Metal Chastity Devices

Whilst all our products are perfect in different situations, sometimes a person needs the weight that a solid metal chastity device gives when caging their partner. Or you might be a long time wearer of chastity devices, and want to try something a bit more, something just a little bit more distinct.

Whether you’re a regular attender at fetish events with your Dominant, or you and your partner just want to try an item that’s a bit kinkier, our steel devices won’t let you down (or up!).

Available in a variety of designs and sizes, each device has its own measurements included within the individual listings, so we strongly advise that you measure yourself to ensure the ideal fit.

Despite their intimidating appearance, all our devices are just as comfortable to wear for as long as you’re ordered to. They’re a gorgeous choice if you’re being displayed for the masses or just for an audience of one, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect male chastity device amongst our selection below.

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