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Like the clear and black versions of the HoD398, this device offers great ventilation and comfort for beginners or seasoned submissives. The sissy pink colour will remind you exactly who is in charge of your cock. (Spoiler: it isn’t you.)

With four different rings to choose from (36mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm), you and your keyholder will be able to find the right fit. Each ring fits smoothly and easily with the cage; just slide it on, lock it up, give away the key and get ready to show your Dominant exactly how far you are willing to go to please them.

The internal lock and key is discreet and saves the need for a bulky or noisy separate padlock. All of our devices come with two keys so that you can keep one for emergencies. (But ONLY for emergencies. We have heard some tantalising stories about what happens to naughty boys who use their emergency key without compelling reason.)

If you prefer a plastic lock (or need to pass through a metal detector without hassle), the HoD398 also comes with five numbered plastic padlocks. Simply slide the pin through the locking mechanism, attach the plastic lock and secure it like a zip tie. They can be easily cut, but the numbering system ensures that your Master or Mistress will always know if you’ve cut one without permission.

The durable and comfortable material makes hygiene a snap and ensures this device will last through plenty of wear. A urination hole at the bottom means that you’ll only need to take the cage off when your keyholder decides it’s time. If you’re a good boy maybe that will be sooner than you think.



Cage Length: 7cm, Total Length with Ring: 8.5cm

Cage Internal Diameter: 32mm


Cage Length: 4.5cm, Total Length with Ring: 6.5cm

Cage Internal Diameter: 30mm

Included in the storage bag:

1. 1 High Quality Plastic Cage

2. 4 rings in different sizes - Internal diameters: 36mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm

3. 1 sliding lock with 2 keys

4. 5 numbered plastic locks

Product Information


Brand: House of Denial®

Waterproof: Yes

House of Denial is acting as an agent for JVEV Limited, the seller of this product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Superb device, but not quite perfect

On the whole, this is a superb device - much better than the more expensive CB-xxxx devices. It is genuinely secure. When I am in this device I would not be able to get out without breaking the device (or breaking me). The tube slides a solid 1-1.5cm back behind the ring, making it almost impossible to get my penis out that way. The gap between the ring and the tube is far too small to get my testicles through. And the tube docks with the ring via a substantial piece of plastic that won't snap. Once this thing is locked on it stays on. Brilliant.

Also brilliant - the tube docks with the ring in such a fashion that one's penis is forced downards. This is also excellent. And I strongly prefer the embedded key or pin that means no clanking padlocks.

In short, this is almost the perfect cage. Almost! So close! So close to one that could be worn in perpetuity or at least for weeks on end. If you're circumcised and a big enough shower maybe it is.

Unfortunately, I'm not circumcised. So I need to clean under there at least once every couple of days. But the small holes in the tube and the tube extending back past the ring mean mean I can't get a the foreskin up, either by tugging on it or pushing it with a q-tip. For this the cages that are made out of rods or bars (the metal ones or the old CB-2000) are better but even the 398 would be OK if the holes were just a little bit bigger. C'est la vie.

best for summer!

I usually use the Cellmate but in summer I love to go to the sea and this cage is perfect ti swim! Perfect fit and impossible to escape. My Miss likes so much the color Pink!

Best Chastity I’ve ever put on

My mistress was getting board with my clear HT and wanted me to find something in pink. I personally wanted something that fit like the HT, but with more ventilation. This is simply the best chastity device I’ve been locked in. My mistress loves the color. It matches my panties, and I like that I can hardly tell that I’m wearing it. I’m completely under her control as far as my next ruined released. She also loves humiliating me in it also. This is very comfortable sleeping in and it’s pretty much impossible for me to get out of. The rings fit much better around my “her” testicles allowing more comfort.