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Have you ever felt that overwhelming pressure of being so strong and manly all the time? Sometimes you just want to be treated like a lady – or maybe just a filthy little slut - well, the pink HoD600 will help you be the perfect little princess that you really are inside. Once your loving (but cruel) keyholder locks your pathetic cock in this pretty pink cage, then you can really let go and focus on serving them in every way they order.

This cute device will soon become the firm favourite in your collection – although that’s going to be the only thing getting firm! Any type of excitement that you feel is going to be encased within this plastic prison, however we’re confident that your Dominant will know just how you feel with the happy twitching of your pink pecker.

Your happiness might be short lived, as this device isn’t just for the short-term. Oh no, as long as there’s no really painful pinching and you keep yourself clean, then you may have to say goodbye to the joy of orgasm. As your Master or Mistress hides the key away, who knows the next time your member will be free! We recommend lying back, admiring your new pink-clad shaft and embracing your new sissy life.


Size: Standard


Cage Length: 3.25 inches

Inside Diameter: 1.375 inches

Included in the display box:

1 High Quality Pink Plastic Cage

5 plastic rings in different sizes - 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2" (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pin and spacers

One brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered plastic locks

Product Information


Brand: House of Denial®

Waterproof: Yes

House of Denial is acting as an agent for JVEV Limited, the seller of this product.

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Customer Reviews

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OK, but...

The package arrived within 3 days of ordering, double packed incase of any accidents in the post which is appreciated.

We own the CB6000 so this review is more a comparison than saying what you get in the parcel as you can read other reviews for that.

The plastic isn't pink, it's more a purple pink than baby pink.

There is a slight gap between each side of the main shaft so the half's don't join perfectly. My initial worry about this is that skin might get trapped in the gap, but a small amount of glue could fix this.

The rings are a slightly different design than the CB6000, whereas the CB6000 are solid, these are slightly hollowed which makes them lighter, they are also slightly smaller which means the cross brackets fit rather snuggly after a bit of flexing.

The two cross brackets don't match up nicely in the middle, again this could be an annoyance, but time will tell.

The rods still fit through perfectly, although on the CB6000 the two outside rods are fixed to one of the brackets, with the HoD600 they aren't. This means that once locked in, if you want to get out you can just push out the side rods, again a bit of glue can fix this. This also means the ends of the rods aren't flush with the bracket which might cause a bit of rubbing.

The biggest drawback is the hole for the lock. Either the middle rod is too short or the hole is very close to the bracket as it is VERY hard to get the lock in, not impossible, just hard which spoils the mood when getting it on.

Imprisoned in Pink

My HoD600 arrived 24 hrs after ordering, packaged discreetly.
Once I found the best combination of A-ring and spacer size the device is extremely comfortable and after a few hours you begin to forget you are even wearing it.
This device is designed for long-term wear, urinating is simple and splash free and after a bit of practice I managed to use a urinal. The tube isnt obvious under clothing and I even wore it, with plenty of lubricant, for a 20-mile bike ride in lycra shorts. I can happily report that there was no chafing or unpleasant side-effects reported for other devices.

Terrifyingly that means there is no reason to remove it. I'm pretty confident I could wear it through a metal detector using one of the 5 numbered plastic padlocks.
It is frustratingly impossible to touch or excite the penis. You cant erect but attempting to gives a nice sensation.
This device definitely locks the possibility of accidental orgasm away for good.
The pink HoD600 is more humiliating to wear and is an obvious reminder of your imprisonment.
You could put a rubber band around the padlock to make it quieter, but the sound of the subtle knocks it makes is quite thrilling.

I cant see any functional difference between a CB6000 and the HoD600 so would definitely recommend it over the pricier versions. I'm now looking forward to trying some of the other devices out with the money I saved.