Holy Trainer

The Holy Trainer is arguably the most secure and comfortable male chastity device available on the market today. With its innovative internal lock, the discretion of the wearer can be ensured whilst also providing key holders with all the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing their cock is under lock and key. These cock cages are made from an extremely durable biosourced resin, allowing for a more ‘breathable’ cage. We can’t sing its praises enough – and we’re certain you will too!

Our Holy Trainer and House Trainer kits are supplied in a branded zipper case, which means that they’re entirely self-contained and discreet when sent in the post and storing at home. The device also comes complete with 4 rings in a variety of different sizes so that you can customise the fit for short or long term chastity, depending on your desires. You'll also receive 2 keys for the internal lock so you’re not caught short if you need to remove your device quickly.

Here at the House of Denial, this is one of our bestselling devices so take a look below and see what catches your eye!


If you have a chastity keyholder and want to send a key to them we highly recommend keeping one in a safe and easily accessible location in case of emergencies. We suggest freezing the spare key in a block of ice so it's inaccessible but can still be retrieved with a bowl of boiling water. You could send your master or mistress a daily picture of your Holy Trainer cage key to prove that you're still securely locked in your cock cage. If you're self locked why not share a picture with us on Twitter to prove that you're in chastity!

It's vitally important that you take personal hygiene seriously, especially when you're locked in an enclosed chastity cage. We recommend that you shower daily and wipe away any excess fluid after you urinate with tissue paper. Ear swabs are also useful for cleaning hard to reach places.

Mistakes happen, so if you ever lose the hidden lock and key set for your Holy Trainer chastity cage we can supply a new set for you. Please message us via our contact us page and let us know which country you need it sent to. We'll then confirm the total price including shipping and send you a payment request directly.

We now have the Holy Trainer v4 available in all sizes and colours with an enhanced cage and rings, which have been specifically designed with improved comfort and long term wear in mind.