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House of Denial
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For our lovely masochistic submissives and truly wicked dominants, you find that you want something like that little bit….extra when you’re in chastity. What is bondage without a prickling of pain to remind you of your place? When your submissive has stepped out of line, why not tease and taunt them with their desire for you with the spike-lined House of Denial HT2 Extreme chastity device.

Made in the design as our popular HT2, but combining a flexible silicone cage with a firm resin ring and ball separator plate, the HT2 Extreme is a clear winner for those nights (and days) when pleasure and pain intermingle to produce a symphony of ecstasy - mostly for your Divine Dominant. The silicone cage contains five rows of silicone spikes to grip and bite into your meagre member from the second you wriggle it on. If you dare get aroused, you’ll feel the full pierce of the Extreme as it sinks into your skin. How delicious a pain.

Whilst we respect the choices made by all our customers, we do not recommend that the Extreme is used as an “everyday” cock cage. Whilst the spikes are not designed to be sharp enough to break the skin, long term exposure and protracted movement could lead to severe irritation and potential skin breaching. So don’t run a marathon in one.


Cage Length - 60mm (standard) or 48mm (small)

Cage Internal Diameter - 35mm (30mm with internal cage ring)

Included in the Holy Trainer zippered case:

1 high quality transparent silicone cage with internal spikes

1 ring in your choice of size - Internal diameters: 36mm, 40mm, 45mm or 50mm

1 internal plastic cage ring

1 sliding lock with 2 keys

Product Information




Brand: HoD Holy Trainer®

Waterproof: Yes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect for Punishments

This cage works incredibly well as a punishment device. Once you have it slipped on, either having your Mistress/Master tease you, or having some porn on in the background is the perfect way to inflict some pain. I have found that as a bit of a pain slut myself, every time the spikes start hurting it makes me harder, which makes the pain more intense. What can I say, other than I love this device.

Slutdoll Penny

I bought the 40mm small size trainer and the first time I put it on it was quite a struggle to push my bits through the ring and then make my clitty fit into the cage. I have found that smearing the ring in moisturiser makes it easier to fit and then the moisturiser just soaks into your skin. The cage itself is really quite tight and as the spikes are constantly pressed into the haed of your bits it is a mixture of discomfort and constant excitment. It is impossible to had any kind of erection in this thing, my Mistress teased and excited me to see what would happen and the feeling of swelling and discomfort turns quickly into pain wich quickly kills any swelling. I have worn this for about 4 hours at most and am slowly building up to longer periods. I don't think it could be worn long term as the constant state of discomfort/arousal stops you from being able to think properly. Ideal for bimbofication!! I love it.

Exquisite Pain

Great fit, great result. Comfortable but you will never forget you are wearing it.

Don't get the small one

The ring is hard, the tube is soft, so you can squeeze it all you want (don't). The spikes hurt. Either I'm a little bitch who can't handle pain or this cage is good at what it does. (I suppose it probably both)

Whatever you do, unless you have a micro-penis. Buy the big cage, not the small one. My dick is average, I can't even get my dick all the way in because it just gets stuck between the spikes and the rest of the dick gets pushed up into the groin.

Great for punishments, it'll make the worst brats obedient!

Fast delivery! Very pleased, don't worry about the "we're closed from X to Y". Just order, maybe you'll get lucky.

Beginner Al
Feels really good and it’s so sexy

I am wearing this cage as I write. I normally buy a 50mm ring device but since the cage on this is made of resin I bought a 45mm as there is more room to wriggle and adjust easily. The ring is made of a strong clear plastic and it slid easily but tightly around my penis and balls. The resin cage is soft but not too soft and inside are rows of small resin spike for that extra bit of fun. The cage is attached to the ring by a resin connector and when you fit the cage the connector rope spreads your balls out to each side. Lube up the cage and your cock, I have a foreskin, so I pulled it back and then pushed my cock it into the spiked cage. Wow! The spikes do not hurt but you can feel them, they hurt just enough so you know they’re there but not enough to distract you. Locking the cage was easy, much easier than any other cage I have tried, with the resin being soft there was no pinching like you can experience with metal cages. After moving around and adjusting a little it found its place on my tackle. It sits further forward than my other cages and that feels amazing, your cock and balls are pulled together, but your balls are parted and my penis head was being divinely massaged by the spikes. You can squeeze the cage and get the spikes to dig deeper, you can move it around a bit and feel the bite, all safe though they won’t break the skin. I love how this cage packages you up and let’s you hang down too. It looks good, feels good, it’s not expensive, try it!!