GI Collection Lingerie Review

Personally, I love to be naked or wear latex during a play session. Being naked makes me feel very vulnerable and puts me in a deep submissive mindset, while latex feels amazing on my skin and gets me in the right mood for some kinky fun.

Mistress K is quite different. Don’t get me wrong, she also likes to have me knelt naked at her feet or clad in a latex outfit, but she much prefers when I’m dressed in panties, stockings, suspenders and a pair of high heels. I’ve spoken with her on many occasions about this. It’s nothing to do with sissification, which I initially (and wrongly) suspected. Instead, it comes down to aesthetics and her desire to see men in lingerie.

For a few years we’ve been lingerie shopping together to pick out what she wants me to wear during our next play session. Most of the time she selected a small lace thong or some frilly panties to match a beautiful 6 strap high waisted suspender belt we picked up some time ago. A pair of black seamed stockings and a pair of black high heeled shoes completed the look. On a few occasions she’d also ask me to put on a cute bra depending on her mood or what the play session might involve. Sometimes a body harness would be a more practical choice.

The issue is, and this will shock you to read, women’s underwear isn’t designed to be worn by men. Huge revelation I know, and particularly difficult when Mistress has Her cock locked up in a chastity cage between my legs. Most of the time the cage would fall out of the side of the lingerie and ruin the image that Mistress K had in mind. This presented a small problem that we tolerated and got around with extra spankings for my failure to control Her cock.

A few weeks ago Mistress K read about a lingerie company, GI (Get it) Collection. Started by Carmen Liu, the company produces their garments for pre-op transwomen. This piqued Her interest and we decided to buy some in the hope that it might solve our “flashing” issue.

We encountered one issue immediately. Together we checked my sizing based on the handy size guide that can be found on each product page. We established that I needed a medium size panty and 36AA bra. Unfortunately the selection of medium size panties was a little limited due to their available stock at the time, but luckily they’d just released a new collection that did have some in a medium. Mistress K selected a satin panty called the ‘Girl Flower’ classy black thong (£20) in poisoned petal colour and a ‘Girls first’ black lace bralette (£26), which is perfectly suited to my boy chest. The total cost was £45.99 plus £4.60 for next day delivery postage, though orders over £50 get free postage in the UK.

The order arrived within 2 days as we ordered after their postage deadline for next day delivery, which is their standard service. The box it came in was plain and the contents were kept private. The lingerie was perfectly wrapped in tissue paper and it was a delight when we opened it together. I was immediately ordered to put it on along with my black suspender belt, a pair of black seamed stockings and black high heels. Mistress K left our bedroom while I got changed so that she could continue with some work in Her office. I was instructed to send Her a text message once I was dressed so that she could come down and inspect me.

Rear of GI collection poisoned petal thing and black lace bralette

I started with the thong. I’ve worn thongs before, but this was something else. The feeling as it slipped up between my arse cheeks was thrilling and it fit perfectly. I added the suspender belt and stockings over the top. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and felt incredible.

Next up was the bralette, which took some time to get on as I’m not used to putting on a bra without assistance. The clasps were challenging, but I managed it in the end with the help of a mirror. Again, the fit was perfect and I didn’t need to adjust the straps much before it sat comfortably. To finish the look I added a pair of black Pleaser Adore 709 7 inch high heels with a 2 ½ inch platform (a review of these will be coming soon).

Looking at myself in the mirror was an eye opening experience. I never had fantasies of wearing lingerie and did it only for Mistress K as that’s what she likes, but seeing myself dressed up for her on this occasion filled me with confidence and, dare I say it, feel quite sexy. The thong made my ass look incredible (fuck it, I’ll say it as I saw it) and the bralette was a nice touch to complete the look.

I messaged “Ready Mistress” to Mistress K on my phone and I quickly heard footsteps coming downstairs before she flung the door to our bedroom open. I’ll cherish the look on Her face for a lifetime. The beaming smile that suddenly appeared on Her face after a few moments of shock were so precious and very infectious as I couldn’t stop smiling for a good few minutes. She walked across our carpeted bedroom, lifted the suspender belt a little and examined the panties. Her caged cock sat comfortably in the underwear and didn’t move at all. A huge success!

“Turn around” she ordered. I spun around, bent over a set of drawers in our bedroom and presented my ass for inspection. The little squeal that escaped Her mouth sent tingles down my spine.

“Holy shit they make your ass look amazing!”

“Right?!” I couldn’t help it. I was taking every compliment I could get and LOVING IT!

We had an impromptu play session that night. I was ordered to continue wearing the lingerie underneath my clothes (minus the high heels) as I went to do a quick food shop after work, which also felt exhilarating. The garments were very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time and sleeping in them that night (again, I was ordered to do so by Mistress K) was no issue at all.

Price wise they were more expensive than most of the lingerie I’d worn before, but the quality difference was clear and we both agree that they’re well worth the price. Add to that they allow me to wear a chastity cage without any concern of Her cock falling out the sides. This is exactly the reason we wanted to try them and they performed (and continue to perform) brilliantly. Plus, my ass looks great in, so there’s that.

House slave wearing a GI collection thong, bralette and a leather harness


If you’re looking for a pair of panties and, if desired, a matching bra or bralette that can accommodate a chastity cage we highly recommend checking out the selection offered by GI Collection. If they don’t have your size available or in stock it’s worth messaging them to see when it might be available. I’ve checked back onto the site a few times since we placed our order and they do add new stock regularly, so it’s always worth checking back in the event your size isn’t immediately available.

Being a male that enjoys being locked in a chastity cage and having his keyholder control my orgasms the lingerie that the GI collection offer is a must. The extra room in the front of the panty will accommodate a chastity device and let it sit snugly between your legs. I’d also highly recommend wearing the panties at night as they did help to control night time erection pain. Don’t get me wrong, the pain didn’t go away entirely, but it did help compared to a standard pair of boxer shorts.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that we placed our order with GI collection ourselves and didn’t receive any samples to write this review. All opinions are our own and we haven’t been paid to write this. We believe in supporting small businesses and sex workers and encourage you to do the same.

If you’ve ordered from the GI collection and want to tell us about your experience, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you about your purchase or if you have any recommendations for similar stores that should be promoted.

Check out the GI Collection website here (now called Carmen Liu Lingerie) if you’re looking to buy fantastic quality lingerie to wear along with a chastity cage.

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