Mistress Eva 3 Day Beginners Chastity Training Course Review

As part of my job here at House of Denial I regularly peruse social media to see what new chastity related content is posted. It’s absolutely for work purposes and is in no way perving. OK, just a little. FINE! A lot! Until recently Mistress K and I have admired the content that many of the fabulous prodommes out there produce, but we haven’t purchased anything from them. Recently that changed as we thought it only right to give back to the community that has done so much for us both.

A few months ago I noticed that the alluring and jaw droppingly beautiful dominant Mistress Eva had created and was offering an online 3 day chastity course for beginners via her website youwillpleaseme.com. Now, I’m not a beginner to chastity, but I thought it would potentially be a fantastic resource to direct newcomers to in order to learn about this wonderful kink in video format rather than the numerous articles on our blog (subtle plug there).

Mistress K and I have long discussed creating a number of videos to post on YouTube to help beginners learn about how to enjoy chastity and, more importantly, how to do it safely. Unfortunately we haven’t had the time (or video editing skills) to do this, so I pay particular attention to anything like this that becomes available. This course, I thought, was exactly what we were looking for.

I’ll come right out and say it. This video course is not what you’re looking for if you want to learn about chastity, how to choose the right cage for you, what the best method is for putting your cage on or how to deal with night time erections during your first few nights locked in a cock cage.

I’m as guilty as many of you, our dear readers, for not reading a product description before hitting the buy button. I’m sure we’ve all done it at least once in our lives and regretted it when the product you’ve ordered is delivered. As soon as I read the title of the course I got a preconceived idea of what I was expecting (more hoping for) and this wasn’t what we got. Is this to say that what we did see was a waste of time and money? No.

What you actually get is a video series that gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a chastity slave at the feet of Mistress Eva. You’re given a series of instructions, tasks and quizzes to find out more about yourself and what you experienced after the 3 day course.

With the permission of Mistress K I did the 3 day chastity course using a Holy Trainer v3 chastity cage. Here’s how I got on and my thoughts on the video course.

Day 1

Mistress Eva sat above you on a chair

I must start by saying that Mistress Eva is a stunningly beautiful, mesmerising Goddess of a woman. Throughout the course I hung on to her every word and instruction. The upward angle of the camera gives you the feeling that you’re kneeling at Mistress Eva’s feet serving her as a submissive slave. A dream come true for many of you I’m sure and a place I felt very comfortable. I don’t often find myself seeking out POV (point of view) porn when I watch it but after watching this video course I’m more inclined to do so.

After a brief introduction and setting out a number of daily tasks that you’ll complete we move onto a series of questions regarding your masturbation habits and what you think about when doing it. Writing down the answers really made me think about the reasons I masturbate, how often and what I could achieve in chastity without this distraction.

Once the survey was completed I quickly, under instruction from Mistress Eva, found myself naked on my knees with my chastity cage, ring and sliding lock with the key laid out in front of me on the floor. It was time to lock up my cock. Or, as Mistress Eva reminds us during the video, it’s Her cock you’ll be locking away.

Within a few minutes Her cock was locked away in the Holy Trainer V3 chastity cage.

I have a few issues with this section of the course. The course is advertised as a beginners chastity training course. Unfortunately there were no instructions as to how to put the cage on, where to get one (buy one from us!) or anything that will warn you about the first night sleeping in the cock cage. If you’ve not slept in a chastity cage before and didn’t have any pre warning that you’ll likely be woken up numerous time with night time erections (or attempt to get erect with the cage preventing it, which will lead to you waking up) it will come as quite a shock. This is perfectly normal and with patience the erections will subside. It would have been useful to include this information in the video.

In the next section of the video Mistress Eva orders you to take a picture of your caged cock and post it on Twitter along with the tag @youwillpleaseme. Instead, I sent a picture to Mistress K via Whatsapp.

Before you’re given the day 1 task to complete Mistress Eva guides us through a number of morning and evening rituals that we’ll complete for Her as part of the course. These include a verbal pledge that you’ll make as a sign of devotion to Her.

Now that we know what I’ll need to do morning and night on each day of the course I moved on to my task of the day. Here we found another stumbling block. 

As part of the task you’re required to go online and read some content produced by Mistress Eva. In the video it mentions that links are available on the chastity training page on her website. We purchased the training course on a different website (official seller, not pirated) and there are no links present there to follow. There is however a link to a page on her website. Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall, and after paying for the video course I didn’t want to throw in a monthly subscription to her website too for now.

Instead I spent some time scrolling through her social media accounts and read some articles that she’d linked to. I also listened to a podcast that she co-hosted. Not quite what Mistress Eva had instructed me to do but I did what I could to complete the task.

Day 2

Looking up at the bottom of Mistress Eva's high heel with her sat on a chair

As instructed, I woke up after a broken night of sleep due to my night time erections and did my morning rituals. My day certainly didn’t get any easier after the video for day 2 started.

What followed was a very teasing 2 ½ minute video with Mistress Eva’s sultry and alluring voice teasing me. The video flicks between different angles showing off her clothed body, which certainly provoked a reaction from Her caged cock. It flicked, twitched and tried its best to get hard, but with the caged locked firmly shut around it that didn’t happen. Instead, I felt a tingling pain between my legs that teased my mind and body.

Throughout the day I watched the video a few times and it drew a physical reaction every time. I even listened to it once naked and kneeling on the floor with my eyes closed. Much like the ASMR videos that have become so popular on YouTube, this divine goddess had me pent up and my heart racing at the thought of Her stood over me and talking directly to me. It was tease and denial at its finest as, when I opened my eyes, there was only Her caged cock keeping me company.

If you couldn’t tell, I enjoyed day 2 very much.

The day ended with my night time daily ritual after a warm shower to make sure I was clean and presentable. Mistress Eva wasn’t here with me, but I wanted to do everything I could to please Her in Her absence. She had cast a spell on me and I was eager to please.

Day 3

Looking up at Mistress Eva sat on a chair wearing sheer clothing

Night 2 was actually a little easier (to my surprise) as I only woke up twice in the night to calm my night time erections. It did take a little longer for them to subside, so it balanced out from the previous night. 

After getting out of bed, stripping out of my pyjamas and performing my morning ritual I was ready for the video for day 3.

My task for day 3 was to send a picture of Her locked cock to Mistress Eva via Twitter. Again, instead, I sent it to Mistress K. A simple task, but one that reaffirmed that I had no control over my own cock. For the third day in a row, it was locked and owned by Mistress Eva. To really get into the course I thought (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing) that I could have just created a throwaway Twitter account to get more involved. Alas, I didn’t, but the messages of approval from Mistress K went some way to enhancing the experience.

With my night time ritual completed I was ready for my final night in chastity for Mistress Eva. Next up, my release.


The final day was upon me. With my morning ritual completed, I knelt naked on the floor with my laptop placed above my eye line (as instructed) on the bed so I got a true sense of kneeling before Her. I prepared myself for my release and there was an unexpected surprise!

I was instructed to send a final picture via Twitter to Mistress Eva. Again, I messaged it to Mistress K.

Mistress Eva then encourages you to reflect on the last few days in chastity for Her and what it might be like to be in chastity for longer periods of time. A delightful and teasing thought which got my heart racing once more before she allowed me to unlock the cage and release Her cock.

After a quick cock wash (please, it’s essential that after a few days locked that you give yourself a good clean before doing anything else) Mistress Eva encourages you to pull up your favourite picture of Her before masturbating. I’m a huge fan of latex and have a number of favourites with our starring goddess clad in some truly stunning latex outfits, so I picked out the picture below.

I picked this picture because it’s also taken from a slightly upward angle. As I looked at it I felt that I was kneeling on the ground looking at this stunning dominatrix with Her now free cock in my hand. I was doing all of this for Her.

Mistress Eva in latex lingerie and high heels sat on a sofa

Credit: @youwillpleaseME

Thinking solely about being a chastity slave to Mistress Eva I masturbated and orgasmed. Having a release like that after 3 whole days including some tormenting tease was mind blowing and made the wait all the more worthwhile.

Before the course was over there were a few final things to complete.

Aftercare and Quiz

The final video is a quiz where Mistress Eva asks you a few questions that will help for you to reflect on the previous 3 days and how it benefited you. I wrote the questions out on a piece of paper and answered them all later in the day. I then sat down with Mistress K and we discussed my answers.

I’m not a beginner to chastity, so many of the questions I had already discussed with my keyholder before, but for someone new to chastity it would have given me a few things to reflect upon.


Overall I enjoyed the 3 day beginners course to chastity and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of chastity before and would like to feel the benefits. Having a keyholder and sessioning with them is by far my preferred choice, but I completely understand (for a variety of reasons) that’s not possible for some people. Maybe you want to dip your toe into the water before taking the plunge of booking a prodomme to experience chastity in a more hands on way. If so, I’d recommend giving this course a go.

The obvious omission for me with this course (as mentioned earlier) is the lack of information regarding the purchase and use of a chastity device. As a beginner, this information is essential. We provide plenty of information on this site via our chastity device user guide and in our blog articles, which you can read here. We’ve also written a number of chastity stories, which would be fun to read while you’re locked up if you like a little teasing.

I do want to mention before I end this that we paid for the chastity video course for beginners ourselves and have not been paid by Mistress Eva to review it. All opinions are our own and we did reach out to Mistress Eva with some constructive feedback on the course. All opinions were taken very gracefully and we hope any contributions that we’ve made will benefit you all in the future.

If you’d like to obtain the 3 day beginners chastity course for yourself you can read more about it here.

MARCH 2021 UPDATE - There used to be an option to buy this course as a one off payment, but it looks like you now have to sign up for Mistress Eva's website before you can access it.

If you’ve taken the course before or would like to recommend other chastity video courses for us to check out please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to give them a go.

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