handled clumsily. With a few tweaks here and there, it could have been much more impactful.

I’m no actor and hesitate in criticising the performers, so I won’t. I think some of the scenes were enjoyable, while others weren’t. Seeing Natasha as the devious antagonist was great (kissing ass here, I know), and I can absolutely see her evil empire of controlling fem subs around the country and eventually the world giving her great enjoyment. Why stop there? If you can find a place for a collared and caged male sub, I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I suspect Mistress K won’t be so keen.

Maybe this is a Mass Effect scenario (gamer geeks, assemble!) where, spoiler alert, the first two parts are spectacular, and the third instalment lets it down. Would I spend my own money on this? Probably not. Instead, I’d go for The Escape Room, I Have a Crush on You, or have a look at the other videos Fancy Steel has produced and see what piques your interest. I do like the look of The Delivery 2, so that could be added to my watch list for the future.

If I’m pushed to offer a score, I’d give it a 3 out of 10. Sorry, it just wasn’t for me. With a few adjustments to the script and some better editing (some sections could have been cut down to make it a little less turgid at times) I’m in no doubt this could have scored higher. Real shame, but there are better videos out there that I’d opt for over this one.

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