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Are you looking for a device that you can safely wear at home, discretely on the go and through airport security if you travel abroad? This is the chastity device for you. With the black HoD373 you have two locking options; an internal metal lock or a plastic locking option that won't set off a metal detector. Seal it shut with the numbered plastic locks provided and your keyholder will know if you've tampered with it, so no cheating!

This device is available in 2 sizes; standard and small, which are both available with 3 back rings. Each ring size offers a slightly different gap between the cage and ring. The smallest ring has a small gap of 4mm up to 12mm with the largest ring. If you prefer a tight fit and maximum security you'll certainly be able to achieve this with the black HoD373.

The ventilation offered with this device means that it can be cleaned easily in the shower. The perforated rings and cage allows water to pass through it and clean your penis with minimal fuss. No more excuses when your dominant demands that you wear this all day every day.

The lightweight construction of this device doesn't mean that it's compromised on strength. It's a sturdy piece of kit that comes with a range of ring sizes so that you can select one that fits comfortably. With a wider internal width than most of our other devices you'll have more space to push your flaccid cock through, confine it in the cage and lock them together with ease.



Cage Length: 6cm, Total Length with Ring: 8.5cm

Cage Internal Diameter: 31mm


Cage Length: 3.5cm, Total Length with Ring: 6.5cm

Cage Internal Diameter: 30mm

Included in the storage bag:

1. 1 High Quality Plastic Cage

2. 3 rings - 64mm diameter 40mm height, 65mm diameter 45mm height and 70mm diameter 45mm height 

3. 1 sliding lock with 2 keys

4. 5 plastic locks

Product Information


Brand: JTS

Waterproof: Yes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A really comfortable device

The delivery was really quick. I used to have bad experiences with cock cages as they did hurt and irritated the skin. My Master only allows me to come once a week on Fridays when I pay my slave tax to him. So I need to wear the device for longer periods at work, so the comfortable wear makes it really easy to carry on with life whilst focusing on your Master or Mistress. The lock at first seems a bit dodgy, but it works perfectly, a bonus is also the there are two ways of locking it, a clever little touch

Just the cage for small cocks

This is the second cock cage I have bought my little puppy husband, and is certainly does the job letting him know who is in charge. I went for the HOD373 in black and the small size, which means you don't actually see his small 2" cock. As a previous reviewer stated, it does separate the balls and makes them look bigger; pushes the cock back and in our case make it look even smaller. My little puppy has been locked up now for three weeks to keep him under control and train him. My little puppy says it's comfortable, not too tight, well it wouldn't be for him!
Great product, fast delivery and the usual excellent customer service. Thanks JJ

This could be the one

My maximum period locked so far was throughout Locktober, which necessitated my girlfriend switching me betwern three cages, a birdcage type, one solid srainless steel cage and a Holy Trainer 2. All caused discomfort behind my ball sack and one of them to the penis. All of them I could escape when flaccid, although not get back in to cover my tracks. We needed a more secure cage.
There is a tongue on the cage which protrudes beyond the collar, I initially thought this would make it uncomfortable when sitting but it does not, what it does do is stop me getting a finger in to hook my cock out. That and using the smallest collar means that for the first time I have a cage that I cannot escape.
The cage is slightly wider than my other cages which makes getting my cock well positioned easier and creates a nice feeling as I swell against the sides. The standard size is also slightly longer, giving me 1-2mm of space to grow and reducing the risk of soreness. It is worth mentioning that the collar is wide and ventilated, which doubtless aides comfort but it helps a lot if you shave down there, looks better too.
I wore my cage throughout part of a holiday in the Far East, my girlfriend had to return home before me so she used one of the numbered plastic locks and left, with both keys. I travelled back on three flights with no discomfort and no grief from immigration.
In summary this could be the cage to allow for true long-term wear, mostly in comfort, when not being teased.

Bulge be gone... :(

As the clear version review stated, this cage is very good, it fits well and feels constricted but comfortable. But the thing that stands out in that review is that the cage pushes us back and down, so down that my pants don’t bulge! It’s a true mind-fuck, but wow does is remove your manhood presence.

It can’t be worn on me for too long as the shape is too narrow to be comfortably situated, it looks great, but the shape marks down a star. I have a 6 incher and I fill the standard tube very very well... if you’re a looong man, this will not be comfortable as I’m 6.2 and I can REALLY feel the constricting tube.

Racy little black number...

If every girl has a little black dress, then every sissy femboy needs a little black cage.

I bought a small one of these as my next step down in size, and I’m super happy with it.

It’s a slightly more masculine design, but the fit is really minimising: it pushes your balls out sideways, and your little man is pushed down and back.

The ergonomic shape of the rings is super comfy and of course, being all solid plastic there is absolutely no way of getting any sensation (other than constrained tension) into your cock.

I’m loving my little black cage ❤️❤️❤️