Male Chastity Devices

Handing over control of your orgasms to a partner or dominant is a huge thrill and with our collection of male chastity devices you'll find something to do exactly that. If you're serious about abstinence or love the idea of orgasm control, then these cock cage kits are the ideal choice if you want to have your flaccid penis locked away in no time.

We stock a range of devices made from plastic for daily use, silicone for beginners or new-comers to chastity and metal cages for serious, long term wearers or those of us wanting a more extreme solution. There really is something for everyone, be it for a little bedroom fun, a hardcore play session in a full kitted dungeon or to show your key holder just how committed you are to them.

We also know that part of the spice of life is variety, which is why we offer our devices in a multitude of colours from virginal white to bright blue to stark black. There's also a number of cute pink cages that will turn you into the perfect chastity sissy. No matter what you’re in the mood for, we’ve got the perfect match for you.

The Cub chastity cage in small size with a curved ring


The Cub


Standard steel HoD PC1 male chastity device Sold out