Back Rings

Most of our range of chastity devices are ball trap cages, which means that they require a back ring to be fitted to the cage. Your balls are then trapped between the cage and back ring, which keeps the device securely in place. Simple, right? Not so much.

It’s vitally important that you measure your ring size before you order as it’s different for everyone. Unfortunately there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to cage and ring sizing. We’ve done our best to put together the most comprehensive guide that you can use to measure your sizing, so please check out our measurement guide here.

Don’t panic and give up if you don’t get the correct size the first time, you’re not alone. It can sometimes take a few attempts to nail down the right size, which is the reason we offer additional back rings.

The back rings we offer don’t fit all of the cages in our collection, so please check each description properly before you order extra rings to make sure that you’re selecting a ring that fits the device you buy or already have.