Locked in Chastity by Mistress Adreena Clip Review

Over my (many) years of porn watching I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I’ve always resorted to the numerous free porn sites on the internet to view chastity videos. The quality is incredibly varied and many of my favourites get (rightly) removed by the content creators on a regular basis, so I’m always on the look out for new clips and videos to tease my locked up cock with.

Most of the videos I watch are chastity and FemDom related as, well, I like what I like. I also love latex, so a hot dominatrix wearing latex with a key hanging from a chain around her neck, teasing a submissive male then pegging him is a firm favourite scenario.

With adult content creators and sex workers under siege as common place recently, Mistress K and I decided it was about time that we gave something back to the community that we love.

First up is a clip from a firm favourite of ours, Mistress Adreena. This short 3 minute 50 second clip involves Mistress Adreena teasing the viewer with The Beast male chastity device, which happens to be available in our store. Convenient, right?

The scene takes place in a comfortable looking lounge space, which sets the intimate mood nicely. There are no distractions, just the beautiful, red haired, tattooed dominant talking directly to us. Her eyes look directly into the camera, which really draws you in and make you feel like she’s really talking to you. OK, OK, I got taken in. That’s the point though, right?

I honestly don’t watch many POV (point of view) or JOI (jerk off instructions) videos, so this setup was a little new to me as I generally prefer scene based porn. Could that be because POV porn might make me feel like I’m cheating on my Mistress with someone else? The thought of someone else telling me how to get off, or how to touch myself, or even taunting me in my chastity cage -  Well now that’s a question…sorry, got side tracked there. Back to the review.

Mistress K grabbed a beast from our stock room, locked it onto my flaccid cock and put the key on a bracelet around her wrist. It seemed only appropriate that I was caged while watching the clip to see what sort of reaction it provoked. Locked and ready, we clicked play.

Wearing a sheer robe over dark lingerie, our leading lady softly taunts us, telling the viewer “this is a chastity device. This is your new home.” We’re off to a good start! Her melodic filth pours out off her plump red lips and, despite having my keyholder sat right next to me on our sofa, I couldn’t help but feel captivated by this well spoken English goddess telling me all of the things I’d be feeling if I were to be owned by her.

This might only be a short clip, but in just under 4 minutes my heart raced and cock twitched unconsciously in the metal chastity cage. Mistress Adreena says all the right things to turn you from a casual viewer into a mesmerised submissive ready to offer full control of your orgasms over to her.

If you like to be teased, this clip is an absolute must. Watching it while wearing a cock cage really enhances the experience, so I’d highly recommend it.

As I mentioned at the top of this review this is the first time I’ve paid for chastity content and I have no regrets. It was purchased for only $7.99 on iWantClips, which was a really easy site to use. I’ll post a link at the bottom of this review for you to purchase it too.

At this point I guess it’s sensible to mention again that we paid for this clip ourselves, so everything in this post is entirely our views and isn’t influenced in any way by the content creator. That said, she’s a delightful lady who you’d be lucky to have towering over you tormenting your caged cock in her own private studio space.

Mistress Adreena holding the Beast stainless steel chastity cage

This review is written, so far, from a submissive male perspective, but what did Mistress K think? Here are Her thoughts:

Unlike my poor, single-minded little sub, I am a Woman of Culture. When it comes to my porn-watching habits, I don’t share too much detail unless I’m being showered and treated like the Goddess that I am. However, what I don’t mind sharing with you is that I am equal opportunities when it comes to my viewing habits. Beautiful men, beautiful women – I have a vast treasure trove of clips in all lengths, quality and situations.

We all have them though, those porn clips that we keep coming back to, don’t we? Those clips that we keep bookmarked and keep coming back for those days when you want to go from 0 to ‘oh my god, I am right there, fuck nearly --!!’ Those movies that we share with our friends or our partners, that we return to on lazy Sundays or late at night. You all know the ones I mean. Well, this clip is one that’s going to be saved and shared.

Why so? Well, for a clip that has no actual sexual content, the atmosphere of the clip is hugely erotically charged. As Slave D has mentioned above, the feline sensuality of Mistress Adreena oozes from every second of the video. For those of you who are not blessed to be acquainted with Mistress Adreena, she’s a strong, confident and renown Domme based in London. As she says herself, do not be fooled by her gentle demeanour and soft voice – she means business and she revels in her work.

The way that she’s shot the video is designed to set you at ease. You feel like the nervous, eager submissive – waiting on your knees in her flat, staring adoringly at her whilst she strokes and purrs her way through the description of your chastity and tapping her manicured nails against The Beast, like the most agonising ASMR auralgasm you’ve ever lived through.

Watching Slave D squirm under her warm and watchful gaze, chewing his lip and fidgeting as she caresses the cool metal cage, his miserable little whimpers and the sad twitches within his cage, I soaked up all his torment and revelled in it. If you want to be tormented without being humiliated, if you’re nervous about your first experience of chastity, I can wholeheartedly endorse this video of Adreena’s. Not only will your fears melt away, you will willingly and eagerly surrender yourself to her.

You can buy this chastity clip from Mistress Adreena here. If you do buy it, please let us know what you think in the comments below. You can also apply to serve Mistress Adreena via her website or follow her on Twitter.

Permission from the content creator has been granted to post screen grabs of the video.

Chastity lock and keys page break

Our chastity clips review budget only stretches so far, which means we won’t be able to buy lots of clips to review regularly. If you’re a content creator and would like for us to review your clips we’d be happy to do that for you if you provide a review copy. Simply message us here to discuss this with us.

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