White Hera Chastity Cage - Barrel Lock - All Sizes

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We’re not looking to incite another Trojan War here at the House of Denial, but for obvious reasons, we have an affinity for a walled city, enclosing and protecting everything inside it! Then, when it comes to Hera - a daughter of Titans, the Queen of the Olympian Pantheon and the protector of Mankind - we pay tribute to her with this cage to lock you away in your own walled city. 

As the crisp and definitive sound of the cage snapping into the Olympus ring resounds, followed by the dragging whisper of the key barrel being inserted into the lock as the key is turned, you are finally locked up. The key is removed, and kept in the tender embrace of your Keyholder. Maybe they’ll wear it around their neck, on a waist chain. Or perhaps you’ll watch as they place the key in a box with a timer lock so there will be no early release from the hand of Hera.

And whilst Hera might be the goddess of the stars and the skies, we appreciate that sometimes people don’t want a “standard” black cage that mirrors the dark corners of the Heavens. Hence why we also offer the cage in a gleaming white, with subtle Quartz-like markings to mimic the marble of Ancient Greece. The option to wear the cage in which made us think of the temple Virgins who would have submissively served at the Altar of Hera. There are many suggestive comments we could make about temple virgins and our Hera chastity cage, threads about submission and being devoted in service, remaining untouched…but why would we need to do that, when we know your mind is already making all those connections? Filthy, we absolutely approve.

For those who prefer not being continuously aware of their chastity device, this 3D printed cage provides the perfect balance between the security of the device remaining on whilst also not hindering movement or adding an uncomfortable weight between your legs. As you go about your day (or night), it will feel like divine energy that stops you from getting hard because of the lightweight nature of the cage.

Disclaimer: All of our parts are 3D printed and the finish across each part will vary slightly - making every part unique. We’ve worked very hard to ensure you get a consistent, high quality finish across every part you receive from us.



Cage Length: 3cm - From cage opening to tip

Cage Internal Diameter: 34mm


Cage Length: 4.5cm - From cage opening to tip

Cage Internal Diameter: 36mm


Cage Length: 5.5cm - From cage opening to tip

Cage Internal Diameter: 38mm


Cage Length: 7cm - From cage opening to tip

Cage Internal Diameter: 38mm


Cage Length: 7.5cm - From cage opening to tip

Cage Internal Diameter: 38mm


Cage Length: 9cm - From cage opening to tip

Cage Internal Diameter: 38mm

Included in the House of Denial box

1 white high quality Nylon 12 3D printed cage with a barrel lock system

Brand: House of Denial®

Hera® is a registered trademark of House of Denial.

Waterproof: Yes








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