Chastity Prison Season 3 Part 3: It's a Man's World Review

This film is made by a small Australian company called Fancy Steel. They make bespoke chastity devices, BDSM toys and cinematic fetish films. The company was created back in 2013, as a collaboration between the founder and a steel craftsman.

In this review, I’ll be giving my honest and unbiased review on It’s a man’s world  - the third episode in "Chastity Prison" series - season 3. You can purchase the entire season on Fancy Steel for $49.99 AUD ($33/£26).

Full disclosure: The video was provided free of charge by Fancy Steel, and we have chosen to review it. This has in no way impacted our opinions of the video, which will be honest.

Movie summary

It’s a man’s world is a 10 minute long episode from “Chastity Prison 3” series. It stars Chester Long as the male inmate and Miss Bee as the leader of female guards, as well as Mistress Venus, Miss Lolita and Fluffy Clouds. This episode is perfect for those who love female domination, chastity belts, bondage, electro play, discipline and much more. It’s a man’s world is directed by James Grey.

The plot of the series follows a group of girls and their male side-kick who get caught for petty crimes and serve various sexy punishments. In the episode 3, Chester Long has been involved in an illegal affair and finds himself vulnerable to the warden and her guards.

Male chastity slave lying on his side


Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want the plot to be spoiled, please skip to the next section.

At the start of the episode, Chester Long is on his tippy toes, with his arms above his head and attached to the ceiling with handcuffs. He is struggling to free himself when the mistresses enter the basement. Miss Bee zaps his ass with a prod a couple of times while verbally humiliating him. When that’s done, all the wardens start spanking Chester. He grunts and twists around, but still remains as helpless as he was at the very start.

Moments later, Miss Bee introduces a metal chastity belt to the inmate and inserts a little, spikey add on into the cage. That way Chester won’t be able to get too aroused without feeling the pain from the spikes. Miss Bee secure’s Chester’s dick into the chastity device and checks the fit. After that, she proceeds with the spanking.

In the next scene, Chester is made to take a few mugshots and get a tattoo on his neck before he is left in his jail cell. He struggles with the uncomfortable chastity belt, but there is no way to get it off without the key. At that moment, we’re given a flashback of Chester fucking some girl before they get caught by her boyfriend. She profusely apologises to the boyfriend while Chester puts on his underwear.

A man and a woman having sex on a table

Suddenly, the flashback is over and Chester is awakened by one of the mistresses and made to face the wall. She puts on a metal training collar on him, and the whole group of wardens gather to watch the beginning of Chester’s training. After doing a quick test of the collar, Miss Bee orders Chester to get on all fours. She activates the ‘pet mode’ on her phone. If he tries to get up, and doesn’t get back on all fours in 8 seconds, he will get zapped again.

Miss Bee leaves him in the cell while the other wardens stand outside and make fun of Chester. Unable to ignore it, he gets up and faces them, only to get back down soon after. The scene ends with Chester being zapped every 30 seconds.

Creative elements

The first thing I noticed from the start was the suspenseful music that successfully built up the tension. It definitely set the mood and made my heart race faster as I followed Chester’s punishment. There have also been plenty of fun props used, such as the handcuffs, the electrical prod, a chastity belt and the  shock collar. While chastity played a massive part in this film, it was also heavily geared towards those interested in electro play and, of course, female domination. I’m sure that it’s a huge fantasy for many men to be dominated by a group of hot women.

Three dominatrixes next to each other

The acting in the film was generally very good and believable. However, the flashback scene seemed kind of rushed and not thought through as well. Chester stopped fucking the girl before the boyfriend even started shouting at them, which caused a moment of confusion in me. I felt like that moment was ill-timed. If I could do it differently, I’d probably show the boyfriend to the viewer instead of just making him shout, and would do it while Chester is still fucking the girl. 

During the episode, there were three different locations used which definitely made the story more interesting. That, in combination with catering to several different kinks, made the episode really fascinating and enjoyable.

I also quite liked the greyish tones and dimmed lighting used in most of the episode which really created the feeling of hopelessness for the inmate. 

Fancy Steel male chastity belt closeup

Alison’s Opinion

To begin with, I’d like to give some praise to Chester Long for his good acting. While everyone was very involved as well, he was the star of the show and his reactions and acting definitely stood out to me. Well, minus the flashback scene which I’ve mentioned earlier. That one could have definitely been expanded more and timed better.

Of course, Miss Bee also did a good job, and I especially liked the scene where she was disciplining Chester with the shock collar. I just wish that this scene would have been longer and wouldn't have been cut off so abruptly.

While the story was quite captivating and the acting was really good, it felt like the makers of the movie either ran out of patience, budget or both and decided to stop right there. I really would have appreciated some kind of conclusion or an interesting cliffhanger that ties into the next episode, but I didn’t get either. Oh well.

Mistress and a collared male submissive

Alison’s Conclusion

While this episode has a quite interesting premise, I feel like it never really reached its full potential. Ten minutes didn’t seem enough to fully tell the story they were trying to tell. I would have given it 15 to 20 minutes for a better result. 

On the upside - the sight of Chester Long in a chastity belt was quite a mesmerising one. His groans and the slight way he tried to escape the punishment… Perfect.

Overall, I would give this episode a 6 out of 10. Why so harsh? Well, while I liked the story and the overall acting, It’s a man’s world was missing a lot. The story started out well and promising enough, but the ending just stuck out to me like a cut off limb. There should have been more of a conclusion or a nice cliffhanger to keep the viewer hooked.

Would I recommend it? I’m not sure. If you like the themes of electro play, female domination and chastity, it is an okay watch. But I probably wouldn’t watch it again. Sorry, Fancy Steel. You didn’t fulfil my expectations this time, and I know that you can do way better.

Collared male slave on all fours in front of a mistress

Slave D’s Opinion

Oh Chester, you lucky bastard! Who wouldn’t want to be toyed with and teased by a group of eager dominants? Part 3 of the Chastity Prison 3 series opens with our leading man cuffed with his arms above his head, standing stark bollock naked in front of 3 intimidating women. I like it!

OK, so the use of a cattle prod that clearly doesn’t zap the struggling prisoner in the first scene is a bit of a mood killer, but I soon got over it when, after a little spanking to warm his tight tush, one of the dommes pulls out a chastity belt. Hooray for locked cocks! Before locking him tightly into his new shiny chastity belt, the head domme puts a spiked plate inside the tube on his belt. Get hard, and you’ll get a nasty reminder that we’re in control. Very hot.

I have to break away for a second here and mention something. The chastity belt that they lock Chester into has a thick wire up his rear end. Every time I see one of these belts, I can’t help but ask the same question; how does he poop?! Does it just cut it in half when he releases? Sorry, I had to put it out there. Back to the action.

After a little struggling while being held firmly by one of the prison guards (dominants) Chester is securely locked into his new belt with a chunky padlock holding everything in place. Some more spanking precedes his intake into the prison. The guards take his picture before he finds himself inside his cell. 

Electro shock collar app on the phone

A flashback to the crime! Looks like naughty Chester had sex with someone's partner. There’s no time for Chester to dwell on his crime, as one of the guards arrives carrying the Fancy Steel advanced shock collar (beautiful product placement). It’s quickly locked around his neck and a padlock attached to keep it in place. The warden instructs him to get on his knees and stay there. If he stands up for too long, he gets zapped. I really enjoyed watching this training method.

The training collar setting then changes from pet mode to a set timer where he gets zapped every 30 seconds. Hearing the countdown beeps every second would be psychological torture and a great tool for corrective punishment.

That’s where the scene ends. I was going to be critical of this as there doesn’t seem to be a nice conclusion, but this is only 1 part of 4.

Slave D’s Conclusion

Restraints, chastity and corrective punishments. What’s not to love? Being taken “captive” by a group of dominant women, forced into chastity, then being used for their entertainment while in confinement? It ticks all the boxes for me.

Yes, there’s a lack of believability with the cattle prod, but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this video. The actors all did a good job, and I could definitely see myself “enjoying” being in place of Chester in this.

My only real complaint is that I didn’t get a more definitive ending. I’d have liked something to give me an indication as to what Chester was in store for next. Even implying what could be coming next would have been a good addition.

I’ll rate this a 6.5 out of 10. I enjoyed many of the included elements but would have liked a more teasing conclusion.

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