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Something that we get asked regularly from our customers who are new to male chastity is how can a person stayed locked into a device without being able to clean themselves? The bioresin of the Holy Trainer is made from a breathable material - but what if you desire the unforgiving shape of a plastic device? The HoD373 has a unique perforated design on both the cage and the rings which means that it is entirely breathable and perfected suited to longer wear.

The device comes with an internal lock, however you can also substitute this for plastic locks if you have the need to go through metal detectors for work. The holes on the shaft of the cage give the effect of an almost mesh visual on your manhood - which also leaves delicate sections free for itching power, needles or tingle lube to be pushed through these, so ensure you don’t displease your Dominant!

Depending on the ring size that you select, this will slightly increase the distance between the lower lip of the cage and the ring. The size distance starts at 4mm with the 65mm ring, moves to 8mm with the second ring and the final ring has a gap of 12mm so please bear this in mind when you choose what ring you’ll be wearing and if you prefer a snug fit.



Cage Length: 6cm, Total Length with Ring: 8.5cm

Cage Internal Diameter: 31mm


Cage Length: 3.5cm, Total Length with Ring: 6.5cm

Cage Internal Diameter: 30mm

Included in the storage bag:

1. 1 High Quality Plastic Cage

2. 3 rings - 64mm diameter 40mm height, 65mm diameter 45mm height and 70mm diameter 45mm height 

3. 1 sliding lock with 2 keys

4. 5 plastic locks

Product Information


Brand: JTS

Waterproof: Yes

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Customer Reviews

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Lock it up!

Bought this as a Xmas present for my girlfriend. She's been unhappy with my lack of obedience lately and (yes, literally) has been talking about super gluing my cock to my leg!
Anyway, she's out of town and so I've been wearing it for the last 24+ hours. I actually like the feel of it on, it seems to control my junk better than not having one on. The biggest thing for me is that my scrotum skin needs to be adjusted once every hour or two. I just reach on in there and tug my skin until it's back in line. I've gone outside, worn sweats, worn jeans and have slept in it. All said, pretty comfy little device. Standing and sitting need a little extra care to ensure nothing gets pinched or squeezed, but so far none of that has happened.

I have larger balls and so use the largest ring. Getting the balls through the ring, and then inserting my cock into the sleeve took a few tries to get it right. But it worked fine and I didn't pinch anything (just remember that pinching is a real possibility, so be careful). I'll probably use lotion or lubes like others have mentioned. I might even switch to the next smaller ring to see if it holds my scrotum skin even tighter.

Showering was easy. Peeing is easy, just gotta sit down like a proper sissy boy. And overall, I'm happy with it. I like that it can be secured without a metal lock if need be, so that way she can send me on my travels without any risk of setting off airport security detectors.

The decorator
Clearly a great cage!

Well I’m almost a week into wearing my new “present “ from my wife, and I must admit I’m loving it, I normally like steel but as I have a physical job steel isn’t so practical. This lightweight and breathable cage is perfect and still does it’s job in keeping me from playing with my cock and restraining me! my wife loves the fact it’s clear so she can check on my state of arousal as she can with steel wire framed cages! It’s also really comfy on my balls and I can sleep in it easily all in all it’s a totally great bit of kit!!

A great cage for small cocks

I have found some difficulty finding good cages because I have large balls and a small cock, but this device fits snugly.

The middle size ring holds my balls tightly but comfortably and pushes them down rather than forward, like some indiscreet cages do. I wear it comfortably in the workplace. The front of my trousers stays even flatter than without wearing the cage.

The small cock cage perfectly encases my small penis (just 10 cm when hard). The glans just touches the cage tip. You cannot touch your penis anywhere because the device completely enfolds it and denies your fingers your cock. All you can do is stroke your tight balls.

Morning erections don't occur because the cage disallows even a small hard on, yet this causes no discomfort.

I have worn it for 4 days and nights and felt no discomfort. I apply body lotion around it after showering, but the cage causes no pinching or chafing.

You don't notice the cage unless you think about it. But thinking about it just reminds you of your complete submission and worthless cock.

You will need to sit to pee because the (small) cage holds the cock tight against the balls. Be ready for some dribbling balls.

Overall, the device gives complete confidence and will replace my normal small steel cage when travelling through airports.

Now I'm looking forward to experiencing my first orgasm. I long to be ridden and see my sperm leak around my small and useless caged cock and balls!