Locked-Up In Lockdown - Chastity and Kink During The Pandemic

The last 12 months have been anything but normal. With many of us forced to work from home or furloughed, resulting in endless hours of time to kill, there have been no shortage of challenges to overcome. This is generally where our hobbies and interests save the day, and for many of our customers that involves kink and/or male chastity in some way. Easy as that, job done. We just fill the time enjoying the things we love the most and all of the monotony and boredom will melt away. As many of you have found out (ourselves included) it hasn’t been quite that simple.

A few months into the pandemic I read that sales on sex toys were booming, which correlates with our own experience. Compared to the prior 12 months we’ve seen demand increase 75% and there appears to be no downturn so far. Will this change once widespread immunisations have been administered and the lockdowns end? Only time will tell, but with so many new customers purchasing a chastity device we wanted to know why now and if boredom was the only motivation for taking an interest in locking your cock.

In order to research for this article I posted a tweet on our Twitter account asking if any of our customers and followers would like to send us their stories and reasons for locking up during the pandemic. Some very generous people replied and I’ll share those stories with you later.

Before I delve into the reasons why people wanted to get physically involved in chastity and some of their stories I want to discuss my own experience as a keyholder during this time and that of slave D, my submissive partner.

Our Kinky Voyage Through The Pandemic

In discussing the lockdown as it commenced in March 2020 many of our friends hinted that we were very well set up to deal with it. We both work from home and have done for a number of years, so what would really change for us? As it turned out, significantly more than we anticipated.

If, like us, you worked from home utilising an office space or run your business selling products before the lockdowns started like we do, you may well have been in a more advantageous position in terms of having a working set up already in place. Having a chair and desk to work at seems basic, but we didn’t all need one before. One of our friends daily found himself hunched over his laptop, which was sat on a low coffee table, perched on the edge of his sofa. This went on for months before a more optimal solution was found. I don’t know if his back has fully recovered.

We had the set up, we had stock to sell and we had a means of getting it to our customers. So what challenges did we actually face when it came to enjoying kink?

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Work and Kink - Finding a balance

We own and run a business that’s intertwined with one of our favourite kinks; chastity. It’s not only something that’s involved in our play sessions, but a part of our daily life at times. There are individual expectations that come into consideration. As the dominant partner in our relationship I still need to be considerate of the expectations put on me by my submissive and vice versa.

We’re very open with each other and communication is one of the most important facets of our relationship. However, at times throughout the lockdowns this has broken down on occasion. We’re not perfect and we don’t claim to be. Things get on top of us, be it our general work load, taking responsibility for tasks around the house or something as minor as what we’re going to watch on Netflix that evening. I could quite easily order my submissive to do everything I can’t be bothered to do, but in my opinion that’s just not fair, particularly when it pertains to our business. I might be dominant in the bedroom and other aspects of our life, but we’re also a couple with interests non-kink related. Abusing your power can have catastrophic consequences.

When your work is tied so closely to your hobbies and/or interests the line can become blurred. I started writing an article about this a year ago and never published it. It was a cathartic experience and helped me to put into words all of the issues and emotions that come with mixing work with pleasure. Maybe I’ll publish it one day, but if not I’d encourage you to do the same if you find yourself in the same position.

So how did we overcome it? Setting clear boundaries and communicating. We’ve tried full time FLR and it didn’t work for us as we like to share responsibility, including decision making, between us. If slave D craves a play session then we talk about it and arrange one if it works for us both. The same applies in return.

Equally, if he’s not in the right mindset to wear a chastity cage for me I don’t force him to. It might come as a shock to some, but chastity isn’t necessarily for everyone all the time. If I’m not able to deliver on my role as his keyholder (in the way we personally define it) it can lead to some resentment, which over time can form into a very toxic issue. To minimise the chance of that we talk openly and air any concerns. This has helped us considerably over the last year.

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Losing the option to attend events

Slave D is particularly interested in the psychology of kink, which is one of the many reasons we enjoy attending fetish events. Along with the visual stimulus and physical pleasure that can be had at these events, it’s up there as one of the top reasons we like to go. It gives us the opportunity to meet numerous people with a wide array of their own personal kinks and desires. We love to hear why people enjoy a certain kink and how it’s shaped them as a person.

Once nationwide then localised lockdowns came into force our ability to travel and attend events was eliminated. Being surrounded by motivated and influential people can be really infectious and breeds encouragement, inspiration and creativity. Losing that can put you in a slump, which without an external catalyst can be very difficult to get out of. If anything, it can get worse. We certainly found that to be the case.

Masquerade Kink Event

Going away for a long weekend to attend a kink event was a great excuse for us to let our hair down and enjoy some filth for a few days at least. That then generally carried over to the weeks that followed, but over time you get back into a set routine, which can kill that creativity.

So how did we solve this conundrum? There are plenty of resources out there that can be used to inspire you. Granted, they’re not the same as seeing people in the flesh, but we made do with what we had access to. That included reading blogs, novels and erotic stories, engaging on social media, watching videos and listening to podcasts. There are some excellent sites like the Kink Academy where you can watch tutorials for all skill levels on a massive range of topics.

We watched some kinky porn together, which has certainly sparked intrigue in certain kinks for us before including our introduction to male chastity. Slave D wrote some new erotica, which provided him with an outlet to delve into his devious mind and cultivate a few new scenarios for us to explore. We’re people who like having a goal or a target to work towards, so thinking up enticing things for us to experiment with post lockdown gave him a constructive way to channel his ideas.

Did any of this help? To some extent, but we still miss our friends on the kink scene and can’t wait to be back at events seeing them. As a coping mechanism, keeping busy and planning things for the future gave us hope, and we continue to cling on to that until the time is right to venture back out again.

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Your environment

Living in a kink friendly environment affords us the luxury of enjoying our kinks in private in a safe space, but not everyone is as fortunate as us in this respect. You might live with your parents or other people who don’t know about your penchant for kink. Living at home with kids in the house can also be incredibly challenging. One of our contributing authors discusses this later.

Do you get very animated and loud during play? If yes, worrying about what your neighbours might think and being concerned that the police might knock on the door to check everything is OK could be a fear. This is a very valid consideration.

What if your kink involves the use of equipment or furniture that you don’t have access to at home? Well kitted dungeons provide this, but not being able to access them will heavily restrict any opportunity you get to enjoy your kink. It could be that you like rope suspension but don’t have a load bearing point to suspend from or rigger to safely tie you.

One of the most obvious and significant changes has been not having access to other people. Chastity tease and denial can in some capacity be conducted over the phone, through email or on a video call, but there’s nothing quite like having your Master or Mistress coaxing a physical reaction out of you when they whisper filthy words in your ear while squeezing your bulging balls tightly in their fingers.

Seeing as we’ve had each other in our home and the luxury of a good amount of space to play in this was so much an issue for us, but we’re absolutely aware that isn’t the case for many of you. We consider ourselves very lucky in this and don’t take it for granted.

A lounge space in a flat

One thing I do want to mention here before moving on is sex workers and the dungeon spaces they run. Bear with me as this is important.

Many of the best dungeons across the country (and the world for that matter) are run independently by sex workers or groups of sex workers as a collective. Their income has been hit very hard (as has been the case for many of you out there) and this directly impacts the viability for them to continue to fund and run these dungeon spaces. The kink scene as a whole will be worse off if these play spaces disappear. A number of spaces have closed already during the pandemic including Studio Avalon in Berlin and Hoxton Dungeon in London.

Many have asked, and I’m going to add my voice to this call out. If you’d like to see these venues survive and thrive after the pandemic please reach out to the sex workers who run them and support them in any way you can. This could be buying their clips, tip them or subscribe to their Only Fans account. If you can’t afford to do that, help them promote their content and engage with their social media accounts. It all helps.

Having these well equipped safe spaces available to play in after the pandemic will allow us all to get out of the environments we’ve been cooped up in for the last year and enjoy playing in another with friends, play partners or professionals. Failure to act now will result in their closures. Please don’t let that happen.

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Distance from your keyholder

This could also fall under your environment, but I wanted to make a special mention of this as I’m aware so many of our customers have keyholders who don’t live in the same home as they do.

We get countless emails asking if I offer chastity keyholding, which I don’t. There’s a very good reason for this. I just don’t have the time to provide the type of service you deserve. I’m the keyholder to my submissive, who I live with, and that’s it. When he’s locked in chastity I wear the key on me at all times and mercilessly tease him to the point of his balls bursting. I love it, and he does too. Having your keyholder at home makes life much easier for us, but what happens if your keyholder lives miles away, or they’re located in a different country?

The Cellmate could have been the answer to all our prayers, but it proved through our experience not to be the case. More on that later. Instead we reverted back to the ball trap cages we all know and love then became reliant on the postal service or couriers if you wanted to post the key to your keyholder. This became a big problem as postal services worldwide struggled to cope with the increasing demand for their services. The lead up to Christmas was particularly problematic. If you wanted to send your key near the end of the year there was a good chance it wouldn’t be delivered until after Christmas.

Mistress Thorne holding a chastity key

We’re in regular contact with a number of pro-dommes located worldwide and they’ve mentioned the large number of clients who attend sessions with them to be locked or unlocked from chastity. These professionals offer a full time keyholding service that includes daily tasks. These could still be completed by their clients, but the in-person sessions that they took so much pleasure in having were gone.

One positive that did come out of this time (well, depending on how you look at it. I don’t presume some sex workers appreciate the influx of new faces into an industry where there was already a lot of competition) was the large increase in professionals starting to offer online services. There are now more Masters and Mistresses offering online keyholding and the volume of chastity related content has increased as more people joined, for example, Only Fans as a way to earn money after losing their jobs during the pandemic.

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Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia

Another two that could come under environment, but again they deserve mentioning separately. These are two disorders that I’m in no doubt some people will have developed during lockdown, even in a mild way.

What I don’t intend to do is undermine these very serious conditions, but to make some form of point when it comes to the cause and effect of being locked down in your home (essential outdoor travel aside) for months at a time.

Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of confined spaces and is something that I’m sure some have experienced during the last year. We’re lucky to have numerous spaces in our house to maintain some personal space. We each work in our own office through the day and spend time together in the evening, but if you live in a smaller home you might not have that luxury.

If you share a house or flat with others it can get quite claustrophobic after a while (trust us, we’ve been there) and you quickly crave the option to go outside to relieve some tension. Seeing friends, going on holiday or going to work breaks up that time together and having that taken away from you can become mentally and physically taxing.

Someone sat in the dark looking out a window

For us this hasn’t been so much of an issue, but for others we know it’s definitely become one. Going outside for a walk or a quick trip to the supermarket don’t cut it. Relationships and friendships become strained. According to a BBC report I read recently break-ups and divorces have increased worldwide during lockdown. Why is that? I’m no expert, but from my experience it’s typically a breakdown in communication. Stress plays a factor and with many, including those in the healthcare sector on the front line, dealing with huge amounts of pressure it’s no surprise that life at home can become incredibly challenging.

So what happens after the majority get vaccinated and are then able to return to some form of normality? Will life really go back to normal? New routines have been formed and breaking out of newly formed habits will be a true test for many.

Agoraphobia isn’t, as I believed, exclusively the fear of open spaces. It’s actually a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn’t be available if things go wrong. I’ll keep this kink related, so my question now becomes what will happen after over a year of not going out to see people at events having not experienced it for so long? Some of you will have found that being at home is actually pretty great and you don’t feel a desire to venture out as much. Could this impact on your social life and long term relationships? Maybe, though that surely comes down to the company that you keep.

My point is this. Some of you will be desperate to get out of the house again once lockdown is lifted. For the record, that includes us. You’ll miss your kinky friends and will be chomping at the bit (some literally) to go out and (consensually) do filthy things to each other. Spare a thought though that some might have been mentally impacted by isolation. There might be a transitional period where people need to edge their way back out. Be supportive and reach out regularly to anyone who is living on their own. No person will be left behind!

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Motivation, or a lack thereof

I left my biggest one for last. This is without question the biggest issue that I’ve personally faced over the last year, though much more so at the start of 2021. The new year was due to bring us hope, but instead I slumped. Before I explain that, let's go back to the start of the first lockdown.

It didn’t start too badly. Many thought everything might be back to normal by the summer and Christmas wasn’t a concern at all. How very wrong we were.

Person wearing a face mask with their head on a desk

As I mentioned earlier, we noticed an instant increase in demand as bored individuals and couples looked for a way to spice up their relationship, try a kink they’d been interested in for a while but never got round to trying it or discovering chastity for the first time. Who knows, with PornHub offering free premium accounts to anyone in lockdown the poor souls who wanked themselves raw after 3 days might have been looking for a solution to curb or end their new found habit. All of this meant we had plenty of motivation to get out of bed in the morning and maintain a working schedule.

So what have I got to complain about? Where did it all go wrong?

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The Cellmate Fiasco

In March 2020 we started selling the Cellmate chastity device, which in theory came at exactly the right time for anyone with a keyholder at distance. If you don’t live with your chastity keyholder you have the ability to be locked in your cage and have them control you from anywhere in the world using a phone app. Brilliant! Or so we thought.


Cellmate chastity cage

Unfortunately the idea was fantastic, but the execution was a disaster. We put a lot of time and effort into offering quick and helpful customer service with customers who had bought one from us and even those who purchased elsewhere, but the manufacturers fell short when it came to make the app secure for all users. We tried in vain behind the scenes to offer help and feedback, but the apparent fixes came far too late. We lost faith in them and have subsequently stopped selling the device, so we’re back to ball lock devices.

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Motivation - continued

What was the point of mentioning that you may be asking? Well, what happens when you work really hard on something then someone comes along and kicks you (metaphorically or physically) square in the balls? OK, maybe I’m talking to the wrong crowd here, but I hope you’ll get my point. It can be crushing, much in the same way as rejection can be. We worked very hard on a project and, through no lack of trying, it all came crashing down. Chalk that one up as a learning experience.

The summer months were much easier. The long nights and record breaking temperatures made it that much easier to get out the door and go for a walk, but after taking the same routes over and over again things began to get monotonous. Minimising the distance from home that we walked in order to conform with government guidelines became restrictive and dull. Slave D comfortably exercises whilst wearing his cage, so that wasn’t a problem. Our imagination was.

We stopped going out and this resulted in some weight gain for us both. Did we care? Nope, not one bit. We’re very comfortable around each other, so we didn’t have any vanity concerns that we might have if we were going out and seeing other people. With so many stunning individuals on the kink scene it’s hard not to get a little self conscience sometimes, but removing that element from the equation killed our motivation to eat well and look after ourselves.

Slave D has used chastity to help him lose weight before (having me control his orgasms and only allowing him to have one once he’d hit targets is a pretty damn good motivator), as did one of our contributors (his story can be found later), but even the risk of losing his ability to have an orgasm didn’t gee him up. He just came to accept it, which defeats the point entirely.

The summer ended and the short, cold winter nights crept in. We made the decision not to travel to see our families over Christmas, so we spent it at home together instead. It was lovely, but we not so secretly knew that it wasn’t what either of us wanted. We adore our families and, like many of you, we wanted to spend it with them. Another hammer blow, but it was our decision and we stuck by it.

2020 ended and 2021 began. Optimism was in the air. A vaccine had been developed and was being administered in the largest vaccination programme in British history. I locked slave D in a new cage and we had some kinky fun to welcome in the new year. So why were we feeling so unmotivated? And what did we do to turn the tide and get back to winning ways?

I think an accumulation of everything that had happened in the previous 9 months got to us. The fun was over and, despite the end being in sight, we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We still had work to do and nights on the sofa trawling through endless screens of films and TV shows and failing to come to an amicable decision on what to watch on Netflix got irritating. Something had to change.

Tattooed female weighlifter

Three things sparked us into life. Firstly, we had to break the cycle and inject some dynamism into our relationship. If the tried and tested solutions weren’t working we needed to find something new.

We played some new chastity games based on a tweet we’d seen at the back end of the summer. Freeze a selection of keys in an ice tray and allow the cage wearer to pick one each day. Only one of the keys will open the cage and if he doesn’t find it after 7 days the tray gets refreshed. This gave us something new to try and if he found the key he was allowed a release and orgasm. I failed to mention that the orgasm would exclusively come from pegging and anal stimulation, but he didn’t seem to mind and definitely didn’t voice any complaints. It’s quite difficult to when you have a ball gag strapped firmly in place.

Throwing some form of randomness into your life is a great way to keep you on your toes. We wrote down a lot of different kinks, tasks and punishments on pieces of paper then threw them all into an empty fish bowl. Alternatively you could write a list of six things down daily and roll a dice. Some were things we enjoy regularly, others were new things that we’ve wanted to try for a while and never got round to it. Once a day we pulled one out and did whatever was written on the paper. It was quite exhilarating not knowing what was next and it breathed some new life back into our evenings.

The final one will seem obvious, but it needed to happen. We started exercising again. Wrapping up warm and going for walks or doing some weights in the house. It got us back into better eating habits and the extra energy we lacked before led to more vigorous and rewarding play sessions.

We’re well aware that the motivation or lack of for many will be caused by different things. For some it’s a result of financial concerns, having an absence of purpose, depression or loneliness dragging you down. If you can’t cope and need help, please seek it out. There are some excellent services provided both publicly and privately, so if it’s all getting or got too much for you we’d strongly encourage you to find help.

Chastity has at times been a very powerful motivator for both myself and slave D. I take great pleasure in having the power of controlling his orgasms and the benefits are considerable. It’s no surprise that he’s even more keen to please me when I dangle the key to his cage in front of him. Self locking takes discipline and commitment, but the rewards of this can be equally satisfying. If you haven’t tried chastity before there’s no time like the present. Join the thousands we’ve sent cages to during lockdown and experience a fetish like no other.

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Story time

If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading me waffle on. It’s now time to pass the story telling onto some of our wonderful customers, Twitter followers and a professional dominatrix who would like to tell you about their own locked-up in lockdown experiences as a chastity wearer or keyholder.

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My first experience of chastity was in lockdown

Author - @dubbya18

So I've been thinking about chastity since I was about 16-17 and have always had a thing for it, just never the time. During lock down I’ve had more free time and found myself looking into chastity a lot more, so I bought one to get my first experience and see what it’s really like.

Initially I locked myself for about 2 months then had to release myself. I couldn’t take the tease anymore! I’ve bought a few more cages just to see the different fits and which one I preferred.

My boyfriend is my key holder. We live in the same house but he hides the key so I can’t find it and he has given it to his friend before, which is so hot to me. He has no idea what they are for!

I have very limited opportunities to unlock and when I get caught I have to do some CBT. As a punishment I get pegged with large dildos.

I work an hour away from home, so it’s not like I can let it out quick or find the keys easily with him in the house when I get home. We were going to uncage me one night but we couldn’t find the key so I remained locked for a few more days. After finding it after a few days of looking he released me for a good cleaning and I was then locked for 100 days!

Now I’ve got a new chastity cage that fits better and is more comfortable to wear for a very long time. We froze the key into a large ice brick and the spare...well,  I’m not sure. You’ll have to ask him!

Since my first time in chastity I have loved every moment of it. The frustration has got the better of me on only one occasion so far. I’m horny all the time and with no way of touching myself or letting myself out that feeling gets more intense every day. It feels amazing and I don’t ever want to be out of chastity.

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Locked-up with the kids at home

Author - @bereft_sub

My experience of being locked during lockdown has certainly been more intense than normal. My Wife, @Mistress_MJ, is my Mistress and keyholder. Having young children requires us to be extra careful as we don't want them to know of our extra-curricular lifestyle.

For safety reasons my Wife doesn't require me to be locked at all times like when I’m cycling, certain times at work or when there is a chance the children would find out. At all other times I'm locked.

At the start of lockdown March 2020 being in chastity became a whole lot more intense. Working from home meant I was now locked full time and because we could not get away for our weekends of play or ship the kids off to the grandparents for the weekend, any kind of release was limited. Early morning cycling was the only time I was unlocked for my 1 hour a day of exercise. At all other times I was locked and I was beginning to feel it, mentally and physically.

My Wife's 40th birthday was approaching and lock down eased allowing a few friends to join us for a small gathering at home - birthday celebrations usually meant a weekend away for some kinky fun. This year was different. Whilst having friends around was going to be nice, I was not guaranteed any release from chastity.

Asking Mistress if she had any specific requests for her birthday, apart from the usual response of a surprise, she jokingly said 'you in a smaller cage'. My heart sank as I was already in a HoD S107. Following some research I presented a few options to Mistress and I was then instructed to order a HoD S111 in preparation for her birthday. It arrived promptly. Wow, this is smaller I thought! The smaller, neater and keyless bolt on cage was exactly what Mistress wanted, and Mistress had a surprise in store for her birthday amusement.

We have talked alot about missing our nights away for kinky play and we have talked about new play session ideas. Having only managed a few nights of pleasure that involved some intense play we are certainly missing our nights away where we can indulge in our secret life of Mistress and submissive…..

Being locked pretty much full time has now become normal. Do I like it? Yes! I love being owned. What I miss is the nights away where we can indulge in the kinky pleasure that we hide from our family and friends.

Intrigued to learn more, I sent him a few follow up questions, which he very kindly answered below.

Q: Did your inability to have kinky fun at home and not being able to get away lead to any resentment from yourself or your Mistress towards your kids?

A: Definitely not, our kids and family time always comes before our kinky play time, that’s agreed.

Q: Did you not being able to get away put any strain on your relationship?

A: I dare say our relationship is even stronger as a result of the lockdown. Because we are such an active family we knew we would have to put extra effort into staying positive. We haven’t been as active as we usually would.

We dedicated a lot of time to practising positive mental attitude and following Tony Robbins, who is a very good influencer. We both run our own businesses therefore we appreciated that we would have to stay positive to ensure our staff remained positive. Using these skills learnt from Tony not only do we keep each other motivated when we have off days but my business has grown, partially as a result of lockdown, but also the extra focus on ensuring resilience and my Mistress’s has implemented a number of significant changes in preparation for re-opening.

He also wanted to add the following:

Whilst we haven’t been able to get away for weekends, my Mistress does occasionally set me small challenges to complete requiring me to find somewhere quiet, usually in my workshop or whilst in the bathroom,  purely for her pleasure and amusement. Once the challenge is completed I have to send her photographs to prove completion. This has kept things exciting and has been a continuous demonstration of her Dominance.

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The keyholder perspective

A few days later I received a message from @Mistress_MJ, who wanted to tell her side. So without further ado, here it is:

“From a wife and mother’s point of view, for me having to close my business was very challenging, not financially but mentally. I’m usually such an active person and being in lockdown and having to homeschool made things very challenging. Not being able to interact with other people on a daily basis was also a real challenge. My business is in sports rehabilitation and I own a salon and spa. I was getting contacted daily from clients wanting treatment, which I frustratingly had to respond with a no.

We generally grew closer as a family despite the challenges of homeschooling and ensured we all remained focused and positive. We sat down together more for meals with my husband working from home and he was supportive with homeschooling. I won’t lie, the last month has been a really challenging time as we are all fed up, but the end is in sight.

As a Mistress leading a female lead relationship I took the opportunity having time on my hands to read and learn as much as I can about understanding submission and relationships - I’ll tell you about my best friend Helen later. I wanted to understand what drives people to be submissive, what they get from it and why they need it. From what I read my husband fits the model perfectly; a highly stressed business owner looking to relinquish responsibility.

When he first mentioned chastity, to be honest I was disturbed. Why the hell would he want that? I now know and appreciate what it can do for him and of course having learnt the benefits, lock him up regularly.

As with all our play time, safety comes first. Having him locked permanently isn’t an option; he’s an adrenaline junkie and work sometimes doesn’t allow him to be locked safely at all times. Therefore, when he was forced to work from home I could see his stress levels rising; he likes to be in control of his business by leading and delivering - full time chastity seemed to be the perfect opportunity to help his stress and give me full control.

Generally he was locked in a Holy Trainer and I had a smaller metal cage for play time. Was it time to put a smaller metal cage on him as much as possible? Yes it was!

Having him locked full time did excite me and I did use it to my advantage, but not as much as I would like because being locked at home and not having any time to play was frustrating. Basically I cannot wait to get a night alone to use some of what I have learnt.”

I reminded her that she’d mentioned Helen earlier, to which she replied:

“Helen is my very good friend, but hasn’t had much luck with men. She works outdoors with horses so doesn’t have much time for men. We’ve spoken about relationships lots in the past and as we entered lockdown last year she split with her boyfriend. As you can imagine a lot of time was spent on the phone with her as I wanted to support her.

She asked me how I made my relationship work so well with us both having our own business, family, sports, etc and I jokingly said lock him up not thinking anything of it. She very quickly said ‘what in chastity?’ I had to come clean.

Helen is the only person that knows of our FLR and, as you can imagine, after many questions and a few drinks Helen now knows everything. Whilst my husband knew I told Helen I don’t think he knows how much I told her until my birthday mid August.

Our conversation strayed away from chastity for a while onto a topic I’m now going to cover in a different post. To bring it back I asked if there was anything else she wanted to add that was chastity related.

“We strongly believe in prostate health and regular releases; be that ruined orgasms, forced or milked, in and out of chastity. I make sure this happens with simple weekly tasks to complete given we cannot session as we normally would.”

Names and some identifying details have been changed.

Lock page break

My Mistress is my keyholder and I couldn’t see her

Author - @Andrew5333

Firstly thanks to @houseofdenial for addressing a very important subject. The biggest issue with long term chastity is not only physical, but emotional and mental too. Add that to the well documented impact lockdown has had on many people's mental health and it's not surprising combining the two is a significant challenge.

Secondly (although She knows She's never second!), thank you to my owner and keyholder @kihimamarijane for giving me permission to contribute.

I'm pretty used to chastity now having been locked for most of the nearly 3 years since I officially became Goddess's bitch. However, lockdown has seen me enter uncharted water. Previously the longest I had been kept locked for was 8 months. Goddess locked me this time in December 2019. She said it was going to be a long one so I always suspected a year was on the cards although She never gives me time scales as She always likes to keep me guessing.

The timing was just before She went away to Brazil because She knows the first 2-3 weeks are the most difficult and it increases her enjoyment of Her holiday if She knows I'm really suffering.

We live 150 miles apart and usually see each other reasonably regularly, and often for 2-3 days at a time. Since COVID hit that hasn't been possible.

The first lockdown was fine for me. The weather was lovely, I was able to get out and walk miles every day, and would usually talk at length to Goddess daily. The chastity was actually quite comforting because for me it was something familiar and normal amidst all the chaos.

Goddess actually sent me one of the keys as She was concerned that if I contracted the virus and was hospitalised She was too far away to release me. Normally She would never part with a key or consider unlocking me unless I was at death's door!

Stainless steel chastity cage with a property tag attached

In December we hit the 1 year mark, which was pretty amazing. It became quite daunting however when yet another lockdown was implemented and I realised the likelihood of seeing Her in the foreseeable future had gone. I wasn't ever assuming I was going to be unlocked, it was more the cumulative feeling of frustration (with the restrictions) and isolation. Much the same as millions of others.

The second key is now back where it belongs by the way, on Her ankle!

The hardest period for me has been the last couple of months, and as such this blog is very timely. It's not the chastity per se. I love being kept locked. I love being kept locked and denied by Her. The stricter and crueler She is, the more I adore Her. Suffering is a key part of chastity (sorry for the awful pun).

The issue I think is that given the frustration and annoyance with everything else going on, the feelings of isolation and boredom, the long term denial takes on a whole different level. I like to think I'm a pretty strong individual mentally but this has really pushed my limits. The emotional toll has at times been huge and I have experienced some massive lows.

Hopefully I've managed to deal with it all though and will continue to. I haven't resorted to begging for release - not that it would do any good - and don't intend to! I remain very much happily locked and owned!

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Chastity for Charity - The Locked Master

Author - @alphaboysuk

Lockdown has been an interesting experience for us all. It put a hold on our lives and for a lot of us we were looking for something to fill the social gap. The kink community on Twitter pulled together and Zooms were popping up all over the place. It was great to speak to other like-minded people, share our stories, fantasies for post COVID life and general chat - a bit of normality really.

Chastity came up in conversation and of course everyone knows that I (Sir) hold the key to my submissive ‘boi’ (and partner) who’s been locked since November 2019 in a range of the House of Denial devices. At this point in time the Cell Mate was new to the market. It was the latest trend and everyone wanted to try it out. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one.

The conversation soon took a turn and before I knew it the group were talking about doing a Chastity for Charity fundraiser using the CellMate Device but with a twist. Rather than the submissive being locked… a Master would be!

All for a good cause, The Trussell Trust Foodbank, I volunteered my services. Within a few days the donation page had been set-up, the Cell Mate configured and we went live with the challenge.

We began on the 25th April and the sensation for someone who had only previously self-locked before was crazy – although I thought it would be easy for a couple of weeks.  Little did I know what was going to happen next…

The control of the CellMate was passed between other doms involved in the challenge. Challenges and tasks were set, timers were applied when rules weren’t followed and donations came flooding from the Twitter community.

We set out to raise £500. 50p of each donation added an hour to our lock-up time and for every £12 we added a day.  In total we raised £740.00 for the charity, which led to a total of 62 days locked in the chastity Cell Mate with multiple different keyholders.

As any locked individual should, we had weekly supervised cleans and once cleaned the cage went straight back on. With the days going by, between completing the tasks set by the designated key holder each week, my release date came round and on 26th June 2020 I unlocked!

Doing Chastity for Charity was an experience I won’t forget in a hurry - sure it caused some interrupted sleeps, major frustrations and the horniness of not being able to do anything about it is unexplainable.

It was a great experience and who knows this Master may be locked away again some day, if our followers get their own way!

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Chastity and Weight Loss

Author - Anonymous

Like most people, I gained some weight at the start of the pandemic. I was already heavily overweight to begin with. When walking up a hill and becoming out of breath for 5+ minutes after stopping, I decided I needed to lose weight urgently. I have very little self-control when it comes to food, though, and initial attempts to reduce junk food intake were not going well. That's when a friend suggested I use chastity to motivate my weight loss.

The idea was that I would remain locked up until I reached a weight loss goal. Then, I get unlocked for a short while and get locked up again until the next target. 7lbs/3.2kg was chosen as my target, which has turned out to be a pretty good value/amount of time.

I have managed to lose my pandemic weight and much more so far. I'm down by more than 3 stone/19kg, and it has helped me with the shortness of breath I was having with walking. I'm still not down to my ideal weight though, so I'm still going. It's been a lot slower lately due to work stress, but I'm not stopping until I hit my goal, now.

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Lockdown with Professional Dominatrix Adreena Angela

Author - @AdreenaMistress

Mistress Adreena Angela

Back in March 2020 when lockdown was enforced, I had to close my studio, and overnight I lost all my real time sessions. I’ve never been keen on online domination- I find it’s hard to carry through the same energy and authenticity, and many kinks simply do not translate, so I wasn’t sure how I would continue to interact and engage with my submissives whilst they weren’t able to visit me at the studio.

Aside from jerk off instruction, there isn’t much that translates well from real time into online, and aside from maintaining my clipstores and fansites, much of the work I was doing dwindled. But the one kink I’ve managed to maintain throughout an entire year of being locked indoors was chastity training.

Chastity is something that has always worked well remotely, even before lockdown changed how we had to interact and play. The distance, the denial, the longing- it was always the point.

Whilst I previously have preferred to be present for the locking, it’s still something I can guide remotely and technology can help you make it an interactive and intimate experience, despite the distance.

When my submissives are locked, I like to tease them and keep them frustrated with regular interactions in the form of chat, videos and photos. I’ve always loved to feel the weight of a chastity cage in my hand and to be able to look them in the eye when I feel their swollen balls. But a little denial never hurt anybody, and I utilised the distance and lack of contact to make their experience of chastity that bit more… frustrating. So I discovered over time that as a general rule, lock down made chastity more of a fun experience. For me, at least.

This past year, I definitely saw a fairly significant increase in men wanting to explore chastity. My regulars wanted a way to still feel submissive to me, and prove their submission. Other men took advantage of working from home to try locking for the first time without worrying about having office life impact, or being accidentally outed in the work toilets. Others just wanted something to distract themselves- a way to keep life interesting when there were little other ways to play. I even had some subs who had served me regularly but never expressed an interest in chastity decide to dip their toes for the first time, which for me was an unexpected positive. Whatever their motivation, lock down meant more keys around my neck.

For the most part, the pandemic didn’t affect the experience of chastity for me or my subs. Whilst my submissives are caged 24/7 they aren’t able to be with me all of that time, so a good portion of it is done alone, with my guidance, encouragement and support. I was already using technology to keep in touch with them as they navigated their paths before we were kept apart by law. But I have struggled with them unlocking without me there to guide it and assist in their release and I’m sure it made it less pleasurable for them, too. I tend to authorise via a video these days, or, ideally, unlock together in a video call. It’s the next best thing.

I know the one aspect my locked subs struggle with is not being able to have real time sessions whilst they are caged, to encourage or tease them- and to not be with me for their release. I hope that they still enjoy it, but without my presence it must feel somewhat… anticlimactic. I look forward to a time when normal play can resume and I can be the one to slip the key into the lock after a month in a cage. But until then, I consider one of the few positives of the past year to be the increased number of men taking the time to submit themselves to me through chastity.

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