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Sometimes a sub needs to have their cock taken away from them completely. Enter the S80 metal chastity cage, complete with urethral tube. This is a great cock cage for the Mistress who wants to explore the joys of sounding and male chastity at the same time to create the perfect atmosphere of ownership, humiliation and submission. You own his pleasure and his orgasms, and you will only offer release if he serves you properly.

A smaller version of this metal chastity cage is also available for pathetic submissives who can’t even fill a standard cage - all the better to mock them with as they squirm and beg for release while feeling the sting of a tube up their urethra!

The urethral tube is 13cm long and 6mm wide, which means that your sub slut will definitely know about it when you’ve locked them away! Cleaning the cage is easy; just use soap and warm water, then rinse and gently pat dry. You wouldn’t want your sub to enjoy themselves, would you? If you’re unsure that you’ve fully cleaned the cage, simply unlock and remove the tube - this approach works best if you then put them in a different chastity device to ensure that they won’t immediately reach for their pathetic cock!


Cage Length: 6cm (standard) or 4.5cm (small)

Cage Internal Diameter: 32mm

Urethral Tube: Length - 13cm, width - 6mm

Included in the display box:

1. 1 High quality stainless steel cage with attached urethral tube

2. 1 steel ring - 40mm, 45mm or 50mm inner diameter

3. 1 sliding lock with 2 keys

Product Information


Standard: HODSTES80401 / HODSTES80451 / HODSTES80501

Small: HODSTES81401 / HODSTES81451 / HODSTES81501

Brand: House of Denial®

Waterproof: Yes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Constant stimulation & Torment, lube the tube

This cage / tube combo has the effect of constantly stimulating your lad internally, whilst the cage itself fulfills its purpose perfectly ie denying erection. I personally shortened my tube by 1cm, somehow fitting its full length was slightly uncomfortable. I have four day long weekends so its on/in soon as home Wednesday night. till Monday morning, my default setting is with tube simple as. fit cage, lube the tube attach to cage, slide tube up your , "own tube" lock in place to the cock ring part. OMG, PARADISE !! you just dont want to take it out its that good! when going out, remove said cage/tube, when you want to pee, you cant hold it very long. I just leave the actual ring in place permanently for convenience ( except to shave) the ring part wont come off, but you can always loop a long lace round the waist if worried. oh yes, you dont have to detube to pee, but maybe sit down. Tubed life 4 days per week, couldnt be happier.

High Quality, comfortable and great service!

I bought this device as a step up from a plastic Holy Trainer. Actually, I bought two different sizes of this style; a small with 40mm ring and standard with 50mm ring which has allowed us to experiment with the best fit for long term wear.

Sizing: I find the 40mm too painfully restricting so we always use the 50mm ring and alternate using it with the Small and Standard length cage. Both lengths work great. I now wear the Small most of the time and switch to the Standard and Urethral in the house.

Urethral Tube: This is the best addition and makes it stand out from the Holy Trainer as our new long term device. It really helps with hygiene when peeing as well as provide constant stimulation. I tend to wear it when around the house but take it out when going in public JUST because it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to not leak with the tube - like you cannot hold any pre-cum in...

Long Term Wear: Because of the metal, this cage stays really hygienic and we have found it can be properly cleaned without taking it off. It does not chafe and I have easily spent 1+ Week without a single unlock with no problems.

Wearing for Play / Tease: Ok, the Urethral Tube makes this stand out here. erections become much more punishing but my girlfriend loves how easily pre-cum pours out with it in. The gaps make tease more fun for both of us than the Holy Trainer!

Service: As always A+ from HoD! thanks for another great device!

High quality and very comfortable

This cage is superbly comfortable ! Far more comfortable than the ones that have a hinged ring (which can pinch in an excruciating way!). This is a very high quality device at a cost far lower than other places you might look.

It was easy to out in - just slip one ball though the ring - then gently keep tugging your scrotum through and the other ball will follow quite easily. No need for lube.

The urethral tube was a bit more challenging to get in - maybe because I’m not used to wearing one. The key to this was lots of KY and patience. With gentle but consistent pressure it eventually went though the first 1 cm and the rest was easy !).

Without the tube I doubt if I could get this off. With the tube in - there is no way I could. Wonderful feeling !

Communication with HoD was superb and the package was very discretely wrapped.

I’m VERY happy with this and am locked in it as I type.

A great step up from my Holy Trainer

We received this in the post today (quick and discreet as always) and I was ordered to immediately change my Holy Trainer for this.
Mistress couldn’t resist a lengthy tease in between making the initial fitting a little difficult. However, once finally flaccid again, and lots of oil, I popped my balls through the ring followed by my member and we were good to go!

Of course, once the ring was in place mistress couldn’t resist a little more teasing to inch the urethral tube in - WOW! - you definitely know it’s in. It fits perfect and secured brilliantly to the cage. It is taking some adjusting to but overall comfy enough to wear throughout the day (However, erections in the cage are a lot more punishing with the urethral insert).

The cage itself it excellent and fits securely onto my cock. It’s only been a few hours but I definitely think I’ll be preferring this one to my Holy Trainer - especially for longer term wear.

Would definitely recommend this product as always with HoD products!

A simply great buy.

This is cage no2 for me. Started with a plastic one to see if it was for me. When I liked it decided to go all in and get a hardercore one with a tube for extra control.
This is a great price love the prompt service.
The cage is a great solid feeling item. The tube was also a very good length. About twice the length of the cage. I went for standard size cage with 50mm ring.
The ring was a bit a struggle to fit at first. Found that putting my balls in first then fed my flaccid cock through after worked best for me.
The tube was a good length. Using lots of lube gently started to introduce the tube to my cock. It slide in very easily with almost no discomfort.
The cage itself was a lot smaller than my plastic one. I felt lost when flaccid inside the old one. No problems with this one. Even when flaccid my cock just filled the cage fully with a small amount of room. As soon as it stirred it was straight against the sides of cage with no escape or even a chance of getting semi erect with this on and the tube sticking out the end of my old chap just finished to feeling of no control.