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Chastity Games: How I Lost Weight Wearing My Chastity Device

Since the start of February 2017 Mistress K and I have been hitting the gym hard to get ourselves in better shape. We cut back on our food intake by controlling our portion sizes and eating cleaner, maintain a 3 day a week gym regiment and trying to walk more. We've both lost weight and feel much better for it. Honestly, it's been quite easy, and there's a very good reason for that. For every 2 lbs. of weight I lose Mistress K releases me from my chastity cage and lets me orgasm.

I'm a very incentive driven person and when we incorporate my kink into the mix it becomes that much more exciting for me. Not only that, but Mistress K also gets a very willing and dedicated submissive that will be in better shape and have more endurance than before we started. Play sessions have been longer, more intense and euphoric.

It all started in January with the usual new year resolutions discussion. We like to be honest and review our relationship quite regularly (about 3-4 times a year) where we sit down and talk about what we're happy with, what we'd like to improve and some thoughts about the future. It's incredibly healthy to do and we benefit massively from it.

One of the big take-aways from our chat in January was that we both wanted to lose some weight and get in better shape. This happens every year after Christmas due to the extra food we usually eat around this period, but this year we decided that action needed to be taken. So that's exactly what we did...eventually. We were busy in January getting this site ready for launch and finally started our new regiment in early February.

Each week on a Friday we weigh ourselves and if I reach my goal of losing 2 lbs Mistress K releases me from my chastity device and watches me masturbate to completion. Then Mistress cages me back up. My goal is to lose 1 stone or 14 lbs then maintain my new weight, so I could earn my release 7 times over the duration of my weight loss. To add extra incentive Mistress told me that I would be punished if I didn't lose at least 1 lbs each week, which is a healthy amount to aim for. My punishment would be 50 strikes with a metal cane, which is always administered harshly.

I wear my Holy Trainer V2 clear standard chastity device daily to work, at the gym when I exercise and on evening walks. I've sometimes gone to the bathroom to adjust myself between work outs but nothing major. It's comfortable to wear even when I sleep, and I highly recommend it.

Most of my gym workout is cardio based, so I spend most of my time on the treadmill, rowing machine, bike or cross-trainer. I've worn my device to the gym plenty of times but most of the previous occasions it was worn I did weight training. The extra movement involved in more rigorous exercising like running or cross training can cause more friction. If the ring does start to rub stop immediately and apply some KY jelly to the inside of the ring.

At the time of writing this 2 months into our weight loss I've managed to lose 10 lbs. and earned 4 orgasms. One week I lost just under 2 lbs., so no orgasm for me. Instead of getting disheartened it motivated me even more. I added an extra gym day to that week and upped my water intake instead of snacking. That week I really earned my permission to orgasm.

Much to Mistress K's disappointment I haven't lost less than 1 lb. a week so far, but it's definitely getting more difficult to shift the last few lb.'s. Using the rowing machine or bike after 50 strikes with a metal cane wouldn't be comfortable, so avoiding that is a priority.

If you've ever used chastity and orgasm denial as an incentive to lose weight or get in better physical shape we'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Let us know what your goal was, how you progressed and if it worked for you.

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Beth Barlow:

My idea for my husband is he needs to lose 90 pounds we set weekly goals at maybe 3 pounds a week and he is in chastity till all weight is lost. Each week he fails to lose 3 pounds I add a week to end of chastity

Mar 27, 2018

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